Around Tomsk: trip to Nagorny Ishtan

The online edition of “Vesti-Tomsk” continues the series of articles dedicated to interesting places in the Tomsk region. We will tell you in detail and show you where you can have a good time and relax. Last week we talked about Sandy Lake. Now “Around Tomsk” will introduce you to the famous Nagorny Ishtan.

Position: Nagorni Istan

Where: 53 km from Tomsk

How to get there: by private transport

Travel time: 50 minutes from Camp Garden by car

What to watch: age-old cedar forest, old wooden church, panorama from a cliff above the river


You can reach Nagorny Ishtan by private transport, the village is located 53 km from Tomsk, of which 12 km is a dirt road.

From Shegarsky Street, you have to turn right, the sign is the village of Gubino and the Moryakovsky marsh. Then, before you reach the Moryakovsky Zaton, in front of the gas station, you have to turn left (“Half”) on a dirt road. At the next fork – again on the left (on the right – the village cemetery).

Then it is important not to miss the sign to the right – “Ishtan”.

Another 10 minutes – and you arrived in the village.

To find a local attraction – a wooden church – you have to go straight to the main road and then turn right onto the Energetichesky lane.

What to watch

There are not many places in the Tomsk region that can boast of participating in the cinema. But Nagorny Ishtan can: in the 1970s, Andrey Konchalovsky’s film “Siberiada” was shot in these places. Since then, only one wooden church remains: according to locals, the iconic oil rig has finally been removed for scrap metal. Even the tip of the cape has shrunk: the last shoreline collapse occurred in 2018.

Frame from the movie “Siberiada”, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky, 1979

Frame from the movie “Siberiada”, dir. Andrei Konchalovsky, 1979

The Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Nagorny Ishtan is an architectural monument of regional importance. The building was built in 1872, however, according to the information kiosk, the church is located on this cape in one way or another since the 17th century – this place is closely linked to the history of the Bogoroditse-Alekseevsky monastery, which was founded almost simultaneously with Tomsk.

Naturally, there was a cemetery on the church grounds – and some burials have been preserved. They are located from the north façade two are immortalized with black granite slabs with inscriptions.

It has been mentioned beforeaxis set The church is planned to be moved from Nagorny Ishtan to the village of Khromovka due to the risk of it collapsing on a cliff. Locals disagreed with this decision., believe that this will “kill” the monument of architecture. So far, this issue has receded, but as a result of external natural influences, the building continues to collapse right in front of our eyes, the dome tilting more and more.

The church is located on an open promontory on the high bank of one of the canals of the river Tom – Ishtanskaya. You can go down into the water, but the slope is quite steep. Not so far from here is the contribution of Tom and Ob. From this cape opens a wonderful view of the forest and on the horizon you can see the village of Samus.

View of the cape from the opposite shore

By the way, you can come to Nagorny Ishtan at any time of the year. In winter, riding on a dirt road is even more convenient. It is also possible to slide down the hillside, as if from a hill.

The settlement itself is surrounded by a centuries-old cedar forest, which is a specially protected natural area for recreational purposes. Its area is 1227 acres. These places are rich in valuable mushrooms, berries, medicinal plants. A walk in the forest here will also bring many impressions (and ticks).

How to behave

In summer, especially between May and July, it is important to dress appropriately to protect yourself from tick bites. It is best to choose light-colored clothing that will prevent these insects from penetrating your skin. For protection, you can use various repellents. In addition, it is necessary to carry out independent and mutual checks every 10 minutes, to select for walks areas of land that are free of grass and dead wood.

As mentioned above, since 2012 the forest around Nagorny Ishtan is a specially protected natural area for recreational purposes of regional importance. This means that any construction, felling of trees and destruction of plants, passing of vehicles off existing roads and fires are prohibited here.

In addition, we urge you not to try to enter the church. Aside from the fact that it is dangerous, you can cause irreparable damage to a miraculously preserved historical monument. Judging by the frames of the movie “Siberiada”, the church had already been severely damaged by the vandals of the last century. So let’s save this piece of Tomsk history.

This place can be a great choice for a day trip: you can take many beautiful photos, take a walk and enjoy the silence of a remote corner of nature.

Good rest!

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