#healthyharmony: why you want sweets and how to get rid of sugar addiction

We often hear that too much sweetness is bad for your health. Some doctors even advise to give up sugar even in small quantities. But despite the many articles and scientific materials written on the subject, both children and adults consider sweets to be the greatest culinary delight, continuing to indulge in chocolates, sweets and cakes. One can not imagine morning coffee or tea in a friendly gathering without sugar or something “delicious”. What to do if the craving for delicacies is innumerable?

We turned to an expert to find out why a person wants sweets and what is the risk to his health? How does the body signal that it is time to give up sugar, what are the causes of sugar addiction and how to get rid of it?

Maria Beliseva -nutritionist, psychologist, founder and head of the “School of Health and Beauty” and the author of the author’s lesson “Healthy Harmony”, a dance and stretching coach, specializing in Taoist practices.

Why does a person want sweets?

Here it is important to understand what kind of person. If it is a small child, then his habit and craving for sweets was formed with the feeding of his mother. First, breast milk is sweet. And if the mother ate sweets during pregnancy and feeding, then the child already has a habit. If there were too many sweets in the mother’s diet, the child develops an increased need for a sweet taste. Conversely, if the mother ate healthy food, neutral in its taste characteristics, then the child’s craving for sweets will be less. He may also have instilled taste, interest and curiosity. There is no original, natural craving for sweets in children, if it is not instilled.

In an adult, cravings for sweets have both psychological and physiological causes. From a physiological point of view, sweets are a very fast source of energy. If a person, for example, is iron deficient and has hypoxia (oxygen starvation), then in this case there is reduced activation. And a person has to work, he has to achieve certain results in life, so he needs fast energy from outside. If he can not grow it from other foods with less carbohydrates, then in this case there will be a craving for sweets. Also, if a person already has elevated insulin levels, loved and ate sweets constantly, already has insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, then in this case there will also be a very strong craving for sweets in order to maintain a certain level of insulin and sugar in the blood. A strong decrease in these indicators is a rather dangerous condition for the body.

The psychological causes of cravings for sweets include cravings for pleasure. And here we come to the issue of goal setting. The more primitive it is, the more man likes to treat himself with something tasty and sweet, as the only joy in life. Sweet is also a regulator of the psycho-emotional state. Serotonin – the hormone of joy and happiness – is produced by 80% in the intestines and if there is already a pathogenic microflora, then it will require sweets. When saturated, the intestines will produce the right hormone, will send a signal through the nerve endings to the brain that life is beautiful, there is satiety with sweets, the microflora is satisfied and the mood of the person rises. But this is already happening in the case of a normal intestinal imbalance.

Sweet is also a socially approved product. When we visit, in new groups, the sweet acts here as a smoothing agent, “sweetening” the fear of rejection. Also, the craving for sweets can be instilled in the family through certain traditions: grandma’s cakes, mom’s pies. In this case, there will also be an excessive craving for sweets in a person, but more in the context of aspects of socialization.

How many sweets are allowed per day?

It is very individual. It depends on the age, the climate, the human condition, the sex, the type of activity. You have to look at the well-being of the individual himself.

How does the body signal that sweets are not allowed today? What tests will say that it is time to give up sweets?

Two basic tests that need to be done regularly are fasting glucose and insulin levels. Indicators above the norm or at the upper limits of the norm indicate that they have gone too far with sweets, that diseases related to carbohydrate metabolism disorders are developing, in particular abnormal insulin resistance and, as a result, type 2 diabetes. conditions also depend on iron levels, which decrease with the consumption of sweets. Protein metabolism and the state of the thyroid gland depend on the level of iron and so on. But for signals that it is time to cut down on sweets, it is helpful to use exactly the two analyzes I mentioned above.

Too often, when carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed, there are headaches, as if you drank alcohol the day before, although in reality you did not. Another sign is increased gas formation and constipation. All of this signals that sweets should be excluded from your diet.

What time of day is the sweetest least harmful?

