Yakut scientists together with Natura Siberica revive the symbol of Yakutia – the Sardaan flower – News of Yakutia

YAKUTIA.INFO. On May 21, at the Botanic Gardens of the Institute for Biological Problems of Permanent Ice of the Federal Research Center “YaNC SB RAS”, students of the Republican Specialist (Correctional) Boarding School for orphans and children left without parental care and care Pennsylvania, better known in Yakutia as sardines.

The event was held in collaboration with the Botanical Garden and the Russian cosmetics company Natura Siberica, which specializes in the production of natural and organic cosmetics based on unique Siberian herbs and plants.

The boarding house is located near the Botanical Garden, located at the foot of the sacred mountain Chochur-Muran. Children regularly come to the garden for excursions and general development activities. Participating in the planting of the plants was a whole event for the students of the school, with great enthusiasm they planted lily bulbs near Chochur-Muran, in the natural area of ​​the Botanical Garden.

The plants were planted under the guidance of a researcher at the Botanical Garden of IPC SB RAS, Candidate of Biological Sciences Ekaterina Afanasyeva. Ekaterina Aleksandrovna spoke to the children about the Pennsylvania lily and taught them some farming techniques and rules for planting bulbous plants. The bulbs were installed in a mixed forest, where there is plenty of sun and humidity. Lily seeds were sown in the same place in a natural way (without instillation).

The children then took part in planting Sardana bulbs and seeds in the nursery. The soil of the nursery was carefully prepared in advance by the employees of the Botanical Garden.

As noted by the master of industrial education in the crop production of a special (corrective) boarding school Domna Yakovleva, children attending school have limited health opportunities. “We try to interest them so that children are closer to nature, so that they learn to do something with their hands, to discover something new for themselves. Therefore, we plan to introduce agro-technological direction in our school. “The children did a very good job at the Botanical Garden and they are very happy with the event,” said Domna Nikolaevna.

The Pennsylvania lily (Daurian lily, Sardaana) is listed in the Yakutia Red Book and is a symbol of the Amginsky flute. The shoots begin to grow from the bulbs in mid-late May and the flowering period begins on June 20. On June 30, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) celebrates Sardana Day – a symbol of the beauty of nature and the long-awaited summer.

“Together with the cosmetics company Natura Siberica, we will grow Pennsylvania lilies from seed and restore the natural population of this flower near Yakutsk. Until the 1970s, Sardaans grew en masse in Sergelyakh, especially in the natural area of ​​the Botanical Garden and Permafrost, as well as in Tabaga. In good conditions, the lilies that have been planted with seeds start to bloom from the 3rd year of their life. And in nature, from seed germination to flowering, they need a much longer period – up to 10 years. Therefore, to accelerate growth in natural conditions, we will plant lilies with bulbs. “The onions planted by the children will bloom next year,” said Ekaterina Afanasyeva, a researcher at the Botanical Garden.

Natura Siberica sponsored the event, paid for the seeds and bulbs of the Pennsylvania lily, organized a nature photo shoot for children, a school buffet and active games with the participation of animators.

Report: The Natura Siberica group of companies is a leading Russian manufacturer of certified organic cosmetics. The quality of the products is confirmed by European ecological certificates of the leading institutions BDIH, ICEA, Ecocert, Soil Association. Natura Siberica is the first cosmetic in the world based on unique Siberian adaptive plants. All products are produced in a modern certified factory in the Moscow region and the plant raw materials for cosmetics are grown on organic farms located in Khakassia, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. The company produces products under the brands Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Organic Kitchen, Planeta Organica, Grandmother Agafia’s Recipes.

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