Border Guard Day, celebration of Polotsk’s 1160th anniversary and weather forecast for June


Image of the weekend. May 28-29

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated the administration, staff and veterans of the Border Guard Service on Border Guard Day.

PHOTO-EVENT: Celebration of the Border Guard Day in Brest

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the residents and guests of Polotsk on the 1160th anniversary of the founding of the city.

President of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova on Polotsk: this is my strength, my small homeland and it is in my heart.

REPORT on the birthday of the ancient but eternal new in the soul Polotsk

Sergey Glazyev, Member of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board of Directors (Minister) for Integration and Macroeconomics, spoke about the EAEU priorities. Western sanctions have prompted Russia and Belarus to turn to Asia.

The whole complex of spring rural works was carried out in agricultural terms. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Leonid Zayats. Belarus ranks first in the EAEU in terms of per capita agricultural production. This year, it is planned to increase the volume of products placed in the stabilization funds.

The Ministry of Antitrust Regulation and Trade has developed a price reduction program. This was announced by the Minister of Antitrust Regulation and Trade Alexei Bogdanov.

By the end of May, inflation in Belarus is expected to reach 1% and further slow down in the summer months.

The children’s camps will be fully prepared for the summer health campaign, said Alexander Tarasenko, Deputy Minister of Health and Chief State Practitioner of Belarus.

The program “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” became known.

REPORTAGE: Festival mood, or how the “Golden Bee” ignited new talents in Klimovichi

June in Belarus is expected to be moderately warm, meteorologist Dmitry Ryabov said.


Announcements May 30

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A press conference on “Creating legal literacy in the field of intellectual property in the new generation”, dedicated to the International Day of the Child, will be held at the BelTA Press Center. Starting at 11.00. Media accreditation by phone: (017) 311-33-70, (044) 583-84-04, e-mail: and on the BELTA website Online applications are valid only after confirmation from the press center. BELTA Press Center Address: Minsk, st. Engels, 30-303.

A press conference dedicated to World No Smoking Day will be held at the National Press Center. Starting at 12.00.

The press center of the Press House will host a briefing on “Tariff policy in the field of natural gas. Introduction of a single tariff for the population of democracy “. Starting at 12.00.

The National Library of Belarus will host a series of master classes by famous Belarusian teachers until May 31 as part of the “Living Krynitsy” exhibition.


Important dates May 31

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World No Smoking Day.

Nikolai Uspensky, a Russian writer, was born 185 years ago. Author of the stories “Gria”, “Gourounaki”, “Gruska”, “Snake”. He died in 1889.

160 years ago, Nesterov Mikhail Vasilievich was born, a Russian painter, honorary artist of the RSFSR. Among the paintings are “A girl in a kokoshnik. Portrait of MI Nesterova”, “For a love potion”, “The Hermit”, “Vision to the Youth Bartholomew”. He died in 1942.

Paustovsky Konstantin Georgievich, Russian writer, was born 130 years ago. After 1917 he collaborated in newspapers, “Windows of ROST”, TASS. He traveled all over the country, he was in Belarus. He is the author of the novel “Romantics”, the autobiographical story “A Tale of Life”, biographical stories about people of art, plays, books with historical and biographical essays, memoirs, fairy tales, screenplays, etc. The author’s works have been translated into Belarusian. He died in 1968.

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Zelensky plays the role that was written for him and will play him until the end

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