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According to the Ural Chamber of Real Estate, which studied 11 new landmark buildings in downtown Yekaterinburg in the first quarter of this year, the average cost of business and elite apartments with an area of ​​about 200 sq.m. meters is an average of 48.7 million rubles. A year ago, such high-priced apartments were roughly comparable in price to low-rise elite real estate. Now, however, the former have risen in price, which has given market participants a reason to talk about their overestimation, as well as the devaluation of cottages and mansions being built in urban areas.

– More recently, this would seem nonsense, but today a large apartment in the center of Yekaterinburg already costs an average of 250 thousand rubles per square meter. At the same time, in the Chusovsky Trakt area (it happened that the majority of wealthy people live here), it is possible to build a detached house or mansion at a price close to 100 thousand rubles per “square”, ie 2.5 times cheaper, plus a plot of land , in essence – as a gift, – says the director of the construction company “Meteorite” (Yekaterinburg) Andrey Klimanov. – Thus, in the holiday village Obraztsovo, which we created, ready-made mansions with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters are for sale. meters at a price of about 30 million rubles. There are also projects for the construction of large individual houses of 50 million for 500 “squares” with plots of 20 acres.

Limited Edition Real Estate

The dilemma of “a luxury apartment in the center or a country house in the city” can hardly be called the fashion of the rich. Many affluent families with three or more children try to solve this problem on their own. Market conditions are such that the most expensive square meter is located in one-room apartments and therefore it is advantageous for developers to rent high-rise buildings with the maximum number of small apartments. Many new buildings do not have four-room apartments at all. For large families it is recommended to buy two or three apartments and their combination. But this is a long and difficult path, buyers do not want to deal with regeneration.

Apartments with an area of ​​200 meters or more, including two-storey buildings, usually appear only on the upper floors of elite complexes in the city center, with the best views of the surrounding area. As a result, such properties automatically fall into the elite category. Hence the crazy prices. As you can see, large families have almost no choice. Or is there anyway? Consider the example of the same holiday village Obraztsovo – one of the few located in the city.

Meteorit started construction in Obraztsovo 15 years ago. The idea was that people working in the city would live here: the center is only 20 minutes away. The settlement is located in one of the closest to the center of the Yekaterinburg area available from the general development plan for low-rise buildings. In contrast to suburban settlements, Obraztsovo is considered one of the urban housing estates, but at the same time has a significant advantage over high-rise buildings – a comfortable life on the ground, surrounded by nature, with opportunities for relaxation.

“Due to the fact that the price of new homes in Obraztsovo has not risen in the last year, many families who used to care for large apartments in the city center are now turning to us,” said Andrey Klimanov. – No matter how beautiful, organized and comfortable the apartment, the entrance, the yard and, for example, the “built-in gym” can be, one way or another – on the weekends a person tends to leave the city for nature – in the forest, in the reservoir, in the springs of living primordial beauty. During the creation of Obraztsovo, we started to preserve the forest, so that residents can return from work to their homes every day, in a landscaped corner of nature with their own home. We have already built about a hundred houses in the village, there is room for the construction of another 50 objects – and finally. It is important to understand that this type of real estate in Yekaterinburg will probably not appear again. It’s like a limited edition product. It will be sold and will no longer be produced. Obraztsovo is a residential area of ​​Yekaterinburg, located near Chusovsky Street in a forested area. Two minutes drive to “Mega” and quite close to the city center.

The developer does not sell land in Obraztsovo without a contract, offers a whole product, made in the same style chalet (a building with a sloping roof made of natural materials, characterized by comfort, atmosphere of calm and relaxation). The infrastructure of the village is represented by such recreational facilities as a membranous pond with a park of aquatic plants (2.7 hectares), playgrounds, street lighting with lanterns. A mini golf course is being prepared for operation, an artificial river has been designed, along which you can take leisurely walks.

The company Meteorit conducted a study comparing the load at the general improvement facilities in the center of Yekaterinburg and in Obraztsovo. It turned out that in the residential complexes of the central part of the city, as comfortable as it is, this number is about 2,000-2,500 people per acre. In Obraztsovo, taking into account all the sites, sidewalks and paths, the load should be about 50 people per hectare, taking into account the settlement of the village to 100% in the near future. The difference is an order of magnitude.

The village is a community

Developer Obraztsovo offers two types of real estate: ready-made mansions and individual residential buildings designed for the specific needs of future residents. According to the director of “Meteorite”, the company’s customers mainly choose projects with houses with an area of ​​about 500 square meters. meters, including all non-residential areas (garage, sauna with pool, billiard room, etc.):

“People are trying to use all the opportunities that life has to offer on earth. Any apartment in a high-rise building is built on the basis of external walls; it can not be increased in any way. An individual house has no boundaries, they can be arranged on the project as you wish. A person living in an apartment is deprived of some opportunities. For example, he can not store an ATV in an apartment, but he can store it in a house if he has built an extensive garage. Hence the request for a large area of ​​the house.

And with all that, it does not cost more than a 200-meter apartment in the center of Yekaterinburg. In addition, an important incentive to enter into new contracts, in our opinion, is now the existence of a mortgage program agreed with Sberbank. Applies to both ready-made mansions and private homes, which can be built in Obraztsovo on plots registered on the property. This is a good option when it is not very convenient for a person to raise and raise a significant amount of money without disrupting part of his financial process.

Homeowners in Obraztsovo are already actively enjoying all the benefits of city life, but in a natural landscape. The following is a critique of the Meteorite company written by one of the first inhabitants of the village: “Several years ago I moved into my house. My wife and I went to this decision for a long time, but it turned out that even he himself came up with the name of the village. So, fate – we decided and bought a house here. The place is wonderful – just 7 km from the city center, in a pine forest, there are birches, firs, firs, alders, there are even lindens. We started living on the weekends, after Friday through Monday, then we took root here completely. They equipped the area, the lawn, they built a bath. Gradually he met neighbors, became friends with many. Our fences are low on the outside, transparent on the inside – so you can see your neighbors and have visual freedom. With one, my namesake, they also built a common gate to be a guest faster, so that the children can run quickly across another street. We are friends with families, we go to baths and hammams in turn, hookah, backgammon, we share plans, we joke, we go for mushrooms in his fooled UAZ in such wild that it takes your breath away, and the mushrooms do not get in the bucket – such a small neighborly happiness. Friends often come to relax with their souls, go to the bath and grill meat, dive in the snow and ice in winter, play hockey and swim in the clear pond in summer. They always say honestly to the staff: they are good to you, invite more often!

An important factor is the village community, which is shaped by a specific way of life. Such a community is not created immediately, for example, after the installation of a high-rise new building and the neighbors in high-rise buildings practically do not intersect, except that they meet for a minute in an elevator. And here is an example of how the “community of souls” is maintained in the village. During the pandemic, the company Meteorite cleared part of the forest path leading from Obraztsovo to the Mega shopping center from a windshield and debris, so that the villagers can take walks in nature. The residents liked this project so much that they took the initiative to organize a working day in the community and clean another part of the trail. As a result, about 50 people with ATVs and trailers gathered. We worked together effectively, because for us. They took out about 240 cubic meters of garbage, and how many other such joint events are there in the village! General holidays, sports football, volleyball, tennis, boce…

By choosing real estate in Obraztsovo, the family makes not only financial but also intangible investments. Here, children grow up without social negativity, for whom there is always something to do, who have peer friends in their neighbors. For them, the values ​​of the family home and the village community are unquestionable. As you can see, the dilemma of “luxury apartment in the center or cottage in the city” is associated, among other things, with the choice of lifestyle.

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