Ecological and patriotic action “Forest of Victory” took place for the 10th time in the Moscow region

30 Apr. 2022, 14:40

All have traditionally participated in landscaping, according to the press service of the governor and the government of the Moscow region.

The central location this year was the Zvenigorod Forest Office near the village. Matveykovo, Odintsovo

“Residents of the Moscow region can come here with their families, spend time in nature, talk. Every tree we plant today is a tribute to the memory of the great Russian soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. With great joy and joy in my heart I take part in this action. In addition, today it acquires a special meaning “, said Georgy Filimonov, Deputy Prime Minister of the regional government.

In support of the warriors defending our homeland, a geoglyph in the form of the letter Z, measuring 100 by 100 meters, was planted in the central area – these are 650 seedlings of pine, fir and linden.

“I have been taking part in this action for many years – I never miss it. Apart from the fact that the “Forest of Victory” unites the inhabitants and performs an ecological function, it also has a deep semantic burden. Today is a very important day. “We support our army, which is now conducting a special military operation,” said Svetlana Strigunkova, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region.

The central location of the “Forest of Victory” is over 25 hectares. As of today, over 90,000 new trees will start growing here.

“A traditional event, the residents plant trees in memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War – our fathers and grandfathers who fought then. And, of course, all our thoughts today are on those men, the guys who are doing their military service these days, and doing it heroically. They need every support now, our hearts are with them. “We pray that everything goes well for them,” said Vyacheslav Dukin. – This is not the first time I have taken part in the action. I planted a linden tree this year. I like to drive through the places where the action has already taken place, to see how these trees have grown. I will definitely take care of this tree.

Sites for planting trees are found not only in forests, but also in city squares, parks and areas close to home. More than 5.7 thousand people gathered at the headquarters. The participants of the action were given ribbons of Agios Georgios, badges, T-shirts. A field kitchen was also created here, a photo zone and a scene with master classes were created, where everyone could make something with their own hands, paint the boards in the shape of the letter Z.

“Our employees in road transport, complexes owned by the Moscow region, as in previous years, are involved in the action, many come with their families,” said Anna Krotova, vice president of the region.

State Duma deputy of the Russian Federation Denis Maidanov also planted a tree today and sang his songs for the participants in the action. Since 2013, every spring, residents of the Moscow region gather to plant forests and beautify urban areas in memory of the wars that gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War.

For the third year in a row, the “Victory Forest” is being held under the auspices of the international “Garden of Memory” action, in which 27 million trees are planted – according to the number of people who died in 1941-1945. It started on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2020.

In two years, more than two million people from all 85 regions of Russia and more than 50 countries near and far abroad have participated in the action. ANO “Garden of Memory” director general Olga Stepchenko, film and television actress Anna Khilkevich and deputy head of the Federal Forest Service Mikhail Klinov planted the 10 millionth tree at the Zvenigorod forestry site as part of an international expedition.

“Each tree represents the connection of the generations, which should become stronger every year. Our action contributes to this and creates a good family tradition. “It’s nice to see that even the youngest participants understand how important memory, pride for their heroes and love for their native nature are,” Stepchenko said.

Before the solemn planting of commemorative trees, Anna Khilkevich, who has been participating in the action for several years, noted that the project is getting bigger and bigger. According to her, it unites people in a common desire to honor the memory of heroes.

“Everyone here has their own story, which we carefully preserve. One of my grandfather was a tanker, the other a beacon, providing uninterrupted communications for command and control and reporting on the situation at the front. But this is not just the story of the family, it is the story of our country, our culture and our homeland. “Let us do everything possible to keep it forever in our memory, in the memory of our children and all future generations,” Khilkevich said.

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