Places for walking and the best restaurants in Khabarovsk Primorsky Krai

What to see in Khabarovsk

A mini weekend trip to Khabarovsk is a good idea. It is not far from the cities of the Far East, but there is something to see. The authors of FederalPress have compiled a list of beautiful places and attractions in Khabarovsk for walking and restaurants with the highest ratings by visitors.

How to get to Khabarovsk

There are several ways to get to Khabarovsk from Vladivostok for the weekend: by car – travel time will be about 12 hours, by train – on average about 14 hours or by plane – in 1 hour 20 minutes. Due to the fact that last week Aeroflot announced the sale of airline tickets, it is possible to get to the Far East city quickly and profitably by plane. What to see and where to visit in Khabarovsk, says FederalPress.

Nevelskoy embankment

Khabarovsk is inextricably linked to the name of Russian Admiral and explorer Gennady Nevelsky. The main embankment of the city, which is its trademark, was named in his honor.

The embankment is large and, indeed, very beautiful. You can admire the view (the sunsets are especially good), walk and relax on the benches. Or you can rent scooters or bicycles and go for a walk. By the way, there is free Wi-Fi on site.

Amur rock

This is another symbol of the city, which is located near the embankment: you can walk or ride a scooter.

According to history, this is where the story of Khabarovsk began in 1858. In the 1940s, a building was built here, which today is a museum of the same name and an observation deck, overlooking the magnificent view of Amur .

The museum itself can be conditionally divided into several zones. The first is the “governor’s living room”, where images of the pre-revolutionary Khabarovsk and general governors hang on the walls, expensive Italian furniture is placed around the perimeter of the room, and a porcelain tea set is displayed. The second is the “Retro Photo Salon”. Here you can get acquainted with the fashion of the last century and even take a photo for memory with costumes. Attention is drawn to the interior itself, as well as the technique that began to appear in the early 20th century.

Those who do not have time to walk around the museum should definitely look here at least at night and admire the sunset and take beautiful photos.

Khabarovsk lakes

You can have a good time and admire the beautiful view of the city ponds, located along the boulevard Ussuri. Here, three ponds are separated by small dams, around which you can walk the alleys and meet figures of famous cartoon characters, take walks and admire the musical fountains. In one of the ponds you can even ride a boat or a catamaran.

Amur Bridge

This bridge is known to all Russians, because it is the one depicted on the five-thousand-dollar bill, so every tourist going to Khabarovsk must see it with their own eyes.

It is considered unusual for a railway to run along its lower tier and a freeway to run along its upper tier.

In honor of the Amur Bridge in 2008, they even decided to build a museum, the main exhibit of which is the perforated opening of the original bridge. Its length is 127 meters and its weight is 1100 tons.

North Park

It is located in the center, not far from Muravyov-Amursky Park. You can choose one or you can walk between two at the same time.

“Severny” attracts not only with a beautiful area and rotundas for atmospheric photos, but also with a huge white temple of Seraphim of Sarov. It looks great in the photos!

Where to eat

We have gathered for you many different restaurants in Khabarovsk with different cuisines and great customer reviews.


It is located in a mansion in the area of ​​the Central embankment. There is a comfortable terrace. European cuisine, seafood. The average check is from 1500 to 3000 rubles.


The restaurant is located in the Arboretum area. The cuisine is Asian, Eastern European, Central European and Russian. The average check is 1000 rubles.


Georgian cuisine restaurant. Located in the center, near Frunze Street. The average check is from 1500 rubles.

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