in June, the Wink video service invites you on a cinematic journey through time and space

In the first month of summer, the Wink video service will screen movie premieres that will help you prepare for the long-awaited holiday, teach you to appreciate every moment and remind you of the country’s heroic past.

family comedy “Artek. Great adventure” (6+) will return adults to childhood and help modern children better understand their parents. When four guys come to take a shift at the famous Artek, their magic goes back 30 years – to 1988, when among their peers they meet their future parents. With their appearance in the past, very strange and very funny things start to happen. Wink will be offering an unusual summer vacation scenario to service subscribers from June 4th.

The war drama will take the viewers to a more serious past «1941. Wings over Berlin » (12+). The film, based on real events, tells the story of August 1941, when the pilots of the Baltic Fleet Air Regiment carried out the first bombing of the capital of Nazi Germany since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Director Konstantin Buslov assembled a cast of young people for the Russian screen, but entrusted the role of one of the main characters – the commander of the air regiment, Colonel Preobrazhensky, to Sergey Puskepalis, well known from other military films. The movie is already open to Wink subscribers.

June’s first foreign video service innovation is an American science fiction comedy “Everything is everywhere and at the same time” (18+) – received rave reviews from critics. The plot of the image is built around a Chinese woman living in America, Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), who suddenly learns about the existence of alternative versions of herself in other dimensions. The heroine lives many lives, each of which helps to realize the value of her real life. A dizzying hitchhiking in the Wink multiverse will be available from June 8.

Hero of social drama “Illegal” (18+) also travels from one world to another – from Kyrgyzstan to Yakutia. Director Dmitry Davydov, one of Yakut’s most respected filmmakers, has once again placed a character with a difficult fate at the center of the plot. The young immigrant Nurbek (Erzhan Dauletbekov) travels from Bishkek to Yakutsk without documents and money, where he takes on any job. This cinematic journey combines an intensely social thriller, harsh nature, mystical atmosphere and colorful characters. It will be possible to participate in the Wink subscription from June 12.

In an American police thriller “Ghost Squad” (18+) viewers will see Bruce Willis as an anti-hero. The corrupt police chief Elston, whom he plays, confronts former military commander Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon), a disbanded special forces unit. Connolly’s life is still on fire – he owes money to a local mobster and has only one day to gather his colleagues, find the money and exchange it with his abducted wife. The movie is available to Wink subscribers from June 12.

The next two premieres will talk about the hard life of killers with memory problems. In the Russian TV series “Killer” (16+), whose show at Wink starts on June 15, the main character – a former police officer Ivan (Alexander Ustyugov) – chooses a criminal profession against his will. After six years in prison on false charges, he is released and intends to deal with the person who framed him. In this dangerous game, you have to undertake paid assassinations. But having an accident, Ivan loses his memory and can not remember either the customers, or the victim, or even who he is.

American action movie “Flashback” (18+) starring Liam Neeson as a professional killer and Monica Bellucci as a criminal businessman, this is a story about how it is never too late to turn to the good. Alex Lewis, Neeson’s hero, is no longer easy to do his job: he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Fighting with memory gaps, he undertakes another contract for double murder. But the terms of the contract surprise even the experienced killer. Lewis refuses to fulfill them and turns his anger on the customers. The movie is available to Wink video subscribers from June 21.

However, summer is a time of lightness and holidays, so at the end of June, a real fairy tale awaits the audience. cartoon “Cinderella and the secret of the magic stone” (6+) shows a classic story from a different perspective. Cinderella will now not only easily defend herself, but will also help the one who usually has to save others from trouble. A curse has been placed on Prince Alex who turned him into a mouse and the girl must free him from the evil spells. This is the sequel to the cartoon “Cinderella and the Enchanted Prince”released in 2018. Subscribers will be able to find out how this magical story ended on June 25th.

Digital premiere dates in the video service wink may be changed at the initiative of copyright holders.

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