Salom alaikum, Tajikistan! Announcements of events, a day in history, weather forecast for May 28, 2022


– Today at 10.15 participate in the event that will take place at the Dushanbe Serena Hotel to meet professionals working for sustainable consumption and production in the tourism industry and beyond.

The Forum, set up with members of a working group of tourism and energy experts in Tajikistan, aims to be a platform for dialogue and networking, where key issues are discussed and projects are implemented that support the dissemination of the principles of sustainable consumption and production. .

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1994- formation of Tajikistan border troops.

2003- The Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On Advertising” was adopted.

2014 – In the Republic of Tatarstan, “Molotov cocktails” were equated with firearms.

2015 – The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case against fugitive Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who joined ISIS in Syria on May 27 under three articles of the Republic of Tajikistan’s Penal Code, including “treason” and a court in absentia. chose a measure of restraint in the form of imprisonment under guard, declaring a list of international wanted persons.

2019 – Emomali Rahmon and Rustam Emomali opened the “Kurushi Kabir” military high school of the Border Troops of the State National Security Committee of Tajikistan.


1928 – was born the linguist Mardon Muhammadiev.

1938 – Bovar Khusravov, an honorary worker of Tajikistan, was born.

1950- singer Fathullo Raufov was born.

1952- Journalist Nurullo Saidkulov was born.

1983 – Journalist Zarina Ergasheva was born.


Today Border Guard Day. 104 years On 28 May, the Council of People’s Commissars adopted a decree establishing the RSFSR Border Guard.

Dzerzhinsky then outlined the basic principle of ensuring the protection of socialist borders:

Borders are a political line and a political body must protect them“.

In 1920, it was decided to transfer the protection of all borders to the jurisdiction of the Czech Special Division. So the border guards for many years became security officers. In 1923 the High Border School was opened. During these years, the Border Troops Control Service was formed.

Some democracies of the former USSR, after gaining their independence, have maintained and continue to celebrate this holiday, bringing the context closer to the national one.

Thus, Border Guard Day on 28 May, together with Russia, is celebrated in Tajikistanin Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

And exactly on Border Guard Day on 28 May 1987, The plane of the German citizen Matthias Rast landed in the Red Square of Moscow. An American-made Cessna sports plane violated USSR airspace and landed in Moscow near Red Square in Vasilyevsky Spusk. Many tourists recorded at this time then.

Ten minutes later, Matthias Rast, a 19-year-old pilot-athlete whose father was a businessman who sold Cessna aircraft in Germany, was arrested.

Air defense locals built the Rust plane, a fighter was sent to intercept. But he was not allowed to shoot down the Cessna, because since 1984 the USSR had an order banning the firing of civilian and sports aircraft.

On September 4, 1987, Rust was sentenced to four years in prison for illegally crossing the air border, violating international flight rules and malicious hooliganism. And a year later he was pardoned and expelled from the territory of the USSR. Rust himself said in his trial that his flight was a “call for peace.”

On this day the independent human rights organization Amnesty International was founded is an independent non-political international organization that defends human rights. The whole work of the organization is based on a fundamental belief: the protection of human rights is a universal responsibility beyond the borders of states, races and ideologies.

Held on 28 May 1961 in London. Its founder was the British lawyer Peter Benenson. In 1961 he wrote an article calling on people everywhere, impartially and peacefully, to work for the release of all prisoners of conscience. Within a month, more than a thousand different people from different countries offered practical help. A single attempt to draw attention to the problem of human rights has resulted in an international movement.

The goals of Amnesty International’s campaigns are: the release of all prisoners of conscience. ensure a fair and speedy trial of political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, end torture and ill-treatment of prisoners; and end extrajudicial executions and “disappearances” of people.

Among the many fauna species mentioned in connection with the threat of extinction in the Red Book, a special place is occupied by red wolfin honor of which an ecological holiday was established on 28 May.

This animal is representative of the canines, which live mainly in the mountainous regions of Central and South Asia and is also known by other names: Himalayan wolf, buanzu, mountain wolf. The red wolf can be found in many parts of India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tibet and the Himalayas, Sumatra and Java.

Despite the fact that the red wolf is an excellent hunter, resilient, patient, fearless, its number in the wild is constantly decreasing. Most zoologists agree that the main reason for this is the reduction in the number of wild artichokes as a result of human activity, which manifests itself both in the displacement of animals from their usual habitats and in poaching. These factors lead to the impoverishment of the food supply. Among other things, there are often cases of poaching in relation to the red wolf itself.

May 28 is celebrated every year Brunette day – an informal holiday for all brunette women. Unfortunately, there is no information on who and when instituted this holiday, but it is believed that it emerged as a “response” to Blonde Day, which is celebrated on May 31.

Most people on the planet are brunettes and it has been scientifically proven that dark hair color is a dominant genetic trait and is more characteristic of a person than light colored hair.

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

Today mayonnaise birthday. The most reliable version of its origin shows that the whole process took place in the French city of Mahon in 1756, when the British occupied French territory during the Seven Years’ War.

Then there was the big problem with the food supply – only vegetable oil, eggs and lemons were left. As the daily omelets were already full, the Duke of Richelieu ordered the cook to prepare some unusual food from the available products. The chef decided to make a sauce based on vegetable oil, which turned out to be extremely tasty and was called “mayonnaise” – in French “mayonnaise”, meaning “mayonnaise”.

Mayonnaise is a multi-ingredient system created by mixing vegetable oils, water, egg powder, milk powder, vinegar and spices. Today, this product is present in almost every direction of world cuisine.


In the Sughd area – Cloudy with clouds, rain (snow over 2500 m. At night), strong in mountainous areas, storm, possible hail. West wind 4-9 m / s, in some areas stronger up to 15-20 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands 13-18 warm at night, 21-26 warm during the day, in the mountains 5-10 warm at night, 10-15 warm during the day.

In the Khatlon area – Partly cloudy, rain in some areas, strong at the foot at night and in the morning, thunderstorm, possible hail. West wind 3-8, in some areas stronger up to 10-15 m / s, in places the fog persists. Temperature: in the lowlands 15-20 warm at night, 29-34 warm during the day, at the foot 10-15 warm at night, 19-24 warm during the day.

In the Gorno-Badajsan Autonomous Region – Partly cloudy, precipitation in some areas (rain, snow in the east of the GBAO at night). West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: in WGBAO at night 6-11 hot, in the day 21-26 hot, in VGBAO at night -3 + 2, in the day 11-16 hot.

By areas of democratic subordination – Cloudy skies, rain (snow over 2500m at night), strong in some areas, thunderstorm, possible hail. West wind 4-9 m / s, in some areas stronger to 12-17 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands 12-17 warm at night, 23-28 warm during the day, in the mountains 6-11 warm at night, 15-20 warm during the day.

In the city of Dushanbe – Partly cloudy, rainy, heavy at night, thunderstorm. West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: 14-16 heat at night, 25-27 heat during the day.

In the city of Khujand – Partly cloudy, isolated rain, thunderstorm. West wind 4-9 m / s, sometimes stronger up to 15-20 m / s. Temperature: 15-17 heat at night, 23-25 ​​heat during the day.

In the city of Bokhtar – Partly cloudy, with no significant rainfall, it will remain foggy. West wind 5-10 m / s. Temperature: 17-19 warm at night, 30-32 warm during the day.

In the city of Khorog – Partly cloudy, with occasional rain. West wind 5-10 m / s. Temperature: 10-12 heat at night, 24-26 heat during the day.

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