The prosecutors of Transcaucasia were planting a forest, while the builders were cutting it down

Vyacheslav Pravdin / News, 18:00, May 30

Once upon a time there was a dense and lush forest in this place. Here, wolves ran after hares, squirrels ran through the trees and in autumn, nature pleased the inhabitants of Sivyakovo village with berries and mushrooms. At the beginning of the last century, even an open-air hospital for Tranbaikalian wounded during the Russo-Japanese War was located on this site. The nature here was not only beautiful but also healing. So it was from time immemorial, until 2015, when all this beauty died in the fires. In the following years, saws and heavy equipment began to operate in this place. Only logs and beetles remained from magical places. Yes, bare hills for tens of kilometers around.

Boris VETROV, journalist
Such burned and cut down forests contribute to the fact that drought has flourished in the Trans-Baikal Territory for many decades. Recent rainy seasons are caused by minimal solar activity. But there is another cycle of 25 or even 25 years ahead, when it will dry up, when it will burn, when rivers and streams will dry up. And all this because the rainfall simply has nowhere to go. There is no exhaust here.

One square meter of forest moss can hold about 20 liters of water throughout the year, gradually saturating the soil with it. From the abundance of forests we once had such mild weather and full flowing rivers in Trambaikalia. That’s why we did not have catastrophic floods from heavy rains. That is why the forest is so necessary in our life. However, not everyone shares this view. An example is the forest planted by former governor Zhdanova and thousands of volunteers in 2016. Today, bulldozers are working in this area, destroying plants grown under the root.

Alexander KARMANOV, resident of DNT “Titan”
There was a fire here in 2015. This is the glade you see behind me. Here the forest burned, only patches remained. We managed to save only one lane, 150 meters from the village. We are here with our whole village, “Titan” came out. And here the forest burned. We planted for two days. They brought us seedlings. There were grooves here. 30,000 seedlings. A lot of work has been done, of course. Right on the landing. These landings are trampled. You can see it there, far away. We started building houses.

Such “grooves” are rich today in the land in the village of Sivyakovo. Pine forests have been planted in the place of the burned forest for several years. Again all those who want to participate in the landing. On May 28, the Trans-Baikal prosecutor’s office visited here almost in full.

Evgeny SINELNIKOV, Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor of the Trans-Baikal Territory
Today marks one hundred years since the establishment of the Soviet prosecutor’s office. In honor of this event, prosecutors, together with “Zabaikalleskhoz”, organized the action “Prosecutors of Transcaucasia, let’s save the forest”. During this operation, prosecutors planted 10,000 saplings in an area of ​​about two hectares. We hope that the prosecutors will help to restore the forest in the territory of our Trans-Baikal Territory not only with their usual work, but with just such an action.

Now the weather depends. It is necessary for the young seedlings to take root in scorched earth.

Lyudmila MASKAYEVA, Reforestation Engineer, KGSAO Zabaikalleskhoz
We hope we had good weather today. This is cloudy, cool. The seedlings will not burn and tomorrow they promise rain according to the forecasts. And we hope that at least 80% should take root.

It takes 60 prosecutors, more than 30 foresters, many pieces of equipment, tens of thousands of rubles of budget and favorable weather conditions for the trees to reappear on two hectares. But no one can guarantee that the fresh forest will not die again in the heat of the fires, under the caterpillars of the bulldozers or the saws of the black lumberjacks. It is possible to prevent this, but for that the prosecutors will have to be involved in the process again. () Only not with shovels, but with thick criminal records. After all, it is not unfair that the environmental prosecutor says that by planting a lumberjack you will save a tree and by planting an employee you will save a forest. Collective complaints from the residents of the area have already been sent to the supervisory authority, it remains to wait for a reaction and to understand with such a cunning plan the areas of forest funds are under construction.

Vyacheslav PRAVDIN, Alexey PAVLOV, ZabTV.

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