“Boiling point” – drama that boils within the limits of a frame

On May 26, a new film by the recent debutant Phil Barantini was released in Russia. Encouraged by the success of his short film, the director finally shows the viewer the full version of his difficult plan. The fact that not only in the kitchen it is important to carefully monitor the boiling temperature, he says Sofia Sengelia.


A talented but miserable chef almost according to the program opens the doors of his small facility. The flights of a non-flashing camera will not neglect any of the difficulties of the restaurant that will fall into its fate for tonight.


For the first time, Phil Barantini’s name appeared on the long lists of the cast of Band of Brothers, Chernobyl or the very recent Night Calls, and his first directorial work, Villain, did not arouse much interest in the film community. However, the “Boiling Point” manages to achieve much greater success. In 2019, Barantini is screening a short film of the same name at the Manchester Film Festival and is receiving funding to make a feature film that will be an extended version of the story told in the past.

Andy Jones (played by Steven Graham) is a moderately successful but tired chef. Problems haunt him in both his personal and professional life and he does not even dream of peace – the protagonist also has a rather strained relationship with sleep. The camera meets him on the outskirts of the restaurant, which is going to open its doors to visitors. She will follow him almost non-stop and will not miss a single incident of this difficult night: a sudden check for documentation defects will deprive the restaurant of a few stars, an old “friend” will accidentally bring a famous critic goes to Andy’s for dinner , the opponents of the supposedly tied staff require immediate intervention and the customers will upset you.

Boiling Point is a long way from the first film that deals with the idea of ​​filmless filmmaking. However, it does not cover the existing glues, but is really the result of uninterrupted teamwork. The action of the film is limited to the boundaries of the restaurant and its immediate surroundings, which allows you to optimize every inch of the shooting space as much as possible, but forces you to actively transform the space during the operation of the camera to suit cinematic needs. And “Boiling Point” manages to cope perfectly with this project. In just over an hour and a half, the viewer will be able to plunge into the real, uncovered life of an ordinary London restaurant – this gloomy world of endless movement, human boiling, a world of cut emotions and feelings, done – out of ambition and fuss on a knife blade.

The team of the restaurant, which from the outside does not seem to be a very well oiled mechanism, from the inside is a set of normalized characters-images, where each ingredient knows its place with confidence and serves to the benefit of the taste of the common dish. . The “Boiling Point” stands firmly on its polished legs. Tried and familiar, like the protagonist’s recipes, the plot provides a solid foundation for an experimental narrative. Each time, he immediately throws one product after another into the common pan, not letting the person sitting in the cinema get bored or tired of the camera that does not stop for a second. While Andy is forced to unwrap more and more “gifts” for Christmas, the viewer is given a unique opportunity – to observe closely the inner “kitchen” of the real kitchen.


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The cover photo of Boiling Point is a drama boiling in a single frame. “Image title Boiling Point, 2021. Source IMDB.

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