KN Morning Digest: Dangerous weather, “battle with Egyptians” on campus, “balloon” peeling and son killing father

Kaluga News prepared a morning review. We are talking about what happened the day before, but again about relevant events that you may have missed.

In the Kaluga area on 27 and 28 May, a yellow weather level was declared

In the Kaluga area, due to the worsening weather conditions, a yellow level of weather danger has been declared. According to the Hydrometeorological Center, storms, rains and strong winds are expected in our area.

Thunderstorms, heavy rains and winds in places are expected in the Kalouga area on Friday 27 May and until 22 at night on 28 May. Wind gusts can reach 13-18 m / s.

Soon the temperature will rise, but the weather will be changeable. The rains and storms will continue.

Russians, Egyptians stage mass clash on Kaluga campus – social media

On social media, there were reports of a mass brawl on the Baumanka campus in the village of Puchkovo. It is said that on the night of May 26, 30 Egyptians clashed with 20 Russians. Dirty clogged toilets in the hostel are cited as the cause.

“… The compatriots complained about the Egyptians because they were very noisy (and also constantly closed the toilets). The clash started in the hostel, but then the fighters ran into the street and armed themselves with everything. Everything was used: pipes, spatulas, even pans “– Baza telegram channel reports.

According to social media, the winner in the end was, as is usually the case in such cases, the police. His officers arrived at the hostel and arrested 18 Egyptians.

Kaluga police confirm the fact of a domestic conflict that took place on May 26 “at one of the construction sites in the city of Kaluga”.

“According to preliminary data, a fight broke out between a group of citizens on a home basis, which turned into a clash. Several people were injured in the collision. The police immediately left for the mentioned address. At the moment, the participants in the event have been identified “– reports the press service of the regional Ministry of Interior.

The press service of the regional prosecutor’s office also reports a clash between workers at the Baumanka campus construction site. According to her, the clash took place on the night of May 26-27 and four people were injured. They receive medical assistance, there is no danger to the lives of the victims.

The match was investigated. Kaluga District Prosecutor Konstantin Zhilyakov took her under personal control.

A criminal case has been opened over the “battle of the Kaluga campus”

A criminal case has been opened under the article “Hooliganism” for the fact of a mass clash on the campus of the Kaluga “Baumanka” under construction in the village of Puchkovo, which took place on the night of May 26-27. This was reported by the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office.

As we have already written, near the dormitory, construction workers organized a massacre, during which four people were injured. The conflict took place on an internal basis.

There were also reports on social media that Egyptian and Russian workers fought with each other, with a total of fifty people, using pipes, spatulas and even pans. Allegations of noise and clogged toilets in the hostel are cited as the cause of the “Battle of the Campus”. Authorities have not yet commented on the information.

In the “ball” of Kaluga began to fly

Photo: Kaluga news

The monumental complex dedicated to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga, which the people of Kaluga call “ball”, was restored last summer, but now there are already noticeable defects in the decoration. The black paint that covered part of the monument – the ball – began to peel.

Remember that last year the restoration of the monument cost 30 million rubles.

The Kaluga city government noted that the “ball” will be put in order within two weeks. The contractor will perform the work under warranty.

The son kicked his father to death in the Kaluga area

Photo by the press service of the ICR Research Committee for the Kaluga region

A 51-year-old Murmansk resident was arrested in the Kaluga area. He is suspected of killing his own father in Zhizdra.

According to investigators, the man came to visit his parent on May 26 and they started drinking together. During the celebration, the relatives quarreled and the son beat his father to death, causing him many kicks to the trunk and head.

According to the press service of the ICR Regional Investigative Committee, a criminal case has been initiated. The investigation is going to ask the court to detain the suspect.

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