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Monday 30 May is the 150th day of 2022, there are 215 days remaining until the new year 2023.

In Baranovichi Sunrise – at 04.58astronomical noon – at 13.14, sunset – at 21.30day length – 16.32the length of the night – 07.28.

Moon phase: Fourth quarter, waning moon.

Day description: We must take into account the fact that today is the most dangerous of all the difficult days of the lunar month.

Personality effect: Darkness thickens, people weaken, energy is depleted. Increased nervous tension, accumulation of stress, as well as depressed mood, stress and decreased general tone are possible.

Business and money: One of the most unfavorable days for work – it is likely that any business will be rejected. Trade agreements will also not be successful. Postpone negotiations: all words, decisions and promises today are empty and misleading. You should not waste your energy and start new things, it is better to postpone them. Today, too, you should not complete the business you started earlier, because you may make a fatal mistake or fall into a series of bad luck. Avoid signing important documents. Do not carry large sums of money with you.

Health: The impact on health these days is also not easy. Body cleansing is recommended. It is helpful to observe fasting, temperance, humility, and repentance. Food should consist mainly of pastries – pies, pancakes, other flour products. and it will be very good if they are baked in your house. Before going to bed, it is useful to cleanse the body with water, keep your feet in very cold water.

HAIRCUT: The moon says today is not the best time to cut hair.

Affinities: In general, the situation of the day is very nervous, it contributes to the appearance of various quarrels, disagreements, disagreements, scandals, conflicts, as well as the presence of hostility, anger, rage, envy and other negative events and emotions. If the situation is heating up, then it would make more sense to stop in time. It may be that today’s controversy will last for years. False connections must be cut off, annoying people and annoying thoughts must be banished.

Marriage: Bad time to get married. Try to postpone the wedding day, because in a day or two a new lunar cycle will begin and you will be able to choose a more favorable time.

Birthday: For people born on this day, life goes on in constant struggle and search. To enter the happy path of fate, they must go through all the illusions, “fill all the blows” and escape from them all with dignity. If this succeeds, such people are destined for peace and longevity.

General recommendations: We must take care of reliable protection from the complex actions of the day. It is good that the light burns brightly throughout the house and that there is not a single dark corner. It is recommended to limit yourself to food, to abstain from sex. It is necessary to expel the annoying and empty people who “crawl in the soul” like that. Before going to bed, take a shower, imagining how the water washes away any extraterrestrial, bad and dark energy from you.

Warnings: This day, even mentally, you can not make plans and, in addition, start something new. It is better to do simple daily chores related to the house and the household. You can not believe promises, rumors or predictions for the future – a fog of deception wanders around.

Dreams: Dreams these lunar days can be scary, difficult and unpleasant, but, fortunately, they are often deceptive.

What a holiday it is today

  • National Potato Day

Nameday. Name day May 30 Akulina, Semyon, Gabriel, Nikolai, Vasily, Dmitry, Joseph. Congratulations today on Angels Day.

What not to do on May 30th. You can not negotiate and make an appointment. You can not make big purchases, be exposed to any negativity and quarrel. You can not eat too much and abuse alcohol. It is not recommended to carry out important projects.

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