Yakut’s experience in fighting forest fires is considered exemplary – YSIA

This year, Yakutia prepared as much as possible for the fire season

Yakutia has an earoily experience and specialization in forest firefighting, today the Yakut experience is considered exemplary and can be reproduced. In addition, Yakutia is the instigator of federal firefighting initiatives. For what transformations have taken place – in the review of HSIA.

Positive experience

Last year’s difficult but undoubtedly successful experience of democracy made it possible to make some proposals that will change the forest legislation. These changes will make possible not only the most successful fight against forest fires, but also, most importantly, their prevention. said the head of the district Aisen Nikolaev during a meeting on firefighting held on May 10 under the chairmanship of the President of Russia.

“President of Russia Vladimir Putin underlined that it is the leaders of the regions who are obliged to extinguish the forest fires and the target indicator with which it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of fire prevention and the reduction of their extent for each region and the country as a whole will be determined by a presidential decree. Offers Aisena Nikolaeva will enable the most effective achievement of the goals set by the President of the Russian Federation. In this respect, the proposal to use artificial rainfall not only to extinguish fires, but also to reduce the category of fire risk in forests is relevant. “This proposal aims to overcome the critical situation, demonstrates a modern, innovative approach to solving a rather traditional problem.” – noted earlier in a comment to HSIA an important specialist in public-private partnerships from the ANO “Specialized Center-Office of Projects for Arctic Development (PORA)”, – Alexander Vorotnikov.

The expert is also impressed by other proposals by the leader of the republic, in particular by initiatives to modify the criteria for introducing interregional and federal emergencies and to change the criteria for introducing emergencies in specially protected natural areas.

This year, thanks to the increase in funding, as well as firefighting staff, Yakutia has prepared as much as possible for the fire season. In addition, ahead of schedule, an aircraft flew over the area to cause artificial rainfall, which will operate here all summer. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare for the tense development of the situation related to the occurrence of natural fires, in order to be aware.

Public Consolidation

The leadership of democracy in a critical difficult period managed to consolidate the political sector, various sections of the population. We remind you that the Public Volunteer Headquarters was established on July 18 and operated from July 19 to August 27, 2021. During this period, the headquarters sent 1268 volunteers to put out forest fires in the territory of our republic.

Volunteers from other subjects of the Russian Federation took part in the fight against the elements: from Moscow, Togliatti, Ufa, Perm, Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kamchatka. During the work of the headquarters, voluntary donations of more than 38 million rubles were received in its account.

The Yakutia authorities have taken a very responsible approach to the issue of rebuilding the fire-damaged village of Byas-Kyuel in the Gorny region of the republic. Within a few weeks, more than 2.7 thousand square meters of living space were built. An entire “Keskil” micro-district was rebuilt, the quality of construction was personally checked and satisfied by the Vice President of the Russian Federation – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trunev.

“It is gratifying that in just 2.5 months a lot of work has been done, 34 new houses have been built. The houses were built in the same area as they were. There are no complaints or comments from people. I want to thank the leadership of the democracy, the company ALROSA and all those who participated in the restoration of the village. Today we can say that the village has been restored “. noted Yuri Trutnev during a trip to the village in November last year.

It should be noted that last August, during a working visit, Yuri Trutnev personally learned about the situation in the village of Byas-Kyuel, in the Gorny region, where more than 30 residential buildings were burnt by a natural fire and checked the progress of restoration work.

With care for the environment

The authorities of the democracy are concerned about the ecology of the region, the restoration of the forests that have been affected by the fires. The head of Yakutia earlier announced the strengthening of reforestation work. The capacity of the existing forest nurseries is not sufficient to cover the entire area that died from forest fires. Therefore, the option of creating a new forest nursery with an annual production of planting material of up to 10 million plants per year is being considered.

“In the past, nature itself was restored, but at the same time, one can not rely on nature, especially after such forest fires. We live in a different century and the attitude towards nature must be different. Therefore, we will intensify the work for the creation of nurseries. Now we are talking about opening a third large nursery. Most likely, we will develop it under Yakutia ASEZ, the former Kangalassy ASEZ in order to reforest democracy more actively. – noted Aisen Nikolaev.

There are now two forest nurseries in Yakutia – in the Olekminskiy and Namskiy districts. Compensatory reforestation is also done by underground users. In total, in the last two years, more than 4.2 thousand hectares of forest have been restored by tenants of forest plots with artificial and combined methods.

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