Cold or long-awaited heat again: what the weather will be like in June in the Moscow region – Pronunciations – reports and analysis

May 2022 was among the ten coldest in the capital since 1879. The weather was constantly changing and the average temperature was two degrees below normal. If we are waiting for the long-awaited warmth in June and what surprises the first summer month can bring, read in the RIAMO material.

Summer is on the doorstep

The weather in the Moscow region on the last day of May and the first days of June said the top specialist of the meteorological center Phobos Evgeny Tishkovets.

“On the last spring day, the area will be in the hot part of the cyclone. Due to this, heavy rains are expected, as well as an 80% chance of a storm. “At night it will not be lower than plus 9 – plus 14 degrees, during the day – from plus 15 to plus 20 degrees,” he said.

According to the meteorologist, the meteorological summer in the area, ie the transition of the average daily temperature to the point of plus 15 degrees, will start together with the calendar. Then light rain is forecast. In the evening at the beginning of June it will already be plus 10 – plus 15 degrees, in the afternoon the thermometers can rise to plus 19 – plus 24 degrees.

“Thunderstorms will blow on Thursday, the minimum temperature will be plus 11+ 16 degrees, during the day plus 21+ 26 degrees. “On Friday, a cold front and the fleeting mosaic showers will slightly dampen the summer heat, which will cool to plus 9-plus 14 degrees at night and up to + 18-plus 23 degrees during the day,” Tishkovets said. .

He also clarified that by the weekend in the Moscow region the weather will clear and warm up to plus 19 – plus 24 degrees. This weather is ideally suited to the climatic rule of the beginning of summer.

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Gloomy June

According to the Gismeteo Gate forecast, in the first month of summer, the Moscow region will be mostly partly cloudy. Only one day will be really clear – June 28th. As Gismeteo’s top meteorologist Leonid Starkov points out, this is just one of the possible scenarios for June weather.

According to preliminary data, there will be a lot of rain in June: meteorologists forecast rain for 19 of the 30 days of the month. Particularly strong thunderstorms can pass on June 2 and 11. The coldest nights will be June 3-4 and 13-15, when the thermometers in Moscow and the Moscow region show only 12 degrees Celsius. The lowest daily temperature plus 17 degrees is expected on June 20.

The hottest nights are forecast for June 24, 27 and 29 – the air temperature will rise to plus 21 degrees. And the hottest day of next month, according to Gismeteo, will be June 28 – in Moscow during the day it will heat up to plus 30 degrees.

Meanwhile, in the first month of summer, Russians are waiting for a long three-day weekend in honor of Russia Day, which will last from June 11 to 13. According to Gismeteo, the temperature these days at night will be 12-16 degrees above zero, during the day – plus 18-22 degrees. According to preliminary forecasts, partly cloudy or cloudy is expected over the weekend in honor of Russia Day. At the same time, a strong storm can pass on June 11 and light rain on June 12.

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Return to normal

According to the preliminary forecast of the meteorological center “Phobos” in Moscow in early and late June, the average temperature may be 3-4 degrees above normal. And in the middle of the month, a strong invasion of the Arctic is expected – it will become three degrees cooler than the average climate indicators.

However, in general, as Evgeny Tishkovets, Phobos’ top expert, notes, in June the temperature will return to normal after a cold May: there will be neither too much cold nor too much heat.

“In June, the average monthly air temperature in most of the European territory of Russia will correspond to the climatic rule, which is set for each city. “For Moscow, that is about plus 11.5 degrees at night and plus 21.7 degrees during the day,” Tishkovets said.

According to his forecast, in terms of rainfall in the eastern part of the European part of Russia, there will be an overflow of 20-40%, but the main zone will still be close to normal.

“Extreme events in the summer always happen, there is no escaping it. Summer is always accompanied by thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, hurricanes. The question is where and when. “Such forecasts develop in the short term – in a day or two,” Tishkovets concluded.

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