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They are not that difficult to find. As long as one opens one’s eyes and they will find themselves. For example, a construction waste dump was found and since then it has not “diverted” its presence on the territory of the former Orbita station.

You go to the “Orbit” – it is right in front of your eyes and, as it seems, is in the middle of the road. You go back – he “takes care” of you honorably. And most importantly, the landfill continues to exist and even to grow!

After admiring her whole face and in profile, I decided to take a walk.

In the surrounding forests, I am overwhelmed by the asymmetrical arrangement of separate garbage islands: a bottle, a plastic bag, a bunch of cut and abandoned branches. “It would be bad if you had a lighter in your pocket,” I thought.

A serious landfill application was discovered in the ravine on the right. The quarry followed. The slopes and its surroundings were decorated with a dump of anything. A little further away stood the remains of a cracked plastic cistern. With the components of landfills, you can learn a lot about the achievements of our culture. But not for culture.

The surrounding forest was full of rubbish with much more confidence than the Orbita itself. The huge, once swampy area between “Orbit” and SONT “Fitter” has long been occupied by a giant abandoned quarry conventionally rounded five hundred meters in diameter. Its western slope is full of all kinds of debris. I was surprised by the remnants of freshly picked poplars, and not at all with the collection of tires.

Going along the rear fences of the SONT “Installer” sections, he went out into the street encircling the cart on the south side. And he was rewarded with a plethora of landfills – boards, old tires, refrigerators, armchairs, and even a small truck in an eternal parking lot. And so – up to Spokoynaya Street itself.

I will not be surprised if a similar image is found near most of the Uray SONT.

Although there are prospects that everything will change. At the April meeting of the representatives of the competent structures with the presidents of the associations, it was noted that last year the “Ugra-Ecology” operator handed over containers to Urai to install them in all SONTs. The issue remained small, but the main thing – to equip the container sites, resolve the issue of their maintenance and conclude contracts for the removal and disposal of garbage.

– The partnerships themselves should equip the locations where they are within the limits of SONT. Wherever they stand in the city, they can be installed at the expense of the municipality, said the participants in the meeting. And we decided, having gathered information, to resolve issues with the budget.

The problem is different – garbage appears regularly. Last year, until December, they were busy with the landfill in the same quarry behind Orbita. In the spring, after the snow melted, we went there again – and made sure everything was cleaned there. But literally in a month, polite townspeople filled this car-
ep garbage more than last year. The landfill at the former gates of Orbita is also fresh. As if there is some kind of hooligan enthusiasm not to pick up or carry rubbish to the nearest bin, but to wrap it up and throw it in the woods. Or, hiring a garbage collector, turn a blind eye to the fact that for five hundred rubles it will not work. And in fact “forget” from him to get a receipt from the disposal site.

In a word, the landfills are renewed and in addition new ones appear. Overall, the volume of suburban waste is multiplying.

“A significant number of landfills were removed by 2015,” said Alla Parfentyeva, deputy director of the city’s urban planning, land use and environmental management department. – Then they removed a large landfill near Zarechye, they removed a landfill in a quarry near the bypass road and many other, smaller ones. These were large investments, large global contracts worth up to seven million rubles.

According to her, all the funds that the city has spent on the disposal of landfills in the last ten years, perhaps, would be enough for a good improvement of three more shipyards in the city.

– Literally every day, responsible, well-groomed Uragians send us photos of unauthorized landfills. This is wonderful, and we are grateful for the indifference, – says Alla Alexandrovna. – But the problem is that people who throw garbage are not caught by the hand. Usually only the finished pile is observed. It is registered in the landfill register, where it remains until the financing appears. But it is not infinite, he said.

Will it be possible to win a sure victory over the landfills? I do not know this. I know for sure: everything is happening right now, next to us and in front of our eyes. Not Martians, but our compatriots multiply landfills and grow mountains of garbage in the city area. Our city.

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