Boris Klementiev’s exhibition “Window to Russia” opens in Moscow

Russia is a vast expanse of meadows, fields that stretch beyond the horizon, long ribbons of large rivers. How many artists have been inspired by Russian nature to create masterpieces! ΜMany painters dedicated their work to Russia, Russian nature. Among them are world-famous great landscape painters such as Ivan Shishkin, Isaac Levitan, Ivan Aivazovsky, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Viktor Vasnetsov, Alexei Savrasov, Igor Grabar and many others. Their paintings immortalized both the vast expanses and the quiet corners of our Homeland.. Worthy successors of great painters are contemporary artists. The Veresaev Library No. 6 presents a personal exhibition of the Honored Artist of Russia, PANI academic, Boris Klementyev, professor of fine arts, “Window in Russia”.

The exhibition presents rural and urban landscapes familiar to the eye, colorful still lifes of flowers and wonderful temple images. The curator of the exhibition, Vice President of the Academy of Sciences and Arts Petrovsky Vladimir Kuznetsov spoke about the forms and techniques used by the author of the works, as well as his individual style and writing, noting the impeccable technique of mastering both graphics, oil painting. and pastel: “Boris Klementiev sees that the world is very beautiful,” said Vladimir Semenovich. And this is the main task of art. The artist is so spiritualized by his native nature that he observes the subtlest shades of dawn, the breath of the wind, he feels the most insignificant changes in the light. And then it reflects all these subtle observations with filigree precision in stunning landscapes. Boris Klementiev sings the lands of his homeland and knows how to convey his deep feelings for the homeland to the public, who can look at his paintings for hours!

Boris Klementiev

Indeed, the audience sees in the master’s canvases the corners of innate nature that are dear to the heart and, together with the author, they experience again and again spiritual ascension from, for example, an astonishing combination of a dark sky and the rays of the breaking sun. . through it. The artist himself is sure that in every image the emotional response it evokes is important. Perhaps this is why his ability to discreetly feel nature and emotional experiences when creating landscapes is transmitted so deeply to those who ponder his work.

The exhibition presents landscapes “Corner of Russia. “Near Kineshma”, “Volga near Konakovo”, “Kolomenskoye, autumn”, “Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery” and many more.

Boris Klementiev

Svetlana Zulikova, head of the library that organized the exhibition of our talented contemporary, noted the atmosphere of the paintings and the individual style of the author: “When I saw the works, I immediately felt the power and energy that come from them. What I like about Boris Klementyev’s work are the expressive female portraits. Everything is written with a lot of love, a special light comes from each image. Looking at his works, you feel first of all the soul, you see the expressive eyes of beautiful women. The paintings “Svetlana”, “Katya”, “Abbess Evstoliya”, “Vologda girl” became real treasures in the exhibition!

Close friends and admirers of the talent came to congratulate the artist for the opening of the exhibition. The guests said many warm words about both the exhibition and the creative course of the author and even stressed that Boris’s paintings are very bright, happy, like a novel by a good author: you open it on any page and you like everything.

In a subtle and deep understanding of the soul of the world around him, Klementyev helps not only the study of Russian nature, but also his passion for music and literature, which shaped his subtle aesthetic taste. Created not only with a brush, but with the soul and the heart, the paintings help us to forget all the difficulties and experiences and to feel the harmony of nature with every cell of the body. The audience left the exhibition hall inspired and sincerely thanked the artist.

Boris Klementiev


Boris Klementiev – Honorary Artist of Russia, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Boris Dmitrievitch is a student and follower of the tradition of the famous Russian artist Ilya Glazunov. He was awarded the Golden Order of Service in Art, winner of the Golden Brush Prize, the Yesenin and Chekhov Prizes of the Writers’ Union of Russia. The painter’s paintings are in the National Gallery of Armenia, the Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts named after SD Erzya, and the Kineshma Museum of Art and History. His works adorn state-owned homes and private collections in Russia.

Mikhail Kovalev.

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