Lilac in Moscow in 2022: where it blooms, where you can admire

Lilac blossomed in the capital

A photograph: Alice TITKO

The lilac season usually falls in mid-May. This year, nature decided to postpone the riot of colors for a while. But it was not canceled at all. We tell you where to find lilacs in Moscow in 2022 and in which gardens of Moscow you can already admire the delicate flowers and take beautiful photos.


Lilac, chestnut and cherry are already blooming in the center of the capital. Delicate flowers adorn the hills of Zaryadye, the girls take pictures in bright purple bushes.

“Due to the cool weather, flowering in Zaryadye will take a little longer than usual – about another week,” Yevgeny Sapunov, a gardener in Zaryadye Park, told

Young lilacs have already bloomed in Varvarka near the temples – white and dark crimson flowers. And most lilac bushes near the “Dome” stand are closer to the Kremlin. They have been preserved by heritage from the Rossiya Hotel.

– You can not break the lilac. There is a misconception that shrubs will grow beautifully after this. In fact, the fractures will heal for a long time and painfully and next year there may be no flowering. Therefore, it is better to just admire, – says Yevgeny Sapunov.

Part of the park lilac can also be seen near the Glass Bark, where the rhododendrons are already in bloom – evergreen and deciduous, and the Thunberg turmeric.

Delicate flowers adorned the hills

Delicate flowers adorned the hills of Zaryadye

A photograph: Alice TITKO

Gorky Park

Why is it better to admire lilacs in Gorky Park? Here is one of the most beautiful “lilac” corners of Moscow. It was created in 1955 according to the design of the workshop of the architect Vitaly Dolganov. It is easy to find – the lilac garden is located just behind the park administration building, to the right of the Openwork Arbor.

The syringe contains the best varieties of Leonid Kolesnikov’s selection: Marshal Vasilevsky, Red Moscow, Sky of Moscow, Galina Ulanova, Beauty of Moscow.

Separate lilac bushes are scattered throughout the flowerbed – for example, they can be found near the Salyut playground in terms of attractions, as well as in the Muzeon.

– The rich flowering of lilacs is a beautiful spectacle, but short-lived: usually the flowering period of these shrubs lasts about a week and a half. “During the period when the lilac does not bloom, it is unusual, as if they are attracted to photos of twisted bush trunks,” the press service of Gorky Park told

Lilac garden

This is a true lilac open-air museum. Here is the richest collection of shrubs in Lilac Garden – lilac, purple, mauve, crimson. You can study all kinds of lilacs: Beauty of Moscow, Alexei Maresyev, Hydrangea, Morning of Moscow, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Lights of Moscow, Galina Ulanova and others.

And Lilac Garden appeared in 1954, when, on the initiative of the famous breeder Leonid Kolesnikov, a lilac breeding nursery was created here. During his lifetime, an excellent self-taught breeder raised about 300 varieties of lilacs, of which about 50 have survived to this day.

“The lilac blossom in the lilac garden is now at its peak, a wonderful time for walking,” they told Mosgorpark.

Alexander Garden

A large number of lilac bushes are planted in the alleys of the park. It does not compare, of course, with the Easter Garden. But the bloom is especially beautiful under the Kremlin wall.

Beautiful shrubs with soft purple, white and crimson flowers attract the attention of citizens and tourists who come here for a walk. There are more than ten different varieties of lilacs.


One of the favorite places in the park is Lilac Garden. Visitors can see the flowering of the “Sensation” lilac varieties with a white border along the edge of the burgundy petals, “Primroz” with ivory inflorescences and “Katerina Havemeyer” with abundant tassels.

The lilac in the park is quite different – the Hungarian, the lilac Preston. There is even a single lilac tree – the Amur cracker.

Lilac perfectly reflects the delicate flowering of apples and hawthorn. Then the peonies will take the baton and later the roses and oranges.

Izmailovsky Park

Variegated lilacs in the park grow near the entrance to the Solnechnaya tent in the central part.

“The lilac this year, due to the cold, was slow to pick buds, but the long-awaited flowering has already begun,” they said in the park.

Muscovites know that if you do not have enough lilacs in Izmailovsky Park, you can get to the nearest Lilac Garden.

The lilac season usually falls in mid-May.  This year, nature decided to postpone the riot of colors for a while.

The lilac season usually falls in mid-May. This year, nature decided to postpone the riot of colors for a while.

A photograph: Alice TITKO


Lilac grows everywhere here: in Industry Square, in Lilac Alley, near the Fountain of Friendship of Peoples. In addition to the typical varieties, you can see lilacs “Soviet Arctic”, “Twilight”, “Dream”, “Hope”, “Moscow Sky”, “Bride”, “Moscow Morning”, “India”.

Part of the lilac grows in Syringaria, which is located in the area of ​​the Landscape Park “Cultivated Nature” (created by human hands).

“Now most lilac varieties bloom and appear in all their glory, do not miss the best time to visit the Fair”, advise the Muscovites at VDNKh.

The gardens of Moscow are finally filled with rich colors and sweet aromas

The gardens of Moscow are finally filled with rich colors and sweet aromas

A photograph: Alice TITKO

Pharmacy garden

The garden collection includes more than 50 species and varieties of lilacs, including Hungarian, Amur and Japanese lilacs. New species appeared seven years ago – all of domestic origin.

– It is believed that Russian lilac varieties are the best in the world. Many of them bear proud names associated with victory in the Great Patriotic War. Among the new lilacs in the garden collection are Victory Day, Marshal Biryuzov, Marshal Konev, Marshal Sokolovsky, Evening Bells, Evening Moscow and the Mikhailo Lomonosov variety.

Lilac blooms were slow this year, so it coincided with exotic magnolias, almonds, plums, cherries, tulips and daffodils. The garden is full of all kinds of colors – you should not miss this.

Bowman Garden

Several very old lilac bushes grow here. Their trunks and branches have grown a lot. The “India” variety stands out strongly against the background of other shrubs. It has purple flowers and a strong aroma.

“The lilac variety ‘India’ was bred by Leonid Kolesnikov in 1955,” they said in the garden.

The flowers of “India” are the reddest and, according to observations, do not fade in the sun until the end of flowering. The inflorescences are large – about 30 cm. The same lush shrubs will decorate the Walk of Fame and the embankment near the Naval History Museum in Severnoye Tushino Park.

Where else does the lilac bloom in Moscow?

– park “Khodynskoye field”,

– Botanical Garden of Moscow State University,

– Museum-Reserve “Tsaritsyno”

– in Perovsky Park,

– in the park “Krasnaya Presnya”,

– in the Hermitage Garden,

– in Tagansky Park,

– on the Vorontsovo estate,

– at the Moscow Zoo,

– in Goncharovsky Park.

by the way

New lilac bushes will be planted before the beginning of June

More than 350 lilac bushes, as well as 220 adult lindens, 60 ornamental bush-shaped apple trees and 25 holly trees will be displayed on Minsk Street.

Nearly 400 fragrant lilac bushes will be planted on the Yaroslavl motorway – from the intersection with Krasnaya Pine Street to the Moscow ring road. Over 60 lindens, 10 ornamental apple trees, 25 holly trees and 90 Lamarck berry bushes will also appear there.

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