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On May 16, at the Verkh-Yusvinskaya school, elementary school children were served for lunch wheat porridge with worms. Only the third graders were able to notice them in the food, after the first shift from the smaller classes had eaten. Indignation and horror spread on the Internet the same day, the publicity forced those involved to explain themselves.

Immediately after the incident, photos of porridge with worms were posted to the VKontakte team of the local school. A photo and caption post was posted by teacher Maria Trushnikova. She posted the photo on her page.

– The next day, the prosecutor’s office and Rospotrebnadzor took an interest in us, the investigations began. Kudymkar district officials came, talked to us, asked us to write memoranda to the director, so that the director could understand the situation. The post on VKontakte was persistently requested to be deleted by both the team and the personal page. I deleted the post from the group, but they do not have such a right to demand removal from their page, the teacher is outraged.

According to other teachers at the school, the authorities and the administration staff strongly reprimanded the teachers for “taking dirty sheets out of the hut”. In their opinion, the situation should have been resolved quietly and without publicity. But, as the teachers say, then, as is usually the case, everything would be silent.

“Obviously, everything leads to the fact that someone will be fired for sure and we will all be hit with a hat,” concludes Maria Trushnikova.

“It’s just awful! Anatoly Chetin, an individual businessman, provides food to ten schools in the Kudymkarsky district, including the Verkh-Yusva school. He has been feeding the school since September 2021, after winning the auction.

“They called me as soon as they found the worm. It’s just awful! I said to remove this mess immediately! Already 15 minutes later, the head of the Verkh-Yusva school called me and agreed to replace the porridge with another dish. “We have such a situation for the first time, and I still can not get over the shock situation,” Anatoly Cetin commented emotionally on the situation.

The businessman has been feeding students since 2017. Complaints for all this time, according to the man, were not. The students’ parents do not agree with this. Nadezhda Mekhonoshina has three children at the Verkh-Yusvinskaya school. According to her, over the years, her children have repeatedly said that the food in the canteen is not tasty.

The children complained about the tasteless food in October. Before that, another businessman was feeding, but not to say it was better. The remarks were the same as now: stomach aches, hair on food, thick cutlets, badly cooked onions in soup and so on. This year, during the distance training, dry portions were given, in which there was rotten fruit. Because of all these allegations, a parents ‘meeting was held in March, where it was decided to set up a parents’ committee to control the food. Several inspections have been carried out since March. But the peculiarity of these checks is that we have to notify Chetin and the school management that we are going with a check. And we can only watch how the food is prepared, to taste it, but where and how the raw materials are stored – we can not watch, says Nadezhda.

Photo courtesy of Maria Trushnikova

– This is just awful! This porridge was eaten by first graders and second graders who ate in the first shift! Now my child categorically refuses to eat porridge, as these worms are still in front of my eyes, says Irina Podyanova. Before that, my kid told me about cockroaches on bread and hair on food. But no one talked about cockroaches anywhere, since this situation, according to other teachers, was resolved inside the school. But what happened now is just outrageous!

Who is to blame? On May 19, city prosecutors and Rospotrebnadzor officers went to the school for an inspection. As it turned out, one of the two cooks who cook at school is to blame. It turns out that the cook noticed the worms while cooking, but continued to cook the porridge.

“While washing the cereal, I found a worm that came to the surface. I washed the porridge again and started cooking porridge. Already during the meal, teachers and students found a worm in a bowl of porridge. At the same time I removed this porridge and replaced it with pasta. In terms of shelf life, the cereal met the requirements (January 2022), stored in a warehouse of bulk products, where there was a suitable temperature. “I received the goods on April 7,” the cook wrote in the explanatory note. The second cook, who was at the distribution that day, confirmed the situation in her explanatory note.

“Having opened a five-pound bag while washing the cereal, the cook found a worm and, spitting out all the norms, human qualities and hygiene rules, went on to cook dinner,” says Anatoly Chetin. – This incident is due exclusively to the negligent attitude of the chef at work. She has already been severely reprimanded for what happened, an explanatory conversation took place, she will be punished. It’s also my responsibility to fire her or not. I will decide what to do next.

The businessman also commented on the words about cockroaches and rotten fruit. According to him, the situation with the rotten apples turned out to be the same as with the worms: the cook who was guilty of porridge worm took fruit and gave it only ten days later.

– And I hear about cockroaches for the first time and I can say with confidence that this could not be for a simple reason: because the oven always has fresh bread and there are no cockroaches. It just can not get into the bread, because the flour is sifted. In addition, the chef cuts bread at a special table at school, so if there was a cockroach, it would just run over it, says Anatoly Chetin.

Where does the raw material come from Under the contract, Anatoly Cetin will supply schools by the end of the 2022 calendar year, including Verkh-Yusvinskaya. He says he receives the original products from a supplier – private entrepreneur Azad Karimov. The businessman’s management said that they did not cooperate for a long time with Anatoly Cetin, who in turn says the opposite and proves his words with invoices presented by the Ministry of Defense. Rospotrebnadzor and the prosecutor’s office are investigating the case.

Upon receipt by the supplier, the products are sent to school canteens and building departments according to the school’s circular menu. All products have a certificate and product compliance label. No wheat grain worms were found in other schools in the Kudymkar area. Therefore, some teachers believe that the situation could be a challenge to competitors.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The “PN” sent written requests to the supervisory departments.

Text: Mikhail Votinov

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