Ecologists’ Day at the Darwin Museum 2022

On June 4, 2022, the Darwin Museum invites you to a program dedicated to Ecologist Day. The “EcoMoskva” multimedia center will be open for visits all day. The “Red Book of Moscow”, the “Forest Birds of Moscow and Moscow Region” and other environmental computer programs will introduce you to the nature of your homeland.

Ecologists’ Day at the Darwin Museum 2022

Nature is the best artist, the most talented sculptor, the most unsurpassed architect and the most refined designer. We offer to make sure of this during the holidays of the Ecologist Day. The program includes master classes on drawing in water and making jewelry from natural materials, a demonstration session dedicated to the living aquatic inhabitants of the Moscow region and lessons on “silent hunting”. In addition, you can play board games and make flower paintings.


«EcoTropa» 10+

You can cross it on the ecological path of the Darwin Museum. Made on the izi platform. TRAVEL and is dedicated to the animals and plants of our ecological path. The mission is small but informative.

Using the map and browser, you need to find 11 key points and answer the question correctly in each of them. Each subsequent point opens on the map with the correct answer to the question in the previous point. Those who pass the mission will receive a small but nice prize.

Help program

“What the trees are silent” 10+

Traveling along the ecological path of the Darwin Museum, you can not only admire the flowering plants, but also learn interesting information about the trees of our city. The QR tags at the entrance of the path will help you get to the program page.

Free tour

“Plants in the city” 6+

Those who wish to know the ecological route of the museum gather at 15:00 at the entrance of the main building of the museum.

Ecologists' Day at the Darwin Museum 2022
Ecologists’ Day at the Darwin Museum 2022

Session demonstration

“Live inhabitants of the Moscow reservoirs” 6+

We present you the summer version of the course. Fish, frogs, insect larvae and adult aquatic invertebrates. The smaller aquatic inhabitants can be considered under magnification. The lesson is also interesting because it is never possible to say in advance which aquatic animals they will be able to catch to date. It is new every time.

Interactive lessons

“Knowledge of nature” 6+

At 12:30

A combination of courses for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. In the lesson, you will learn what the bites of a beaver, elk and common bulb look like, why bark beetles “paint” patterns on the bark of trees, what squirrels and woodpeckers leave behind, how the legs of a lynx, wolf and weasel are captured.

Imagine yourself in a cozy warm nest of an ordinary grouse, a well-camouflaged tea nest or a strong collective nest of nomia bees. We will also find out if the turtle shell is home, if there are guppies and piranhas in Moscow and if it is possible to eat fish caught in the Moscow River.

Ecologists' Day at the Darwin Museum 2022
Ecologists’ Day at the Darwin Museum 2022

“Mushroom Lukoshko” 6+

At 1:30 p.m.

The hunting season has begun. Morel and line lovers have already picked the first mushroom harvest. Now “advanced mushroom pickers” across the country are collecting from 50 to 1000 species of mushrooms. But until recently, just over a century ago, about 10 species of mushrooms were harvested. On the table fell white, boleto, boleto, crocus mushrooms, milk mushrooms, boletus, kale.

These mushrooms are relatively easily absorbed by our body. The modern mushroom collector wants to know more about edible mushrooms. The heavy loads in the forest, the trampling led to the fact that there were fewer traditional mushrooms.

The researcher of our museum will present both the traditional guests of the mushroom and no less delicious representatives of the kingdom of mushrooms. Thanks to the copies made from real mushrooms, it will be possible to see all the signs of fruiting bodies that can help distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones.

Master classes

“Treasures under your feet” 6+

When walking in the parks of Moscow, you do not always notice the gifts of nature under your feet. Our employees will share the secrets on how to make the simplest jewelry from Manchuria and black walnuts. The skills acquired in the master class will allow you to make more complex products at home.

Front 6+

Water painting gives you the opportunity to realize yourself in the creative field, to feel like an artist and to get real satisfaction from art. The images always turn out to be unusual, each movement with a spike or comb creates a unique image. Painting Ebru as an art will give you pleasure, you will be able to imagine without limits.

Ecologists' Day at the Darwin Museum 2022
Ecologists’ Day at the Darwin Museum 2022


“Birds of the homeland” 6+

Exciting games for the whole family with the beginning of “memory (pairs)” games will allow players to get acquainted with the mushrooms and birds of their homeland, to remember their appearance and names.

“Ezhnaya Truth” 6+

One of the typical inhabitants of the forest is the hedgehog. He is the hero of many fairy tales and myths. What is true in his life and what is false, should be known to the participants in the game.

Save the Planet 6+

Our guest is Copernicus Snail magazine. The staff of the magazine offers to play a great card game based on strategy and collaboration. Participants must solve environmental problems in different natural areas and do so faster than the pollution “reaches” to the end of their journey.

Artist workshop

“One chamomile, two chamomiles” 0+

Fans of the design are offered coloring pages with plants of their homeland. Chess hazelnuts, women’s slipper, adonis, popovnik, yellow iris and other plants await new artists.

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