Did Kosterevsky hunters and fishermen illegally occupy the shores of the lake in a nature reserve?

In the Vladimir region, the owners of a tourist hunting and fishing base in the Petushinsky region are accused of causing more than 5 million rubles in damage to nature. The criminal case was investigated by SledKom

The head of a public organization from the Petushinsky region is accused of violating the status of the reserve, which caused significant damage (Article 262 of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation), according to the prosecutor of the Vladimir region.

As it became known on Zebra TV, we are talking about the community of Kosterevsky town of hunters and fishermen “Krechet” – owner of a tourist complex on Lake Glubokoe near Moscow. The lake is located in the territory of the Krutovsky nature reserve and, according to researchers, the establishment of a hunting and fishing recreation center there is prohibited. The criminal case was investigated in the subdivision of the Russian Commission of Inquiry into the Vladimir region.

According to investigators, the president of “Krechet” (the founders of the organization are currently 4 people, including the accused) on the shoreline of Lake Glubokoe in the territory of the Krutovsky reserve built a tourist parking lot of more than 1,000 square meters , infrastructure facilities were erected on the territory, organized movement to the base site on a road not related to public roads:

“For the purpose of personal enrichment, violating the status of a specially protected natural area, the head of a public organization on a commercial basis provided recreation to the citizens, providing them with buildings for accommodation, cooking and leisure. “The actions of the accused resulted in an increase in the man-made burden on the natural and ecological system of the reserve, pollution of the lake shoreline, changes in the natural landscape, damage to forest plantations and land degradation.”


The investigation estimates the damage caused to nature in the Krutovsky reserve in the amount of more than 5 million rubles. The criminal case will be sent to the Petushinsky District Court for consideration. A claim for compensation will also be submitted.

For reference

The Krutovsky Nature Reserve was established in March 1994 by the Vladimir Oblast Administration to preserve forests, rare species of plants and animals, and to protect the waters of the Klyazma, Senga and Bolshaya Ushma river basins. The territory of the reserve directly borders the Moscow region, located in the Meshcherskaya plain, in a zone of mixed forests, swamps, karst lakes and peat. Nearby are the villages of Markovo and Bogdarnya. The total protected area of ​​the reserve occupies 34,000 hectares. Hunting and fishing, collecting mushrooms, berries and nuts in the territory of the shelter is allowed only according to the established procedure. Deforestation is prohibited, except for hygiene and maintenance logging, as well as extraction, driving and parking of vehicles off public roads, use of pesticides and any activity that may have a negative impact on local ecosystems. Under the ban and the device of tourist parking and undertaking fires outside the designated areas.

According to the website of the public organization, the company Krechet carries out activities for the organization of recreation in the forest zone of the western part of the Meshcherskaya plain on Lake Glubokoe:

“The primitive forest lake is located 13 km from the nearest settlement. The quiet and the cleanest air that is saturated with the smells of the forest will make your vacation unforgettable. Only the splashing of fish and the singing of birds will prevent you from resting. Smooth entry into the water and warm soft water will allow even children to swim. You can sunbathe, lying on the grass warm from the sun, inhaling its scent, endlessly. We organize fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, hiking in the forest, rivers and lakes, ecotourism and any other recreation you may be interested in. The gatherings by the fire, the riding will add a little romance to the life of your city “.

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