ProReutov – Summer camps have opened in half of Reutov schools

Summer camps opened in half of Reutov schools

On May 26, the children were admitted to five day summer camps at the school at the same time. The shift in each of them will take exactly three weeks. The head of the municipality, secretary of the local branch of the United Russia party, Stanislav Katorov, on the first day of the school holidays, visited the Brigantina day camp at school No. 10 – 180 children aged 7-11 from families living there will rest southern part of the city.

According to the mayor, the number of schools where summer vacations for primary school students are held has increased in recent years in Reutov. Once upon a time there were only two of them in the whole city, but now the day camps operate on the basis of half of Reutov secondary schools: in high school, schools No. 1, 2, 6 and 10.

– The demand of the residents for such camps is very high, so every year we grow: if last year 500 children rested in our schools during the summer shifts, today there are already 585. And next year we plan to open children’s camps in all our schools – it is great demand “, said Stanislav Katorov.

According to Olga Kondrashova, principal of school No. 10, the summer shift that began at the institution she runs will be as close as possible to the form of recreation for children in holiday camps. In turn, the head of the school camp Brigantina, Anna Yerzunova, explained that this year has developed a whole range of exciting and educational activities for children and the school space has been transformed for their active recreation. For example, the school meeting room was turned into a real theater studio, the classrooms were turned into playrooms with a set of special furniture and equipment not only for the children’s free time, but also for the quiet evening time. Tennis tables appeared in the corridors of the institution and on the street in front of the entrance of the school building easels were placed to master new fine arts techniques.

– This year we have developed 11 additional training programs. This includes financial education, sports facilities and art therapy, we have our own puppet show, fine arts classes, English and several other fields, – says the head of the camp. – Every day we have a schedule to and from, but we do not sit at our desks, on the contrary, we do everything so that the children are distracted and rest from the usual school lessons. “We have many different activities not only at school, but also on school premises,” Yerzunova explained.

According to her, every day the shift starts at 8:30 with active charge and ends at 17:30. In addition to useful free time, hot meals were organized for the children at the camp, they were fed three times a day.

Reutov’s boss walked into the school cafeteria and asked what was on the menu for the children resting on the first day of the holiday. Vera Maslina, head of canteen production at school No. 10, said that on May 26, the children had omelettes and fresh tomatoes, tea and wheat flour bread for breakfast. For lunch, elementary school students ate a salad of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil, beetroot with chicken, for the second – Stroganoff liver pasta, for the third – compote. For an afternoon snack for the little participants of the summer shift, delicious cheesecakes with cottage cheese or buns with raisins are baked in the school cafeteria, accompanying fresh muffins with a healthy drink and fruit. According to Vera Maslina, the summer menu focuses on delicious and healthy food.

The same can be said for the other four-day camps based on Reutov schools. It should be noted that for the 21-day shift in them, the parents of young students pay a fixed amount for several years in a row – only 3225 rubles, while the municipality has borne most of the costs for organizing the work of school camps.

Familiar with the work of the summer camp at school No. 10, Stanislav Katorov stressed:

– We will continue to closely monitor how all the summer camps in our schools work!

We add that, in addition to a busy day in the schools themselves, the children are waiting for another trip to the city museum. In addition, the organizers of the school holidays invited famous guests to the day camps who are ready to share useful experience and knowledge with new residents of Reutov in various master classes. The volunteers of the local branch of “Young Guard” will not be left out: they will help the teachers to accompany the children to various events planned in our city in the coming days.

We remind you that the lists of children resting in shifts at school camps are formed annually long before the beginning of summer. Appropriate announcements are displayed in advance in each school and applications are accepted. Younger students from families in difficult life situations and children of privileged categories are preferred.

Zinaida Geidelman

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