Work on wear has become a trend: they are called catastrophic consequences

“Either the weather has changed or the global situation works this way, but customers have left the chain. They swear to each other, they throw mud at me that I sleep on the move, that I slow down. If I could, I would open my mouth, but it is impossible – I will be expelled. I sit and smile. He left work two hours later. It fell like a cob in the house, but there is no sleep. The heart beats, the blood pressure soars. Tomorrow again in this criminal slavery. I do not know how long I can stay like this. “There is no more power,” said Irina, a bank employee.

You hear these words about forces that do not exist, every day. And not from the elderly, but from people of the most active age. We seem to be living in an age of modern technologies designed to make everyday work easier, but the result is just the opposite.

Chronic fatigue, insomnia, nerves, stomach ulcers, feelings of guilt, dissatisfaction with oneself, hypertension, premature heart attack are the consequences of excessive resource costs.

I remember how, at the height of the pandemic, the shift work, shift by shift, cut off doctors in a fight with Covid. The media reported the death from a massive heart attack of a respirator who fell after a shift, about a nurse from a single hospital who lost consciousness in the ward. The heart stopped, there was clinical death. “We will not last long!” admitted the doctors.

To maintain the immune system, you need a balanced diet, sleep for at least 8 hours a day and proper rest (at least a decade) twice a year. People who follow these rules get sick rarely and easily and do so without sick leave. A person with a weakened immune system knows that even a common cold can cause a complication in the form of bronchitis or pneumonia.

“If a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on our immune system, then harmful factors have a negative effect,” says Anna Topptigina, an immunologist and doctor of medical sciences. – The central nervous system is closely linked to the immune system, helping the body to protect itself from external influences, which are often aggressive. As for all kinds of nervous overload, and overwork belongs in this area, acute stress affects the immune system much less than years. If a car almost hit you on the road, you managed to avoid it at the last minute – this is a very strong stress, a threat to life, after all, but the disturbance you experienced will not affect the immune system, because the abrupt peak ended abruptly. , although you can still tell your friends how it was. And some insurmountable negative experiences of the condition greatly affect the immune system – health is “shattered”. Overwork is a chronic stress that a person, for some reason, can not stop. Either he is afraid that he will be fired, or the interest and zeal do not let him stop.

The “24 for 7” project is in trend today. Being chronically busy has become fashionable. This is a demand syndrome and a sign of high position, but, in fact, a race to the bottom.

“You can not work 24 hours a day,” warns the immunologist. – In addition, we have circadian rhythms – the change of day and night. When a failure occurs, serious problems arise. I had sick flight attendants, young and healthy, who changed several time zones on flights. Their immunity was very weak, precisely because of the disturbance of sleep and wakefulness. These factors seriously affect health by depleting the reserves of the immune system. A common infection that exists in the body becomes almost chronic. Only a little, only a breeze blows and a person gets sick. Weakening of resistance to respiratory infections is the first bell. In the same series, there is a prolonged hypopyretic temperature of 37.2, an increase in lymph nodes, a feeling of increased fatigue, weakness in the morning, when you wake up with the feeling that you are unloading wagons all night. It can not be ruled out that the failure of immunity due to prolonged stress can be a trigger for oncological diseases.

… Russia, of course, is not Japan, where they do not know what the absence or break of smoke is, but there is a special word for sudden death from overwork – “karoshi”. Since 1987, special statistics have been kept in the country. The numbers are scary. Among the “carousels” are not only ordinary employees and workers, but also high-ranking officials. The reason for the death of Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi in 2000 was precisely the processing and not the advanced age. For almost two years in office, the workaholic prime minister, working 12 hours a day, allowed himself only three days off. Three years ago, a law came into force in Japan limiting the number of overtime hours per person to 720 per year. This is progress. By comparison, overtime work in Russia is limited by labor law to 120 hours per year. It is true that in reality, not everything looks so bright …

About 90% of workers, according to a sociological survey conducted in Russia in 2021, said they must work overtime. And one in four works too many hours a week.

