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The Russian McDonald’s, apparently, decided on the name, but not on the menu. Throughout the weekend, the media, citing sources, claimed that the new chain would be called Fun and Tasty and that, despite the assurances of the owners, the old menu could not be saved: for example, Big Tasty and McFlury would disappear from there. The company itself does not comment on the messages, characterizing the rumors. Is it worth starting a new business where there are no more foreign competitors? What problems will those who decide to do so face? And most importantly, how much can you earn from it? According to its players, all the nuances of the restaurant market are in the material of Ivan Yakunin.

From the beginning, the Russian authorities saw the departure of foreign companies as a window of opportunity for Russian businessmen. The statement of the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin that the restaurant “At Uncle Vanya” will appear on the site of the closed McDonald’s the next day and with lower prices became a meme. The departure of the company, which had 850 restaurants across the country, was also offset by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin – with the support of the city, the new owner will open the first point on Pushkinskaya. All that is needed is “to combine everything correctly, to pack them and to sell them”, the mayor thought.

Mikhail Goncharov, general manager of the Teremok restaurant chain, agrees that this is an opportunity. He plans to open 20 restaurants this year: “Every year more and more people come to eat in restaurants and do not want to cook at home. The number of points we have now, 10 years ago, could not exist at all. And if we take a look at the incomes of the population, then, in general, they have not increased much. This proves that people just feel uncomfortable eating at home, they do not want to waste time. The flow does not weaken, the buyer is ready. But the only thing that should be the democratic concept and prices.

It is true that newcomers to this business will not be easy. It is known, for example, that the founder of the Dodo Pizza chain, Fedor Ovchinnikov, stood at the cash register at McDonald’s and other stores to learn the ins and outs of the market. In addition, according to Goncharov, the average period for an institution to perform, whether it is a franchise or a writer’s work, is one to two years. Usually this time is spent just to study all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, the President of the Federation of Restaurants and Hoteliers Igor Bukharov shares his remarks:

“About 50% of the restaurants that open during the year are closed. Beginners in this sense have no fears, do not understand how everything is regulated, do not immerse themselves in it.

They are not afraid like me. Now tell me: let’s open a restaurant, I will answer that we have to wait. Others start projects and only then realize how many rules there are that must be observed. Sometimes they are standard, they will not harm the life and health of your guest, but they must be observed, otherwise a fine may be imposed. “Yes, there will be no inspections until the end of the year, but then they will start again with new vigor.”

In addition, the catering market is considered volatile. For example, according to Focus Technologies, in March the number of orders in cafes and restaurants fell by 10%. The result was that there were 11% fewer visitors to the malls – this was shown by the Mall Index. In addition, according to GFC calculations, food prices for restaurants increased by more than 20% in March itself. Seafood alone increased by 50%.

The restaurant Aleksey Vasilchuk, known for the works Chaikhona No. of visitors at the beginning, now the market has virtually recovered. At the moment a moratorium has been imposed on all controls, which is also a favorable condition for starting a business, but it is generally very difficult to start. You can not build a Mercedes-Benz right away, you have to learn.

In addition, there are a huge number of nuances in the restaurant business, starting with legal issues, relationships with the owner and ending with the choice of idea, group, location – there are thousands of nuances. This is the most difficult business, in my opinion.

A separate issue with the products. McDonald’s, for example, worked on Russian raw materials and there will be no problems for the new owner. Top-class restaurants are already having problems with imports, including alcohol. The interest rate was raised after the Central Bank reduced the key interest rate to 11%, explaining it by the need to restart lending and business. Alexey Petropolsky, owner of the Take & Wake coffee chain, would be happy with cheap loans – new stores may open as part of the Starbucks chain exit, but so far he sees more risks:

“An interesting commercial space is being vacated with a good rental price. Still, in public catering, space is absolutely everything. But consumer demand is falling, the purchase price is rising. The trivial coffee maker was already so expensive – in the area of ​​one million rubles. Now it is already 1.5-2 million. We hired them at 7-8%, now – at 20%. And the most important thing, probably, in shopping malls, but also in offices, is that the traffic has dropped from 20% to 50% since the start of the special business. This, of course, directly affects revenue. In fact, it is impossible to open new stores, to take loans against them “.

However, Russian companies still see opportunities for expansion. A recent survey by the YuKassa service showed that the IT sector remains the most promising for starting a new business, also in the ranking of domestic tourism, equipment repair, clothing and training. Restaurants, despite the assurances of Kommersant FM interlocutors, were not included in the list.

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