“If the weather did not let us down”: Germak checked the readiness of Kaliningrad beaches for the swimming season

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

This year, the Kaliningrad area will grow with another beach, some resorts have been expanded and additional leisure facilities have been equipped on the coast. This was stated by the head of the Regional Ministry of Culture Andrei Yermak during a working trip to the beaches of Baltiysk, Yadarni and Zelenogradsk.


It is sunny on the sea, but the gray clouds in the west speak to the fact that this is not for long. Workers paint a new descent for the disabled, set up tents, build beach cafes.

There will be three rescue posts on the 2.5 km long beach: near Elizabeth Fortress, in the area of ​​Chekhov Street and on Gvardeisky Avenue. Additional boats, cars and quadcopters have been purchased. Evgeny Oleshkevich, director of the MKU “GO and EMERCOM” in the Baltic region, says. The start of the beach season is scheduled for the first weekend of June.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

This year the beach will also appear in Baltko, there will be a rescue post. “We intend to open on June 15. “There will be a well-maintained beach with sunbeds and sunbeds,” said Maxim Kovalenko, Baltiysk’s deputy chief of staff.

Andrey Yermak promises to personally inspect the new holiday party, for the arrangement of which an additional 5.6 million rubles were allocated from the regional fund.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops


A downpour begins at the entrance of the resort. Despite the bad weather, the beach is alive: the cafes are open, the holidaymakers are walking, one is even trying to swim.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

In the municipality, two sea beaches received the Blue Flag award for the seventh consecutive time, a fact that confirms the compliance of the coastal zone with the international standards of comfort, safety and cleanliness.

This year the recreation area was expanded by 50 meters. This was told to reporters the head of the center for integrated development of tourism of the municipality Denis Efremchenko.

After some hesitation, they decided to equip the beach on Lake Siniavinski. Initially, the authorities wanted to ban swimming there. “The water level has changed, the shoreline has changed, a great depth begins immediately, there will be no beach,” explained Artur Krupin, head of the municipal administration.

Upon departure, however, they decided that there should be a beach: the place is so popular with holidaymakers that the no-go signs are unlikely to stop anyone. “People will swim anyway,” Yermak said. By the time, a rescue station and an equipped recreation area will appear on the lake.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops


On the coast, everything is ready to meet the tourists, except the weather: sunbeds, showers and colorful changing cabin cabins are flooded by the cold rain. Lifeguard demonstrations are taking place near the coast.

“Of course, on such a cloudy day, everything looks a bit like a small key. “But we understand with you that this is a temporary story,” Yermak said.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

This year, the entire coast of the city from the Dacha cafe to the West Beach will become the official swimming area. An exception is a small area near the pier.

Additional rescue towers, shower hangers, beverage facilities, locker rooms will be installed along the entire length. The authorities have abandoned the dry closets: fixed cabins will be installed in the coastal zone.

Many high comfort beaches with free access will open. Food and drink will be served there, and a spa area will be displayed.

“Zelenogradsk has been a leader in beach vacations for several consecutive years. It seems to me that he has already stopped his palm from Yantarny. Getting there is much easier and faster. More people come here physically clean. And the beaches of Zelenogransk, although not marked with the Blue Flag, however, are by no means inferior in quality to Amber. “In the same way, water samples were taken from Rospotrebnadzor, all the necessary analyzes were made, the beach strip is cleaned regularly, special equipment has been purchased,” the minister said.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

According to Yermak, Zelenograd rescuers are the best equipped in the area. In their arsenal – juices, ATVs, quadcopters with loudspeakers and an unmanned rescue buoy.

But the municipality sees no point in pursuing the Blue Flag. “Once upon a time, it was such an interesting media story – to be the first in Russia to receive an international brand of prestige. “But I want to say that the requirements for the arrangement of beaches, defined in the Russian GOST, differ little from the necessary criteria for obtaining the Blue Flag”, explained Yermak.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

The Kaliningrad region is counting on an impressive influx of tourists this summer. Andrey Yermak is confident that at least 2 million tourists will visit the area this year. “As long as the weather does not disappoint us,” he concludes, looking at the gray cloud hovering on the horizon.

Photo: Alexander Podgorchuk / Klops

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