Cycling routes through beautiful places near Moscow: where to go in the summer of 2022 – Guides

The Moscow region is an incredibly beautiful region. You can admire nature, ancient mansions and churches on bike rides. The RIAMO portal publishes ten interesting routes that are suitable for both beginners and advanced cyclists.

Cycling for beginners village of writers Peredelkino

In the literary village of Peredelkino there are museums of Bulat Okudzhava, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Boris Pasternak and Korney Chukovsky. And here is the residence of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Driving around the village is a pleasure: the routes pass through convenient paths and cars are quite rare.

Nearby is Meshchersky Park, equipped with bike paths and benches – suitable for those just starting out.

Direction: towards Odintsovo

GPS– coordinates: 55.657028, 37.332884; 55.661807, 37.353924

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Lake Kratovskoe, gothic church, Tomilinsky forest park

Another famous village is Kratovo. Mikhail Zostshenko, Sergei Eisenstein, Valentina Talizina, Bulat Okutzawa lived there.

You can start the cycling route from the picturesque Kratovskoe Lake next to the Children’s Railway. Then, bypassing the center of Zukovsky, you can reach the 18th-century estate and look at Vladimir’s famous Pseudo-Gothic church.

The journey ends on the shores of the Volkushinsky quarry, the road to which passes through the dense Tomilinsky Forest Park.

Direction: to Zhukovsky, Lytkarino

GPS– coordinates: 55.587575, 38.159984; 55.610092, 38.058121; 55.597651, 37.903038

Quarries, deer and forest park

There are many amazing reservoirs not far from Moscow. From the quarries in Dzerzhinsky, you can build a scenic route through a forest park and deer farm in the Volkushinsky quarry, which has become a popular summer holiday destination due to its beaches and interesting mountain biking trails.

The hilly-forest landscape that surrounds the reservoir makes this area one of the most attractive for cycling in the Moscow region.

Direction: to Dzerzhinsky

GPS– coordinates: 55.637412, 37.867023; 55.597651, 37.903038

“Russian Parnassos” and a unique “crowned” temple

The route from Moscow will pass through Bitsevsky forest, Butovsky forest park and Dubrovitsky forest. The most beautiful road along the southern suburbs of Moscow will allow you to see three interesting estates at once in a single bike ride.

Initially, on the way you will meet the estate Ostafyevo – “Russian Parnassos”, a real literary pearl, where Pushkin, Gogol and Griboedov lived. The second estate – Dubrovitsy – is remarkable for its stunning “crowned” church. On the way to the Ivanovskoye estate, which was built by the great-uncle of Leo Tolstoy, you can stop at the beach on the Pakhra River, where it will be convenient to dine.

Direction: to Podolsk

GPS– coordinates: 55.495879, 37.501042; 55.441462, 37.493198; 55.434549, 37.521349

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Cycling around Elk Island

Losiny Ostrov is one of the most popular cycling destinations and the closest wildlife sanctuary in Moscow. Horseback riding along the winding Elk River, along the forest paths you can find ecological centers, streams with crystal clear waters and small lakes.

If along the way you do not manage to meet the local owners – elk, then you can go to the bio-station of elk. There, the animals live almost in natural conditions and are willing to come in contact with visitors.

Direction: to Koroleva, Mytishchi

GPS– coordinates: 55.901320, 37.841005; 55.879194, 37.784917

Lochin desert and wild island

This natural monument is located near the Arkhangelskoye estate, from where, by the way, you can start a bicycle trip. You can reach the island via the only bridge, so you have to go along the oxbow lake of the Moscow river through the village of Glukhovo.

On the island’s territory, cyclists have carved two main walking routes: a small circle through the forest and a large one along the river bank, overlooking the Arkhangelskoye estate. During the trip, you will encounter the ancient lake Glukhaya Yama, which is over ten thousand years old.

Direction: towards Krasnogorsk

GPS– coordinates: 55.785543, 37.284229; 55.762106, 37.278123; 55.768532, 37.279562

Travel to Russian Switzerland

For its picturesque hills and incredible nature, the surroundings of Zvenigorod are called “Russian Switzerland”. It was not for nothing that artists Isaac Levitan and Maria Yakunchikova, composer-pianist Sergei Taneev, writers Mikhail Prishvin and Vasily Yanchevetsky sought inspiration here.

The cycling route to one of the most beautiful spiritual monasteries in the Moscow region – the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery – will cross the villages of Barvikha, Petrovo-Dalnee and Palitsy. Along the way you will definitely encounter natural beauties, plains and embankments.

Direction: to Zvenigorod

GPS– coordinates: 55.751420, 37.176552; 55.754966, 36.974840; 55.727539, 36.815615

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Looking for Rainbow Falls

You do not have to go to the mountains to see beautiful waterfalls. The real wonders of nature are close to Moscow and it is not difficult to reach them in a single day.

To find the Rainbow Waterfalls, big bike enthusiasts will have to go southwest of Moscow on the Nara River. On the way, you can stop by Zosima Pustyn and then the famous “Sparrows” bird park.

Direction: to Naro-Fominsk

GPS– coordinates: 55.410437, 36.911695; 55.212142, 36.953838; 55.159247, 36.779376

“In your marks. Caution. A park! ”

The amusement park named after the Hero of Russia Larisa Lazutina is the main green area of ​​the city of Odintsovo. This is the area of ​​the Podushkinsky Les Natural Recreation Complex.

To date, the park covers more than 200 hectares and is the largest park in the Mozhaisk direction. First of all, it is known for the ski-roller track with distances of different lengths.

However, this park is an ideal place not only for skiers, but also for cyclists in the tree canopy.

Direction: towards Odintsovo

GPS– coordinates: 55.690888, 37.249838

Road to the big water

In summer, you often want to make a path that leads to a beautiful pond. The scenic road to the Klyazma reservoir meets these criteria. You can chart a route to it in several ways: from the side of the Moscow Canal, through the adjacent villages or the Pirogovsky Forest Park.

On the routes there are both calm forest paths and asphalt sections, as well as steep ascents that only trained cyclists can endure.

Direction: to Mytishchi, Dolgoprudny

GPS– coordinates: 55.947404, 37.711325; 55.987305, 37.630966

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