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About 20% of VkusVill’s corporate customers are catering companies.

VkusVill has a dedicated department that works with legal entities and sole proprietors. About 30 types of companies work with us, including retail and convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, gyms, pharmacy chains, cinemas, gas stations in various parts of Russia.

Restaurants and cafes are increasingly choosing VkusVill as their permanent supplier – in just six months the number of B2B partners has grown to 200.

According to Chef Elena Lande, the smooth running of a restaurant or cafe depends on the regularity of deliveries and the quality of the products delivered.

A good supplier for a restaurant is fresh high quality products, financial delay, timely delivery, timely approval of replacements. Unfortunately, there are few suppliers on the market right now, and it is very difficult to find a maximum good and affordable one. And if you have already found one, then try to build a long-term relationship.

Elena Lande


What cafes buy from VkusVill

Our partners in the field HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering – catering services) make an average of 3 orders per week for an amount, a check – about 3,000 rubles. The VkusVilla B2B team adapts to every request and scale: it can deliver a mango or provide the restaurant with all the dishes on the menu. One of the advantages for VkusVill B2B partners is the ability to place small daily orders, but at the same time reduce additional logistics costs.

Among the most popular products we sell monthly in cafes and restaurants:

  • Milk – 1500 pieces
  • Avocado – over 100 kg
  • Berries – 500 packs
  • Spinach salad – 200 packs
  • Mango – 300 kg
  • Pie – 400 pieces
  • “Strachatella” cheese – 300 pieces
  • “Halloumis” cheese for frying – 200 pieces

Vegetable milk is one of the most popular products now: cafes buy about 500,000 liters a month. Vegetable milk – almond, oatmeal and rice – is made for VkusVill by the Soyuzpishprom Association, one of the three largest farms in the Southern Urals. He is the only one in Russia who makes milk from cereals, not from flour. The employees of the company joke that they are “milking the wheat”.

Why customers value the individual approach

When working with B2B partners, VkusVill takes an individual approach. For each customer, we create a range of products that will suit him. For example, VkusVill offers vegetable and animal milk cafes, fresh pastries, desserts and ready-made cuisine, Asian restaurants – fresh fish and seafood.

VkusVill is constantly looking for manufacturers of products suitable for cafes and restaurants. For example, it already works with producers of parmesan with truffles according to a family Italian recipe, salt with Provencal herbs, thermostatic cream suitable for borscht, fresh pasta for lovers of Italian cuisine. VkusVill also forms a team of manufacturers who supply products in special large packages for convenience and to reduce the purchase price for customers. Among such products: pasta 3-5 kg ​​each, cheese heads, soft cheeses in buckets, butter, cottage cheese, stratsiatella, frozen berries, mango, shrimp in a block, poured on ice.

Among our partners there are those who order almost everything at VkusVille. For example, the VITAE cafe in Kovrov recorded a record number of online orders in 20 weeks. Employees each afternoon make a list of products that will be required for tomorrow and place an order. In the morning, the courier brings everything you need to the cafe and the chefs start cooking. The cafe does not have a large grocery store: they buy as much as they need. According to the founder Ilya Markelov, in contrast, cooperation with suppliers is always a large market of products that are difficult to use in a short time, because of which quality suffers.

VkusVille always has high quality, fresh products and updated prices. I tried to work with wholesalers, vegetable bases, the market. Many offer vegetables and fruits from their bed, but I refuse. He does not like the unstable pricing, the problems of underweight and the constant risk of being deceived. From all over the VkusVill collection, my favorites are the Mesklam salad and the frozen chicken breast. Most of my coffee salads contain Mesklam leaves and at home I use this blend all the time, adding ingredients according to inspiration.

Ilya Markelov

Founder of the cafe “VITAE” in Kovrov

Now, as a rule, customers communicate with the brand themselves. Learn about the possibility of collaboration from colleagues, associates and friends. The story of Daria Zabolotskaya, a market manager at the Cheese Factory restaurant in Nizhny Novgorod, is just one such example.

I urgently needed some kind of goods that could not be found anywhere, a colleague advised me to try VkusVill. Similar products or similar can not be found on other trading platforms. Also note the good quality. VkusVill, as far as I know, is one of the first in our city to promote healthy products, which is important when choosing products.

Fast delivery, convenient application for self-checkout. Ability to monitor the right balance, polite staff (if there are changes in the order, they will definitely inform you by phone during assembly). Convenient, as for me, bookkeeping: everything is in electronic form. There have never been any complaints. Employees do their job and as a customer, stability and efficiency are very important to me“.

VkusVill stores operate in 62 cities, and free delivery is provided even in the smallest settlements with a population of less than 850 people. The B2B team works with partners even in those cities and countries where there are no stores and dark stores in the network. You can learn more about working with Vkusvill for business on our website: https://vkusvill.ru/b2b/

How to become a VkusVill Business Partner?

– Sign an agreement with VkusVill

– Online document management connection

– Order discounted products in your account or through a personal administrator

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