It is believed that minimal damage from sweets after the main meal, when there is something to digest. So that the diet includes foods not only high in insulin and glycemic index, but also more moderate, such as protein. In this case, the sweets are more easily perceived by the body and there is no jump in blood sugar. Therefore, it is better to eat sweets at lunch. If you eat sweets in the morning, as nutritionists usually advocate, so that there is time to assimilate energy, then in this case, the rise in blood sugar will require this level all day and you will want sweets all day.

Are tea and coffee with sugar harmful?

Tea and coffee are energy drinks and it is important to consume them in very limited quantities. These products actively eliminate iron from the body. And iron deficiency is a problem with protein absorption, and hence problems with energy, reduced endurance of the body and other points. Therefore, they drink coffee from very small cups and the tea is actually drunk a little, not in the way we are used to – in large cups. As energy drinks, which also have beneficial properties and healing effect, you can use tea and coffee, but in limited quantities.

If we drink tea with sugar and, in addition, this happens on an empty stomach, we thus stimulate the production of bile and gastric fluid. At the same time, there is no lump of food, which should dissolve this bile and process the juice in the body. In this case, we cause duodenal ulcer and gastritis. Therefore, tea and coffee, especially with sugar on an empty stomach, I do not recommend at all. Tea and coffee are ideally drunk 1.5 hours after eating, but not in liters. After eating, you can also drink tea, but only hot. Because cold tea will slow down the digestive process. The stomach will not pass cold liquid.

Cakes, rolls, cookies – what’s wrong?

Their damage lies mainly in the chemical and synthetic elements of the composition. These are the elements that our body does not know. The body decides what it will produce for the food we eat through the visual canal, through the odors and through the taste buds. And if we have perfumes, dyes that give false information about the composition of the product, that is, we eat one thing, but it smells different, in this case the body begins to produce the wrong enzymes to assimilate it. And this gradually causes disturbance in the intestinal microflora and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the body is unable to break down certain chemical trace elements at all and then accumulate in the body in the form of toxins, which, of course, disrupts the functioning of the organs.

In addition, cakes, buns, cookies are foods high in carbohydrates. When you eat such food, there may be a jump in insulin. To lower insulin, cortisol, the stress hormone, is produced. So, in fact, we automatically deplete the nervous system, causing ourselves a stressful situation. In addition, these are empty products, they are not useful. There are very few proteins and trace elements that would be good for the body to digest, so the body wakes up zhor: I eat, but I am not full. In this case, the body demands more, more and more. There is distension of the stomach and a tendency for overeating, overweight, obesity. Obesity causes endocrine imbalances. In fact, there are many diseases from these sweets and whatever disease we start to deal with, the first thing we start to do is to correct our eating behavior and get rid of junk. Products that are not useful, write in the trash.

How to get rid of sweets addiction?

To give up any addiction, you must first understand: for the sake of what to do. Set or see a goal. Second, motivation is needed: understanding what will prevent a person from abandoning a decision and how to resist the moment of temptation. This is a system of control and a system of punishments that make a person keep moving towards the goal. Every addict has periods of doubt, resistance and in these moments motivation is very important. The third thing you need is a substitute. The dependent will remain dependent, only the dependent object needs to be created more useful. For example, sports. Often people who start to struggle with sweets become fanatics of healthy living and training. Another bodily pleasure and joy can be substituted, instead of sweet.

Next, you need to understand the physiological underlying cause of this addiction. Because regular consumption of sweets for a long time leads to some kind of side effect. You need to understand what side effect, in addition to the psyche, encourages you to eat this sweet. Maybe this is a protein deficiency in the diet, then you need to make up for it. maybe it is a deficiency of alkaline foods and pathogenic intestinal microflora, then you need to add more greens, more fiber to the diet. That is, something that will restore the intestinal microflora and reduce the craving for sweets, because the pathogenic microflora that requires sugar will die.

In addition, it is helpful to find like-minded people who also want to get rid of the craving for sweets or see this as a problem and will help. It is good when the family contributes to this and does not buy sweets for the house. The craving for sweets may indicate a lack of iron and chromium. Then it is worthwhile to cover these shortcomings.

There are some physiological elements that are important to study, to examine them to understand how to help the body be without sweets, because addiction is always chemical and mental. We have to work at all levels. It is always important to remember that balance and moderation are important in everything.

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