The forest needs protection

As a rule, dzhuzgun is used to strengthen the sand – a type of shrub that takes root quickly and, due to moisture from the soil, takes root up to 30 meters. After germination, the grass begins to grow around. Feruza Dikinova, head of forestry, honored forester of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Dagestan, says that in January they planted juzgun on 50 hectares and in March-April – elm on an area of ​​51 hectares. In the past, camel thorns grew here. Most likely, it disappeared because we do not have the camels themselves, as a result of whose vital activity the reproduction of this shrub took place.

Employees of Dagleskhoz plant shrubs every year in different areas of forestry, desertification occurs mainly in remote pastures in the Nogai region, notes the department. For the cultivation of saplings, a nursery was created in the municipality, where in addition to juzgun there are also trees: ash, poplar, elm …

“Now we are installing fire-fighting strips that are mineralized, then according to the agricultural care plan, then in the fall there will be more planting and addition of forest crops”, Feruza Kurmanalievna informs me (in the photo).

Dikinova has been working in the forest protection service for more than 40 years, with 3,500 hectares of artificial forest created in the Nogai forestry and 1,500 hectares in the Chervlenno-Burunsky forestry area. And, incidentally, stood at the beginnings of the creation of the folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Ailanay”.

The state inspector is a forest administrator who protects his site from illegal logging, poaching and other violations. Its functions include patrolling the area (depending on the fire risk category), explanatory work to the local population to prevent violations of forest legislation and much more.

“We support the forest as best we can: we plant trees, we organize various events at the invitation of well-groomed residents,” says Feruza Dikinova. – All work (planting, sowing, seed collection, supplementary forest crops) carried out in the territory of our forestry is carried out by the state budgetary institution “Republican Forests” and fire prevention measures (strip mining, clearing the center).

The federal project “Forest Conservation” is designed to create conditions for the reproduction of Russian forests vital to the planet. According to this document, by 2024 Russia must ensure a full balance between deforestation and reforestation. The main volume of work for reforestation is assigned to entrepreneurs – forest tenants. Lumberjacks must compensate for the damage caused to nature by planting as many trees as they can cut down.

By 2024, the volume of reforestation in the country should reach 1.5 million hectares per year. Success in this business depends largely on the quantity and quality of the seeds. Seed cultivation centers across the country are involved in the cultivation of forest plant material: in the regions of Tambov, Leningrad and Arkhangelsk, Dagestan, Crimea, Altai Territory, etc.

It is recalled that according to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan, a special fire regime has been established in the forests of the Republic from 1 May to 1 November 2022. During this period, enter:

– prohibition of the use of coal cooking appliances in forest fund lands and adjacent areas, as well as on plots adjacent to agricultural land;

– Prohibition of incineration of agricultural products, fires, incineration of solid household waste, rubbish on forest fund lands, settlements and adjacent areas, burning of grass, including areas adjacent to forests, orchards and other agricultural, fire works;

– Prohibition of access to forests by citizens in case of fire risk classes IV-V in forests due to weather conditions, except in cases related to the use of forests to carry out work to ensure fire and health safety in forests.

For violation of fire safety requirements in conditions of special fire regime, the size of administrative fines is significantly increased.

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