New Michelin-starred restaurants in Estonia: what can you try there and at what price?

180 ° by Matthias Diether is located in the popular Noblessner district of Põhja-Tallinn. The restaurant was opened by the experienced German chef Matthias Dieter. Its name is a 180 degree view game provided by the accommodation’s U-shaped open kitchen.

“The ambitious dishes with an impressive presentation are the trademark of the experienced German chef Matthias Dieter. His modern creations contain many contrasts, both in taste and texture, and great attention to detail. The service is warm, caring, contributing to the creation a relaxed atmosphere, “says the Michelin guide.

The establishment has two zones: a lobby with a bar where you can enjoy drinks and snacks, and, in fact, the restaurant itself. At the bar you can try unusual snacks such as marshmallow tomato with parmesan, duck with beetroot, octopus with kimchi and tapioca ice cream, duck liver praline with hazelnuts.

In the restaurant you can choose between the four-course tasting menu “Flavors of 180 degrees” with 119 euros and the six-course tasting menu “Matthias Inspiration” with 139 euros. A plate of cheese will cost 39 euros. The menu design, however, is more like an IQ test and it is not immediately clear what exactly the four-course menu includes and what the six-course menu includes. Tip: the small black squares represent what you get when you order a four-course menu.

Thus, the four-course menu includes:

  • crab with white asparagus, cucumber and Belper Knolle cheese (hard swiss cheese in the form of small balls sprinkled with black pepper)

  • stingy meat with tomatoes and peanuts

  • veal with artichoke and wild garlic

  • Rhubarb dessert with bergamot and elderflower flowers

In addition to the above, the six-course menu also includes:

  • parfait peas with smoked eel and Époisse (French soft cow’s milk cheese)

  • turbot fish with curry, lemongrass and pak choi

After the sixth course, you will be served a petit fours – a small butter cookie or a small cake. Each menu also has a dessert to freshen up the delicious palette before the dessert. The menu also has a variation of “Matthias Inspiration from the Garden”, which includes more fresh produce. In addition, you can order a cheese dish for 39 euros. You can see photos of dishes on the social networks of the restaurant.

For both menus, you can also order drinks, the price of which varies depending on the size of the menu:

  • wine selection – 99 euros / 119 euros

  • selection of premium wines 199 euros / 239 euros

  • non-alcoholic cocktail 59 euros / 79 euros

NOA Chef’s Hall is located on the outskirts of Tallinn in the direction of Viimsi and is located in the same building as the NOA restaurant, known for its scenic sea views and bright sunsets. The restaurant’s website even shows the time when the sun will set daily and even notes how many hours are left before sunset.

At NOA Chef’s Hall, you can start your evening with an aperitif served in the lounge, which already offers great sea views. But this is not the only thing you can enjoy in the restaurant, because in the center there is an outdoor kitchen, which essentially uses an open fireplace.

“At the forefront, luxury ingredients come from all over the world to ensure the best, whether it’s scallops from Norway or lobsters from Canada. Fresh and canned local produce also plays a role. A creative menu of seven complex, exceptional “Original dishes full of complementary flavors and textures, keeping customers loyal from start to finish. There is also a theatrical element, as the dishes come to the table from chefs who describe each dish in detail.”

NOA Chef’s Hall offers only one tasting menu option, which costs 150 euros and consists of seven dishes. Before serving, you will receive an eel tart, and later a dessert: walnut and caramel, passion fruit tart, potato ice cream and chestnut honey.

The main menu includes:

  • bread with parmesan butter and eggplant caviar

  • flambado-style scallop (seasoned with light beef fat for lightly smoked bitterness) with radish and vinaigrette

  • “Fiery! leeks with sun-dried moose, hollandaise sauce and lemon butter

  • lobster with sauce, parsley root and asparagus

  • shampoo with yuzu, red orange and gold leaf

  • truffle quail with peas, crackling and juice sauce

  • brulee with sturgeon caviar and lemongrass

  • walnut and caramel 1 passion fruit tart 1 potato ice cream and chestnut honey

In addition, the best sommelier in Estonia, according to Michelin, works at NOA Chef’s Hall. The prize in the “Sommelier” nomination was awarded to the sommelier of this restaurant – Robert Pilda. “His food and wine combinations are cleverly crafted and the friendliness, sense of humor and simplicity of this great professional help guests relax,” Michelin writes for Pylde. A selection of wine from the restaurant sommelier will cost 110 euros and a selection of more expensive wine – 210 euros.

It is worth noting that the menus in both restaurants change depending on the season, so if you are attracted to any of the above, then you should hurry to the restaurants in the near future.

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