Presentation of the digital album “Lectures on Russian Literature”

June 3, 2022, 1:00 p.m.
House of Creativity Peredelkino, restaurant “Biblioteka”

In the summer of 2021, the Peredelkino Creativity House and the Union of Composers of Russia held a competition for the creation of musical works “Lectures on Russian Literature”. The title is a reference to the famous lectures of Vladimir Nabokov. Contestants were asked to reflect on the literature written in Peredelkino and to share their impressions in the language of contemporary music.

The winners – Venedikt Peunov, Alina Mukhametrakhimova, Olga Raeva and Varvara Churakova – spent a week at the House of Creativity. Here they implemented ideas, exchanged experiences and held a series of open rehearsals with the band Contemporary Music Company. And Firma Melodiya has put together all four works in a digital release, Lectures on Russian Literature.

On June 3 at 13:00, composers, musicians and creators of the collection will present it at the restaurant of the House of Creativity “Biblioteka”. On June 2, the release will be open to the public on all digital platforms:


Venedikt Peunov
The conductor, associate professor at the Glinka Conservatory in Nizhny Novgorod, Venedikt Peunov, wrote the song Wash & Go for flute and four shells. The play based on Korney Chukovsky’s children’s fairy tale “Moydodyr” combines the features of organic theater and minimalism.

Alina Mukhametrahimova
Pianist and composer Alina Mukhametrahimova wrote the track “Six Words” for clarinet, bass flute, accordion and soprano, based on the work of Veniamin Kaverin. Her work reflects on the human need for creative expression. The excerpt is taken from the novel “Two Captains” – the words “chicken, saddle, box, blizzard, drink, Abram”, which was taught by Dr. Ivan Ivanovich to the main character of the novel, the stupid boy Sanya Grigoriev.

Olga Raeva
For composer Olga Raeva, Valentin Kataev is one of his favorite writers. Her acquaintance with Kataev’s prose began with later works written in Peredelkino: Grass of Oblivion, My Diamond Crown, Werther has already been written. One of the author’s main images – the sea – was reflected in a small piece Le voilier for violin, cello and piano. Here the sound of the waves and a lone sailboat is written as a sound image or, if you will, a dream in music.

Barbara Tsourakova
Author Boris Pilnyak greatly shaped Varvara Churakova’s synthetic language. The short and deliberately modest creative manifesto Time Spilled became the basis of her work. Varvara writes about Pilnyak in the chaconne genre, her constant movement is the best way to create a metaphor for the artist’s steps, leaving for eternity.


Contemporary Music Company is an independent ensemble of soloists specializing in contemporary music performance. The group gathered in 2020 in Peredelkino and brought together musicians from different fields and directions, but with similar views on contemporary art.

The CMC is a community in which horizontal connections between musicians become the basis of rehearsal and repertoire politics, all decisions being made collectively. Co-creation is the main tool for creating a high quality music product.


The city of writers Peredelkino is a legendary settlement that appeared near Moscow in the 1930s. Important writers of the 20th century lived and worked there: Boris Pasternak, Korney Chukovsky, Isaac Babel, Konstantin Paustovsky, Leonid Leonov, Bulat Okudzhava, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Bella Akhmadulina and many others. In the recent history of the village, the renovated Peredelkino Creativity House has become its cultural center.

From June 2021, Peredelkino Creativity House provides the opportunity to work in the fields of individual, thematic, translation, research housing, as well as a creative workshop. Their main goals are the creative development of cultural professionals and the creation of dialogue between writers and representatives of other arts.

Union of Composers of Russia

The Union of Composers of Russia is a public organization founded in 1932 and today unites professional composers and musicologists from 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

Since 2017, the Union of Composers of Russia organizes major music festivals, composers and musicological competitions, educational workshops, concerts of authors and monographs, online projects. Among them are the first in Russia notes creative program “Notes and Quotas”, the chamber music festival “Five Evenings”, the AVANTI composers’ competition at the Moscow Conservatory, the international music competition “Music Academy”, the album Sound Review of contemporary music published by Melodiya, “Composer’s Readings” workshop, # “Peter and the Wolves” non-lecture hall at the Prokofiev Museum.

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