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More than 700 hectares of forest could be removed from the forest fund area in the urban area of ​​Odintsovo in a dubious way. Lawyer and social activist Anton Mogilnikov spoke about this in May, during a roundtable discussion in the Moscow Regional Duma. The activist became famous after numerous actions to protect another “green” area of ​​the Moscow region – Trinity Forest

Fifteen residents of the Odintsovo area are included in the “Committee for Forest Protection”, which almost daily publishes information on social networks that this or that “green” area has been withdrawn from the state forest register (SFR). Among those taking part in the commission are Mikhail Belozub, a member of the Odintsovo District Public Chamber, Georgy Gorodetsky, the executive director of the Odintsovo Initiative movement, and several members of the Odintsovo City Duma: Natalya Kononova, Sergey Tenyaev and others. These were the results noted by Anton Mogilnikov in his speech to the Moscow Regional Duma.

The lawyer told MPs how it turned out that 700 hectares of forest plantations in the Odintsovo area were withdrawn from the GLR. The alienation mechanism, according to him, is as follows: “Based on the title deeds (government deeds or lease agreements) kept by individual citizens since the 90’s, the site is put to cadastre. It is placed in such a way that it crosses the boundaries of the forest fund. And then, according to the plan, which was practiced in advance and “run”, huge “pieces” are “gnawed” by the forest.

“The ‘forest amnesty’ is helping some unscrupulous officials and businessmen in this,” Mogilnikov explained.

The human rights activist did not name specific names, but stressed that in the case of the forest in the Odintsovo region, this was done for the benefit of, a quote: “of a large agricultural holding”.

Deputy Natalya Kononova confirmed to Moskovskaya Gazeta that she had participated in the work of the Odintsovo Forest Protection Committee. Commenting on reports of the withdrawal of plots from the state forest register, he described these violations of the current legislation as “serious” and promised to prepare formal appeals. In particular, Kononova drew attention to the situation in Bakovka. There, judging by the information of public figures, a plot (cadastral number: 50: 20: 0020321: 116) is said to have been withdrawn from the GLR, which is a “green” array, located in the Bakovsky forest.

The site has already been moved to the “land for development” category, Odintsovo activists said in a statement. – Its area is 3763 square meters. m. Land category: “Areas of settlements.” Permitted use: “For individual construction of houses.”

Now public activists and MPs are trying to find out who, how and for what purpose transferred the volume of the age-old forest to land for growth? And there were many such stories, as in the case of the Bakovsky forest in the Odintsovo region.

“When Vladimir Putin signed the law on ‘forest amnesty,’ he believed that this rule would work for the benefit of the people,” said Georgy Gorodetsky, executive director of the Odintsovo Initiative. – The idea was that thanks to the “forest amnesty”, the inhabitants of the villages could legalize the plots on which their houses are located. As a result, it turned out that the inhabitants of the same forest villages can not really benefit from the amnesty. They receive bullying responses. And some officials, using dubious plans with the General Plan and the PZZ, come out of the forest and are transferred to the hands of the oligarchs thousands of hectares of ancient forest. It turns out that with one hand they write answers to people and with the other they serve businessmen who want to get land in the middle of the forest for development.

In an interview with a correspondent of the Moskovskaya Gazeta, Gorodetsky said that as soon as he and his associates gather the necessary amount of information, they will pass it through the deputies of the State Duma to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov, President of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin and Head of Presidential Administration Anton Vaino.

“The deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Fair Russia are ready to meet us halfway. There is hope that we will be able to draw attention to the amnesty, which seems to have already become “anti-forest”. “We will try to ensure that this rule is eventually reformed and works for the benefit of the people,” Georgy Gorodetsky added.

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