ProReutov – The annual All-Russian Campaign “Library Night” took place in Reutov

The annual All-Russian “Library Night” campaign took place in Reutov

This year, the traditional Pan-Russian “Library Night” of May was dedicated to the themes of folk art, traditions and the intangible cultural heritage of our country. One of the main venues for the action in Reutov on May 26 was the central library on Lenin Street. The event took place in the context of the party works of the party “United Russia”, “City Libraries” and “Historical Memory”.

Before the main events of the “Library Night” at the library began, a member of the United Russia faction in the Reutov Council of Representatives, Alexander Mogresov, congratulated the librarians of the city on their May holiday holidays. 27. He noted that libraries in our country have been and remain popular and sought after by people of all ages for centuries. They have become attractions for children and adults, turning them into truly multifunctional centers for the most interesting cultural events. The annual “Library Night” event is one of the main such events of the year, on behalf of all members of the party’s local branch, Mogresov greeted the participants.

“Today I am glad to take part in an informative and very interesting traditional action with you on the walls of our beautiful library. During it, I’m sure many of you will learn something new about our folk traditions and culture. It is especially gratifying to see that there are many children and young people among the participants of this “Night Library”, Mogresov noted.

According to Svetlana Borisova, director of the Reutov Central Library system, this year the annual “Library Night” event became the eleventh in a row and has its own motto – “Unity in Diversity”, which became a real action guide for preparation of the action. The participants were offered at the same time many different forms of communication and immersion in the world of folk art and intangible cultural heritage.

– First of all, we have prepared several interesting exhibitions for the visitors of the Library Night. One of them – “Folk Artistic Crafts” – presents excellent books and magazines from the library collection. And the second exhibition is a kind of mini-museum, which contains authentic objects of ancient household utensils and folk art. In addition, the participants in our “Library Night” will see a presentation on folk arts, traditions and art and immediately after will be able to take part in a quiz on the same subject, as well as in master classes where he can learn how to make a horse with a golden mane from threads and patches, small dolls on the shore. And, of course, today we will have a tea party with dryers and buns, where the participants of “Biblionoch” will be able to share their impressions and wishes for the future among themselves and with us.

Looking at the exhibition of household utensils once used by our grandparents, Alexander Mogreshov remarked:

– In my grandmother’s house, born in 1912, there was also a spinning wheel, and as a child I really liked burning and carving wood, I loved reading the works of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Now my grandson and granddaughter are also not indifferent to our Russian culture: the granddaughter was involved in folk art – she sewed, knitted and made dolls and the grandson, although still quite young, already loves the folk songs sung by his grandmother.

The small museum of ancient utensils of the library contains very interesting exhibits, such as cast iron, plates, samovar, clay toys, painted wooden boards, tongs to take ready-made dishes from a Russian oven.

– Many of what you see here, my family inherited from my grandmother. We have kept it carefully. The staff of the library gave us something for this exhibition, the readers gave us something, so we created this exhibition “, says Svetlana Borisova and leads us to the showcase with the exhibits. Do you see this washing machine? Actually, this is an old washing machine, but with the help of this old item, a ruble, linen is wrapped after washing without an iron,

until soft. The rubel also helped to squeeze the rest of the water, the process of using it was also incorporated among the people in the proverb “Not by washing, so by scrolling”.

Volunteer Maya Turovskaya was among the active participants in the library night this year. She, together with the library staff, prepared and conducted an interesting quiz for the young participants in the action. The questions in it were dedicated to different types of folk art.

“We are educating children based on our Russian culture,” Maya said proudly. – In a quiz and a short video presentation, today we told the children about folk arts such as the games Khokhloma, Gzhel, Gorodets, Zhostovo records and consolidated this information into answers to questions. For example, I myself love Gzhel very much, this is my favorite folk craft, at home there is even a small collection of wonderful porcelain sets with blue painting on a white background – teapots, mugs, plates … Every handmade work is always a pleasure!

After the results of the library night at the Reutov Central Library, Alexander Mogreshov stressed that now much in our culture, art and even everyday life is beginning to return to normal: people began to pay more attention to their ancestral heritage , tend to do a lot with their hands, to make embroidery, folk crafts, to run their own household, to cook healthy food according to old recipes, which is much healthier than the imported new dishes and products.

According to Mogreshov, members of the local branch of United Russia, in the context of the party projects Historical Memory and City Libraries, are ready to continue to pay special attention to the educational activities of libraries and other cultural institutions, actively participating in events dedicated to culture and traditions of our place. vast country, handed down from generation to generation.

Zinaida Geidelman

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