ALROSA became a partner of the environmental campaign “Nature and Us”

In Yakutsk, the results of the anniversary environmental campaign “Nature and Us”, which took place under the banner of the All-Russian Year of Science and the Year of Health in the region, were summarized. As part of the campaign, more than two thousand environmental events took place, attended by thousands of Yakut people from various parts of the democracy in full-time and online formats. This year, the environmental action was supported by ALROSA, according to HSIA.

The environmental action started on April 22 and included various activities to promote the protection of the environment: online quizzes, master classes, competitions, teaching hours in educational institutions, lessons in kindergartens, quests, screenings of films and films, Internet Olympics, events clearing of rubble forest and landscaping areas. All of these were timed to coincide with important dates for the conservation and protection of ecology and nature. Active schools, kindergartens, municipalities, large companies and subsoil users took part in the action.

In a festive atmosphere today, the winners of the competitions “Greening the areas”, “The best project for environmental initiatives”, “The best project for environmental monitoring of water projects”, the best municipalities, preschools and educational institutions, supplementary education institutions, the best school environment were awarded. , state inspector, museum, library and other institutions whose activities are aimed at environmental education. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, the event took place in a face-to-face manner in compliance with health requirements.

Thus, the winner of the “Ecoblogger” candidacy was the head of the ecological project “Garbage in a cube” Sakhayana Khoyutanova.

“Our work is an art installation in the form of a transparent glass cube. Its purpose is to make every person who passes by the object think about how to start living in an environmentally friendly way, and this is not so difficult. The name of the project means that we decided to build the garbage problem not in a square, but in a cube. We have specially selected a family that for a certain period of time collects its dry garbage and dumps it in our cube. Thus, the cube is a mini-polygon. Next, we will select a share of recyclables from the total volume of garbage and place it again in the cube, which will already be half empty. “We want to show that if every person follows an ecological way of life, then our cube will be empty,” said the environmental activist. The art object is now located in the Yakutsk city culture and leisure park.

The city of Vilyuysk became the best ecological municipality, where this year was declared the Year of Ecological Initiative and Gardening.

“All the residents of the city, MPs, public organizations of the company worked precisely to promote a healthy lifestyle and ecology. We planted many trees, including apple trees, created a free eco-park for children where we keep pets and improved the playgrounds and the city park. “But the biggest project in the city of Vilyuysk was done to clean scrap metal,” said Nyurgustan Afanasyev, the mayor of the city.

Collaborators of the action this year were the diamond mining company ALROSA and the Environmental Security Fund of the Far East. According to Ladimir Argunov, Head of the Department of Labor with the State Authorities of ALROSA, the development of the environmental education and enlightenment system is one of the most important areas of work for the company’s environmentalists. The success of many companies in the field of environmental protection is linked to the expansion of knowledge about environmental problems, the participation of active and caring people in the environmental movement. For this reason the company supports the activities of the Far East Environmental Security Fund.

He also reminded that ALROSA constantly monitors the natural environment in the production and adjacent areas, allocating more than 90 million rubles annually for it.

“The monitoring aims to study the soil, the atmosphere, the air, the surface and the groundwater. For these purposes, the company attracts five of its own accredited laboratories, as well as Yakutia Science Centers and leading institutes in Russia. In addition, ALROSA regularly organizes important environmental events: study of the migration of reindeer by crushing, storage in rivers and lakes with fish and much more. In total, the company implements about 500 social projects and environmental initiatives annually, allocating about 8% of its annual revenue to them as part of the global Diamond Help program, Argunov said.

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