Is body positivity a tribute to fashion, marketing or self-love? Understanding with experts

In town. Speak »new format: two guests discuss the same topic, holding opposite views. Previously, the topic of discussion was NFT, now it is the positivity of the body. Psychologist Lucia Suleymanova and life coach Tatyana Rybakova tried to figure out if it is necessary to try for model parameters these days or if it is worth choosing a philosophy positive for the body.

About fashion for uniqueness

Lucia: Today, the trend has really changed, we see it with shine. Models with not quite correct facial features have appeared and looking at them, we say that perfection is beautiful and imperfection can also be beautiful.

Tatiana: It’s time to dive. People have really stopped being driven by fashion trends, slim models and realized that there are a huge number of people in the world with different physiques, from different countries. And they are all beautiful in their own way.

On heavy arguments of harmony

Tatiana: It is worth talking about the reasons, not the number of followers of physical positivity, but we do not have such data. It seems to me that everything is based on dissatisfaction with himself, lack of contact with his body, various adolescent and childhood traumas that people try to balance with a good appearance. I used to be different, but then I lost 55 kilos! Physically, in general, it is very difficult to be overweight: everything is rubbed, it is difficult to pick up clothes. In addition, I realized that in society, with my initial data, it would be much more difficult for me to achieve acceptance, success, build a career, etc. All of this motivated me as well.

Lucia: A perfect example of a condition where there are medical limitations. Not because it pushes the weight, but because it definitely affects the quality of life. Being overweight is very annoying, and not just because you are somehow not accepted by society. There are real limitations. But at the same time, one must understand that in the first half of life, society puts a lot of pressure on an individual – he is forced to comply with it. For example, a child is taught according to the system “all five are good” and “four is not a grade” is also from there. Or next to her is a mother who is losing weight doing some crazy diets in the spirit of “two eggs a day” or “three apples”. And at the same time he always says that the child is not doing well with the body: “You are somehow fat, you have to lose weight, there are other thin girls here”. Everything is overdue. And we see that in reality, society does not always push, it often comes from the family.

At the extremes of physical positivity

Tatiana: In the past, body positivity was out of the question. It seemed like your body was your business, but for some reason most people started using this idea as a tribute to such a weird fashion. For example, put a large model on the cover of an international magazine. That is, everything, as usual, has reached the extremes, and fashion is also becoming extreme. Like the very slim models of the 1990s, now the other extreme is the very full models. In fact, this is not the best propaganda if we talk globally. It must be understood that the positivity of the body is the acceptance of your body, of its defects. This came from people who had some birth defects or after injuries such as burns. Their bodies did not correspond to the classic rules. But eventually, body positivity became just a fashion trend that many overweight people, or rather, marketers, began to use to create an advertising campaign.

On the border between laziness and physical positivity

Tatiana: This is also what happens: the positivity of the body is used to prevent one from taking responsibility for one’s health. However, too much weight is a slow death. The chemical processes in the body are disrupted, I can already say that as an expert. Hence the large amount of inflammation. Wrong diet, circulatory disorders and consequently hormonal disorders. It is like smoking: you are slowly committing suicide. You know what’s wrong, but now everything is fine! And what will happen in 10-20 years – you do not think about it.

Lucia: Unfortunately, fat is a hormonal organ, which in large quantities begins to stimulate our appetite and all other changes in the body. But in addition to the biological component, the positivity of the body is now more closely linked to protest. And not on the topic “I love my body”, but from the position “I can not take care of myself”. There is a lot of pain, protest, confrontation with others and the desire to prove that you are right. I am faced with the fact that body positivity is the same fashion as fashion for a perfect silhouette. These are the two sides of the same coin.

About the limits of logic

Tatiana: There are several indicators by which you can check a person’s health. The simplest is the body mass index. Indicates whether a person is obese or not. This is the simplest formula, you can find it on the Internet and calculate it. You can also do a body biomass analysis, which shows the ratio of fat, bone mass and muscle mass. Again, the tables are available online. This is a realistic assessment from the point of view of health, and not some kind of perception. Because, for example, athletes can weigh a lot due to muscle mass. Everything is relative. And if we are talking about being overweight, this is already a story about the responsibility that people do not want to take because it is so convenient.

Lucia: Let us not forget that a woman has a period when she is carrying a child. And it is clear that it is important to support yourself right now, but not everyone has such an opportunity. The girls come to see me because they feel second class due to the change in weight. This is a difficult time. Weight can be restored, but there are still hormonal changes. At this point a lot of support from the partner is required.

About the cult of food and a healthy menu

Tatiana: And I did not weigh just over 100 pounds in my childhood. Mom created this cult of food because she had a very poor childhood. Condensed milk was on the table every few months, it was a dessert for the whole big family. That is, she changed some such things in her life unconsciously due to a difficult fate. So in childhood, even if there was no money, for example, for new clothes, there was always sausage in the fridge.

Lucia: The situation is changing, I travel a lot to the cities of Russia with performances and I see many thin people in good physical condition on the streets. And the food has changed – they no longer offer cutlets with potatoes. Common values ​​change. Sometimes I come across the fact that in any, even a small town, people are very motivated. The Internet and the opportunity to see a different life have emerged, so people, especially young people, are motivated to be in good shape, to be healthy. But at the same time, let us not forget that food is a great pleasure.

Tatiana: But an apple and a carrot are also delicious. But unfortunately, the number of obese people in the world is only growing.

Lucia: America has a huge number of overweight people. Fast food is murder. I would proceed from the fact that the joys of life associated with food, warmth, getting something tasty once a week in reasonable quantities are about pleasure. When such people every day, they cease to be them. You lose your taste for this state, there is no impetus.

For simple truths

Lucia: There are blue zones in the world where people live for a very long time – up to 95 and even 100 years, while being full of strength and health. There are many such places in the world, they are all on uneven ground, that is, people walk there a lot. They have a very simple meal, they gather at the table with large families. They have an excellent quality of life and physical abilities in old age. And this is an example of what you need to eat a little. The older we get, the less desirable it is to eat and the fewer calories the food should be. At 60, if you want to be healthy, the rule is 1,200 calories a day. And it’s not scary! You will survive, you will be healthy and strong. This is important to understand, but people do not come to it right away.

City aired on May 25th

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