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In case you urgently need to restart and you can not even go for a short vacation, there are always options to spend them near the city. We tried the Fish Point in Simferopolsky and we are pleased to announce that there is something to do there even for those who do not like fishing.

At night, off the highway, this eco-friendly hotel looks like a European model in Disneyland: a windmill and dozens of small houses reflected in the ink water in the lighting (already in daylight, it turned out that there was a statue of a giant with a fish in his hands at the entrance). In the Konopelka River, which is blocked by nets, you can catch carps and giant catfish, and if you do not like the process, watch how others get these monsters out of the water (great fun). Fishing is the main thing people go to Fish Point for. But, fortunately, it is not the only one.


The main attraction is the multi-level restaurant with many options: you can sit by the water, indoors or under the vineyard. In summer, perhaps, it makes more sense to choose a table on the street, but they put it there afterwards. You can only book the interior and it is worth doing even if you have rented a cabin here: everything can be busy on the weekends (and probably will be). If you want to go out only for food (worth it, but more on that below), book a week in advance, as in any decent restaurant in Moscow. There are clearly more people here than the business can accommodate.

Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow
Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow

The menu is very large and is logically built around the fish. Although there is a marine here, you should order a river, if only because it has just been caught. Sturgeon, carp and more can be grilled, salted, kneaded and generally made into whatever you like. And they cook very gently – a healthy lifestyle in practice. Salads, all kinds of pike cutlets, kebabs, minced meat and an excellent list of sweets to take with you (especially truffles, of which there seem to be ten types). There is also a kitchen where you can buy homemade, for example, smoked meats. Important: the restaurant is not dog friendly, but nothing prevents you from sitting on the terrace with your dog.


Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow
Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow

Everything around the restaurant looks micro-Turkish, and in fact good. Unless they sell some nonsense on a small street (and it would be nice, by the way), but there is a resort mood anyway. This is a family place, there is a constant emphasis on it, so everything is organized for the kids: a club, a huge playground. a bunny and an eco farm with ducklings and guinea pigs are also generally fun for the kids. For those who are older, there are basketball and volleyball courts hidden in a grove, as well as a Scandinavian hiking trail in the nearest forest outside the territory, not ideal, but more than tolerable (canes can be rented at a token price). The spa is a local pride, there are options for two or the whole company. Barbecue kiosks with a barbecue are a separate large area where everything is okay with keeping in mind the distance: if the neighbors are heard, then not to such an extent that it is uncomfortable.

Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow

You have to write a lot and in detail about fishing here, but, firstly, we ourselves are not fishermen and we did not try, and secondly, if this is important to you, then everything is tailored for this fun. There are 50 fishing spots and they are often booked (some with a barbecue to cook the fish right away). There is a place called the free zone, it is cheaper, it is fuller and there is neither sunbed nor sunbed, but the essence is the same, and the fish, most importantly, too. Here, by the way, they will help you slaughter, smoke, vacuum – you can take the trophy with you and cook, of course, too.


Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow

Despite the name, Fish Point turned out to be a great place to come just to relax, with no intention of fishing or doing anything in the first place. First of all, this is an ecological hotel with a very large area. About half of it is occupied by the so-called village. Most houses are cute detached houses with careful design: kitchen-living room, two bedrooms, bathroom with shower. From there you can not go out all day: dining room, corner sofa, “Alice” and private terrace (heated!) Surrounded by pine trees. There are dishes, blankets, coffee maker, jar of apples. So what else do you need? Breakfast is included in the price, ordered with a QR code and brought home: on a hot day, you can eat it outside.

Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow
Where to go for the weekend?  Travel ideas near Moscow

There is also an economical option – the rooms in a small hotel are right here (but it is not entirely clear what their purpose is, because all profits are lost, it is better to come for lunch and take a walk). For large companies there is a choice of larger or very large houses with their own territory (of course they are more expensive), sometimes they are rented for events. For them, by the way, there are many options: a banquet hall for a few hundred people, many kiosks – among the trees or near the water. And we write about it here mainly because there is surprisingly good sound insulation: you pass in front of the ballroom, loud music is heard, people are dancing and you hear almost nothing.

Address: 41st kilometer of Simferopol highway, 22 kilometers from MKAD
Price of a holiday home: from 14 thousand rubles for three

Where else to go near Moscow

An ecological hotel with an excellent restaurant, where you have to stop, if not to stay, then for the night, on the way to Yasnaya Polyana. There is a spa, which, incidentally, is run by MTV Russia legend Elena Usanova.

Address: Tula region, Venevsky district, Osetrovskoye forestry
Price of a holiday home: from 7 thousand rubles

Ecopark, vibrant village, holiday hotel – say it like you want. The “Yasno Pole” is 500 hectares of land, where agricultural activities are carried out together with tourism. Here you can learn how to ride a horse, make cheese, go to an apiary and live in a greenhouse.

Address: Tula region, 120 km from Moscow
The price of a mini house: from 6 thousand rubles

Hotel with safari park, holiday homes, lake restaurant, forest park and spa. The hotel rooms are Scandinavian-style with a terrace overlooking the lake. And there is also a whole zoo: you can meet kangaroos, camels, alpacas, reindeer, ostriches and crickets.

Address: Moscow region, Klinsky district, Nudolskoe rural settlement
Deluxe room price: from 12 thousand rubles

Just 40 km from Moscow there is a chalet-hotel with baths and font. Here you can rent a grandmother’s dacha-style cottage with colorful rugs or choose modern hotel rooms. There is a swimming pool and a cedar sauna.

Address: Zvenigorod, 38 km from MKAD
The price of a house-chalet: from 19 thousand rubles

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