KN Morning Review: Upcoming Storms, Death from Cold in Koshelev, Denisov’s Income, and Swimming Prohibited Places

Kaluga News prepared a morning review. We are talking about what happened the day before, but again about relevant events that you may have missed.

Awesome time: weekly weather forecast in Kaluga

According to the meteorological center “Fovos”, it is very likely this week that they will find storms in the territory of our region and the sky will fall to the ground like rain. Only at the weekend, meteorologists predicted that the sun would rise behind the clouds. However, the air temperature will eventually be chosen at the norm values. But it will only be done at the end of the week.

We present you with a detailed weather forecast for this week.

So today the weather will be partly cloudy, the air will be heated to + 18..20, the south wind moderate. Atmospheric pressure is within normal limits. In the evening – light rain. The next night partly cloudy, light rain, temperature + 12..14. Atmospheric pressure is within normal limits.

On May 31, during the day there will be partly cloudy, heavy rain, possible thunderstorm. at night + 12..14, during the day + 13..15, the wind is light.

June 1, partly cloudy weather is expected. + 12..14 at night, + 16..18 during the day, moderate northeast wind.

June 2, partly cloudy, heavy rain, possible thunderstorm. + 15..17 at night, + 22..24 during the day, moderate southwest wind.

June 3, during the day partly cloudy, light rain is expected, possible storm. at night + 12..14, during the day the thermometer will show + 18..20, the wind is weak.

On June 4, during the day there will be partly cloudy weather. at night + 10..12, during the day + 20..22, moderate westerly wind.

June 5, partly cloudy, light rain is expected. at night + 12..14, during the day + 19..21, moderate westerly wind.

The body of a woman who died of the cold was found in the Kaluga “Koshelev” micro-district

On May 21, 2022, near the house No. 42 on Amelina Street in Kaluga (Koshelev district), they found the body of a woman in sportswear, without documents. It turned out that he was a 48-year-old resident of the area who worked as a salesman in a chain store and was on vacation at the time of the tragedy.

According to the press service of the ICR Regional Commission of Inquiry, the recording from the cameras made it possible to establish that the previous day, around eleven o’clock at night, the woman left the house to take out the garbage. did not return. The cause of death, according to the preliminary results of the medical examination, was hypothermia.

Now for the fact of the death of a person, an investigation is being carried out, all the circumstances of the incident are ascertained.

It became known how much the mayor of Kaluga Dmitry Denisov won in one year

Kaluga city government website published information on employee income for 2021. The income level of Kaluga mayor Dmitry Denisov is also revealed.

According to published data, in 2021 earned 4,257,895 rubles 30 kopecks.

The mayor of Kaluga owns only a third of the 47.3-square-foot apartment and a Toyota RAV4 car. In general, there have been changes in the use and ownership of real estate by the mayor. Previously, Dmitry Denisov owned a third of the apartment with an area of ​​46.4 square meters, plus 2/3 of the same apartment and another with an area of ​​61.4 square meters, now these apartments are not in the statement of Kaluga Gorgolov .

Compared to 2020, the mayor’s income has increased – previously, Gorgolova’s annual income was 3,159,374 rubles 65 kopecks.

In Kaluga, 3 allowed and 16 forbidden places for swimming were named this summer

In the territory of Kaluga this summer will be organized three recreation areas near the water. They are located in the Yachensky reservoir, the Andreevsky quarry and the reservoir of the Lavrovo-Pesochnya recreation center. There will be a cleaned beach area with playgrounds, sunbeds, water attractions, cafes, etc., according to the press service of the municipal authority. Lifeguards will be on duty on the beaches.

It is forbidden to swim 16 points inside the city. The:

– Gagarinsky Bridge area along the Oka (1100-1099 km on the pilot map)
– the area of ​​the Puchkovsky bridge over the Oka (1095-1093 km on the pilot map)
– the area of ​​the ferry Vorobyov in Oka (1099 km of the pilot map).
– the area of ​​the Nekrasovskaya river crossing (1098-1097 km of the pilot map)
– KEMZ area in Oka (1097-1095 km of the pilot map).
– Lake Pukhovsky (area of ​​Pukhova street, 11)
– a lake near the residential complex “Malinovka” in Olgovka.
– a lake near house No. 202A on Tarutinskaya street.
– Kanishevsky Lake (Usadebnaya and 2nd Strawberry Street area)
– Lake in Bushmanovka (Neftebaza region)
– Yachensky Quarry (Podzavalya region)
– Lake “Karpyatnik” (the area of ​​the Yachensky Reservoir, Kaluga forest)
– the whole Yachenskoye tank, in places that are not equipped for swimming.
– Andreevsky quarry, in places not equipped for swimming.
– lake in the area of ​​the “Lavarovo-Pesochnya” recreation center, in places not equipped for swimming;
– a lake of the Rozhdestvensky Ponds hunting and fishing base, in places that are not equipped for swimming.

Thus, the entire coast of Oka within the city limits of Kaluga is a place forbidden for swimming. After all, as we have already written, last year, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, all deaths in the area occurred on such “wild” beaches.

The state treasury will add almost five billion rubles extra to the Kaluga region budget

In 2022, the budget of the Kaluga Region will increase by an additional 7 billion 481 million rubles, including 4 billion 782 million rubles – due to donations from the federal fund. The region’s finance minister, Valentina Avdeeva, announced this at a morning meeting of the regional government, presenting amendments to the Kaluga regional law “On the regional budget for 2022 and for the planning period 2023 and 2024”.

Including the additional federal money, the cost of health care will increase by 551 million rubles, of which 365 million rubles will be spent on the purchase of medical products for the vascular department of the new infectious disease hospital. 110 million will be spent on fighting the coronavirus and re-equipping medical rehabilitation organizations.

An additional 408 million rubles of federal funds will be spent on modernizing school education systems, according to the regional government press service.

An additional 54 million rubles will be allocated for the organization of training and additional vocational training for employees of industrial enterprises at risk of dismissal and 174 million rubles for measures to reduce labor market tension.

The state budget will provide an additional 303 million rubles for payments to families with children aged 8 to 17 years. To support the industry – 139 million rubles. To improve the ecological status of the hydrographic network – 117 million. For roads – 2 billion 950 million rubles (plus 1 billion 373 million rubles from the unused balance of the Kaluga District Road Fund).

For the modernization of community infrastructure systems and the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, the state corporate fund for Housing Reform and Communities will provide 234 million rubles.

For housing orphans and children left without parental care, the costs will increase by 66 million rubles. To complete the reconstruction of the building of the concert hall at 1 Bazhenova Street in Kaluga – 26 million rubles. For the development of the water management complex – by 54 million rubles. These funds will be obtained from the reallocation of regional budget expenditure.

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