“May it be hot, is it cold in summer?”: How is the weather in Krasnoyarsk in June

May pleased the citizens of Krasnoyarsk not only with warmth, but also with a real summer. The temperature reached + 30 ° C. Meteorologist Dmitry Ulyanov noted that such a May for the Krasnoyarsk Territory is an anomaly.

“Yes, indeed, the second decade of May turned out to be surprisingly hot, even hot. The temperatures themselves, which were observed, are in principle characteristic for May, both 30 and 25 degrees. Such temperatures have existed in the past. The fact is that the duration of this period was quite long. That is, for almost the entire second and early third decade, average daily temperatures were exceeded by 8-15 ° C, as well as across the territory, for Yeniseisk and Achinsk as well.

While the weather was hot in Krasnoyarsk, the Muscovites froze – the temperature was around + 8-17 ° C. However, after the heat, a cold came to Krasnoyarsk. The forecaster explained why this happened:

“Earlier, on the European territory of Russia, we observed such a situation. This was due, firstly, to the circulation of the atmosphere in the northern hemisphere, ie a cyclonic vortex formed in the Arctic, which attracted cold air masses from north to south, therefore, relatively low temperatures were observed for May in European territory. At the same time, a southwestern transport of hot gas masses was formed in our country, so everything that existed in Central Asia, this hot dry air, brought warmth to western Siberia and was quite large. Now changes are taking place, this cyclonic tornado is gradually changing direction, moving to the area closer to our borders, namely in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, western Siberia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. “In this sense, what happened in the European territory of Russia, we can now observe here.”

Earlier, residents of Krasnoyarsk noticed that the weather from central Russia reached them in about a week and how is it now?

“Traffic has changed in the first place, if earlier we could say that three days ago we had such weather, now we have it, then there has been a change in the last decade. That is, there is more transport northwest and southwest, if previously it was clear from west to east, now it is changing. That is, cold for a long time or hot for a long time, as it was in May.

Climate processes are now beginning to take a different turn, Ulyanov noted. This is influenced by many factors, including space. The history of meteorological observations is 100 years old. The expert said what period the phenomena must pass in order to become a trend:

“Climate, let’s take a period of 30 years. Compare the periods from 1961 to 1991 and from 1991 to 2020. It turns out that the second period will be warmer than the first. It is possible that a large amount of carbon dioxide was formed in the atmosphere. “In cosmic terms, these can be changes in the Earth’s orbit, the magnetic pole has also shifted.”

May is hot – summer is cold. Once upon a time there was such a popular sign. Have new ones appeared and are they fair?

“We personally do not use signs. In the ordinary world they are probably used, but we have a purely scientific approach. A trend, yes indeed. Last year was about the same as this year. This period begins: end of May – beginning of June – this is the frost period. Whatever one may say, that in 2020, that in 2021, it was those dates from June 27 to June 2 that the temperatures were quite low at night, now there were frosts on May 28-29. In principle, the trend is the same. But this heating season has never been observed before. “Temperatures were similar in 2020, several records were broken.”

What will June be like?

“Judging by the trend and the weather forecast for next week, the temperature background will be below normal. That is, if the first half of the week the temperatures in Krasnoyarsk and the regions are around 20-25 ° C, in Krasnoyarsk to 22 ° C expected May 31 and June 1.

Then in the future, given the fact that cold masses will penetrate south, it will be colder by the weekend. And in Krasnoyarsk approx + 10-15 ° С Freezing temperatures are expected day and night -2 ° C.

In Krasnoyarsk from Saturday to + 10-12 ° C in the afternoon, Sunday night – frosts, as the temperature will note from 0 to -2 ° C. And the day will be around + 13-15 ° C.

That is, a slight heating trend next week is possible, but the background will be below normal. It is possible that the first half of the month will be cool, but the second half can, say, yield all the coolness that will exist in the first half.

According to long-term forecasts, up to + 36 ° C are expected in Krasnoyarsk at the end of June. The meteorologist said if you have to believe the long-term forecasts:

“Long-term forecasts are about 75% accurate. That is, the more the accuracy decreases. If you can still predict something for June, but even this forecast will not be 100% reliable. That is, it has an 80-90% probability.

Temperatures in late June are likely to range between 25 and 30 ° C during the day. It could be the same in June. July and August are like the summer months and some days there will be temperatures from 25 to 30 ° C and even higher. This can not be ruled out.

Also, the meteorologist said where is the most accurate forecast?

“The website meteoinfo.ru constantly makes forecasts both throughout the country and in the city. Also, our forecasts – Central Siberia UGMS – are mainly for the week. Predictions are likely to be more accurate on flight sites. “Because it is imperative for aviation workers to have accurate forecasts, otherwise they will not be able to land the plane.”

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