But if in Japan work for wear is associated with the peculiarities of the mentality, what compels our compatriots to work tirelessly?

There are people in difficult financial situation, with loans, mortgages, etc., who have to drag this yoke, straining themselves in two or even three jobs. There are people who are bound by important contracts when one urgent job replaces another. But what motivates others to work to the point of exhaustion, leaving out all the joys of life, sacrificing health?

– There are many motivations, – says psychologist Anastasia Bashlykova. –

Citizens’ activists, human rights activists are passionate about their work. They have an irregular work day, a constant lack of time. There are situations that, indeed, no one but him can cope with this mission. Most of the time, however, they are different. It seems to one person that it is irreplaceable, but in reality, many do the same, and not worse. But the perfectionist is convinced that he will do his best. It has a tendency for over-control, high level of stress. It is generally an intense stress that makes you recycle. Sometimes in the family from childhood they support such a situation in the child and he has to comply with the model imposed by the parents, often because they themselves do not know how to relax. It seems that the internal stress will go away with a good job, but in reality it is not so – it is impossible to do it perfectly. It turns out to be a vicious circle. A person constantly experiences time pressure, sleeps a little, forgets to rest. There is a saying “business – time for fun – one hour”. At least an hour! If you do not take care of yourself, you can burn out very quickly. The nervous system is not set up for constant tension, it must rest.

Irregular work is often an escape from stress. Such a person does not know how to spend his time with something other than work. He gets into it with his head, escaping from problems, for example, the difficult situation in the family. But instead of solving problems and going to a family psychologist, in the end, he just runs to work and sits there at night.

The consequences of this lifestyle are serious.

– Our nervous system works in two phases: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic is the active phase, the parasympathetic is the rest. In a state of stress, the heartbeat speeds up, the pulse speeds up, the blood pressure rises, the blood runs to the extremities and drains from the stomach, and in this state the food is poorly digested. All of this is a direct route to cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal problems. Hence the death from a heart attack. Stress accelerates the level of adrenaline and the person “burns”. Lack of sleep also greatly damages the nervous system to the point of inability to work further. “I’m tired, I can not stand it anymore” is a typical result of working at the limit.

It seems to many that creative work is not as exhausting as it is monotonous. You often hear from directors, actors, musicians, artists that they are busy 12 hours a day and nothing!

“This is an illusion,” says the psychologist. – And a creative person can burn, there is a routine there. It is true that people in such professions can better relax. With monotonous physical work, the concentration of attention decreases, there is a high risk of getting industrial injury. Tired truckers and taxi drivers fall asleep at the wheel, an exhausted worker does not notice that his hand has hit the engine, an exhausted air traffic controller can make a fatal mistake. taxi drivers, And creative people also have reduced concentration, and the process of creation stops. There is a white sheet in front of your eyes when it is impossible to squeeze anything out of yourself.

You can work for wear without temporary overtime. In some companies, it is customary to work without a break, to do many projects at once – it is integrated into the rules of corporate culture. In such an atmosphere, even a normal working day does not save the soul from exhaustion. The constant pressure of time, the tense relations with the superiors, the disturbing environment, the intense rhythm exhaust the body no less than the double work. There are studies that a person can keep the focus of attention 4-5 hours a day. The endless concentration leads to the fact that in the evenings and nights, when the working day is over, the documents continue to fly in front of my eyes. The brain does not rest even at night.

It is necessary to build your limits, advises the psychologist. You have to learn to say “no”, there will be no other choice. Employees who are safe for failure are not valued. Those who are lucky go. Of course, it is easier for coworkers to refuse than for a boss to fire you. Therefore, you should not do it on the front, there are always options.

The other day I called a friend I have not seen forever. “Wait,” he says, “I’ll look at my diary now. No, this week will definitely not work, the next one is also scheduled literally by the hour. Maybe we can call in a month?

The salary is above the market, every month SMS with notification from the bank. She lives for her job. Like a squirrel on a wheel that is constantly spinning, but it is scary to stop – you will fly down.

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