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In May, students from the TPU School of Information Technology and Robotics Engineering visited Sakhalin. They managed to get there thanks to the ANO project “Russia – the land of opportunities” for the creation of Capacity Centers in the country’s universities.

Earlier, the Center for Assessment and Development of Superprofessional Skills of the Presidential Platform “Russia – Country of Opportunities” opened at TPU. The project aims to apply best practices for evaluating the platform’s top projects and various education personalization projects. In particular, students are tested to assess their mild skills in leadership and management, receive recommendations for improvement and development, and can also build an individual “path” of the educational trajectory, which will be developed jointly with universities. . All project work is carried out in close collaboration with the largest companies and state-owned companies and aims, among other things, to facilitate communication between students and employers.

Alexey Kudashkin, Vladislav Yakubitsky and Olga Shukshina were among the first to participate in the project and were among the students who won tourist trips to the regions of Russia. They chose Sakhalin for their trip.

“During the trip we were frozen to the bone and burned at the same time, we saw sea, mountains and cherry blossoms. The most memorable and picturesque seemed to be the Japanese Aniva Lighthouse and Tikhaya Bay – they are incredibly beautiful there! “Another advantage is that I managed to make a lot of acquaintances with cool people”, he shared Alexey Kudashkin.

Vladislav Yakubitsky adds that the polytechnics also went on a tour of the sights of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, visited the Sakhalin Museum of Local Peace, where they could learn about the ancient tribes that once lived on the island, dinosaurs and minerals, cuisine, minerals went to the Japanese baths, met new people.

“They also organized an excursion to the Japanese Aniva lighthouse, which is one of the most beautiful and inaccessible lighthouses in the world. Near the lighthouse there is a cape of the same name and a huge poultry market. All this composition, along with the lighthouse and the endless sea, impressed everyone who was there. One feels the true wildlife, which is almost untouched by man.

On the way to the lighthouse we saw dolphins, sea lions and even bears on the shore. On the way back we visited Cape Marble – a natural marble formation with small inclusions of semi-precious stones. Inside the marble square itself there is a facade, which was created to explore the rock.

At the end of the trip, we visited the bride of the sea lions in Nevelsk city and Tikhaya bay. I want to tell you a little more about second place. Although the bay is called Quiet, we encountered a strong wind, especially on the hills from which we looked at it. Also near the bay is a rock that resembles the silhouette of Pushkin. The look of the sea lions turned out to be a surprise. We expected their number to be around 5-15, and everyone would make sounds similar to the voices of seals. But everything turned out differently: on a lonely long pier, there were about 70 sea lions or even more nearby, and the sounds they make sounded more like the roar of a machine, amplified by an echo several dozen times! Although the creatures themselves are friendly. They swam around us, quite often coming out of the water, allowing themselves to be photographed. “They are also strange, because every time they paid attention to us and even swam,” said the student.

Olga Shukshina also remembered more about the nature of Sakhalin and the trip to the lighthouse.

“Aniva lighthouse is surrounded by sea and rocks, it was quite difficult to get there: a few hours on the road and another hour at sea. The road to the lighthouse itself was interesting, we met sea lions in the sea, later we were able to get very close to them and observe. I was lucky enough to climb the lighthouse itself, to look around. From there you have stunning views of nature. We also climbed rocks, mountains, some of which offer beautiful sea views. “The sea is very cold there, so only a few people from the whole group decided to swim,” says the student.

You can learn how to register at the TPU Competence Center and take advantage of its opportunities in the official team. The project at TPU is supervised by employees of the School of Basic Engineering Training.

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