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The picnic season has arrived and many people rush to the forest, river or lake to have a picnic, sit with family and friends on the grass, have a barbecue, fish soup or just a sandwich: everything is so much more delicious in the fresh air! We asked celebrities: how often do they go on picnics, what do they cook in nature?

Evelina Blendans: “It is emotion and enjoyment!”

Evelina Blendans. Photo: Global Look Press

– Of course we go! We are still on a picnic, admitted Evelina Blendans.

“But does not the bad weather spoil the picnic fun this year?”

There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. We are still in the forest. We took with us a chicken, young garlic, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes … We laid them all on a clearing – and we ate too much! Sema loves an active lifestyle, nature. And my parents taught me from a young age.

My sister and I always went hiking, cooked food on the fire: boiled fish soup or made meat with potatoes. We loved it very much and until today when we come to the Crimea we go out on a picnic, already grown up, with our children. And we are very happy with that! Because outdoor food is a completely different taste. It is emotion and pleasure!

Maria Kozhevnikova: “Delicious tea and sandwiches”

Maria Kozhevnikova.  Photo: Global Look Press
Maria Kozhevnikova. Photo: Global Look Press

– When we live outside the city, we can go to the forest, spend time there, eat. But all this in a simple way, without any special training. We take with us some delicious tea, sandwiches. But we do not have such a thing to go to the forest for the whole day, with a bag full of products.

For example, in the summer we often go to the forest with our children to pick berries – they like it, they compete to see who can pick the most. And we often pick mushrooms. And we take some light snacks with us – because we leave for a long time, sometimes for five or six hours.

Valentina Rubtsova: “Pizza near the sea, set a picnic for you”

Valentina Rubtsova.  Photo: personal file
Valentina Rubtsova. Photo: personal file

“Oh, the only time in my life was a picnic – in early childhood,” Valentina Rubtsova replied. – We went out in the forest zone, spread a blanket and spread all that – radishes, cucumbers, boiled potatoes … But now – no. We live by the sea, and we love comfort and culture, we eat at home, everything is clean. And in nature … Well, we can buy a pizza for a child, sit somewhere near the sea, here is a picnic for you.

Edgard Zapashny: barbecue at home for friends

Edgard Zapasni.  Photo: Global Look Press
Edgard Zapasni. Photo: Global Look Press

As a kid, I used to go to picnics only. We had a good tradition: dad with a large group, with families went out in nature, there they organized games, lightning … And the last ten or fifteen years – just a picnic at home, a barbecue. The guests come to us, my friend Fedor Emelianenko (Russian athlete, MMA fighter, four-time world champion in mixed martial arts – ed.) Comes with the athletes, we warm up the bath, we all relax together.

– And why, do you think, did the wonderful tradition that you remember from your childhood disappear in your family – to go to nature with a large group of friends?

– Yes, my brother and I are very busy. They undertook a lot of social work. The Public Council under the Ministry of Culture, the Presidential Council of Culture and Arts, and now I have joined the Public Council of the Ministry of Defense … It is now six o’clock at night, and I am still in the circus, and I will definitely be here for two or three hours.

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya: “Pilaf Fest” on the banks of the Moscow River

Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.  Photo: Boris Kudryavov / Express Gazeta
Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. Photo: Boris Kudryavov / Express Gazeta

– About a year ago I met amazing people – now my closest friends who live in a legendary place – in Nikolina Gora (this is the 22nd kilometer of the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway). Since the 1920s, Nikolina Gora has been a dacha center for science and art workers, and their descendants love these traditions.

So, my acquaintance with them started right after an invitation to the traditional annual picnic – Pilaf Fest, which traditionally takes place on the banks of the Moscow River at the pension Lesnye Dali and ends at the legendary bar Pumba. Traditionally, they cook delicious pilaf and listen to “live” music. This event does not depend on the weather – traditions are above all.

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