Where to go on the weekend: South African cuisine in the Cape and a new menu in Strelka

We share the most interesting gastronomic news of the week and tell you where to try ostrich tartare, have a hangover cocktail and watch Hayao Miyazaki movies over a bowl of ramen.


Unforgettable South African cuisine in the Patriarshie

Halibut with corn and homemade tom yum, 1290 rub.

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Tacos with halibut, sun-dried tomatoes and aioli curry, 680 rub.

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Original restaurants rarely open to the Patriarchs. Cape, inspired by the culture and gastronomy of Cape Town, proved to be just that. The creators of the project, Anna and Nikita Tataevs (Coba, Tkemali, Quadrille), brought special dishes from South Africa – cutlery and bowls decorated with national designs are used in setting the table.

The Cape menu was developed by Irishman Liam Tomlin, chef and creator of the Chefs Warehouse restaurants in Cape Town, and Ilya Pampukha, who had various practices in Africa. There are places that are predictable for the area, such as sea bass ceviche, but most dishes still have a unique taste. Among them is the ostrich meat tartare, it is thicker and sweeter than beef. octopus with yam or crispy corn, which turns out to be something between chips and pancakes. The latter is served with a bowl of spice ras el hanout, an aromatic mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves and ginger.

Vitaly Bgantsov (Water, Veladora, Hitachi) was in charge of the bar menu, based on classic cocktails – without complex combinations, but with unexpected nuances. For example, Dry Martini is served in a glass of ice to drink in a few sips, and instead of protein is added to Whiskey Sour, pineapple cordial. There is also a wide variety of wines from sommelier Yevgeny Kovalenko – a record forty titles for the Patriarchs in a glass of 550 rubles.

What to try

Corn with cabbage, ras el hanout and coconut sauce, 680 grated.

Risotto with peas and parmesan, 890 grated.

Halibut with corn and homemade tom yum, 1290 rub.

Cream-catalana with mango sorbet, 560 rubs.

Kulfi ice cream with nuts and strawberries, 450 r.

B. Palashevsky approx., 2/12

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 12.00–0.00

+7 (495) 740 35 35

“My drunken grandmother flies to Singapore”

Panasia at Merlione Bar

The Pan-Asian Bar, recently opened in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, has two floors: with food and cocktails. On the first floor, dim sum and wondon are made and shotguns are thrown – the alcohol is served fancy, for example, the apple-basil “Grandma Stan Lee’s Pet” will be brought to you in a pink handle cart. The first room has a lot of green light, an airport-like scoreboard, and a bar decorated with maneki-neko figurines – good luck cats wagging their legs. Small TVs have been built into the walls, featuring scenes from Hayao Miyazaki’s anime: Ponyo eats ramen and Grandpa Kamazi eats noodles. On the darkest downstairs there is a full kitchen and a bar workshop where ten signature cocktails are made – each costing 700 rubles.

The kitchen as a whole is lower than the bar, although the menu is large and varied: there are duck tacos, pasta, bowls, tartar. If you still come to eat, and not just drink, they will suggest you order dim sum – there are variations for vegetarians, fish or meat. Not bad, but beware: the dough turned out to be not elastic enough, so some pasta may tear when you try to hold it with sticks. For dessert, you can try “Ne Peanuts” – small pistachio-shaped sweets stuffed with ganache of nuts. They bring a lot, so get it on the table – it’s hard to eat a whole portion on your own.

What to try

Fried bok choy with crab and koya coconut sauce, 800 rub.

Salted “Not Peanuts” with ganache of nuts and sea salt in chocolate glaze, 550 rub.

“Grandma Stan Lee’s pet”, 390 rubles.

“Crazy Singapore, 390 rubles.

B. Nikitskaya, 14

Working hours
Tue-Fri 18.00-0.00, Fri-Sat 18.00-3.00

+7 (495) 154 71 66

What else is interesting

New Pan-Asian coffee Bingsu Work & Roll in Myasnitskaya

“California” with crab, 470 rubles, roll with salmon tartar, 370 rubles, scorched “Philadelphia” with mango, 590 rubles, “Philadelphia” in truffle cream sauce, 590 rubles.

Pan-Asian coffee opened in the Bankovsky lane. The most remarkable element of the laconic bright interior is the bright painting on the wall: colorful ramen designs, boiled eggs and a portrait of a girl looking at the guests of the cafe. The menu is varied, the prices are affordable. Sandwiches, crunchy shrimp in batter, donuts with crab, crushed cucumbers with peanuts, buns, gunkans, hearty beef ramen in fragrant broth and various hot dishes are prepared – from chicken curry to halibut in miso sauce. In addition, there is an interesting selection of drinks: “Pansheiki” are made on the basis of creamy ice cream and “Crushes” look like fruit ice sorbet or Sicilian granita. It seems that Bingsu could very well become a popular place among students of the nearest HSE buildings.

Bankovsky approx., 2/5

Working hours
Mon.-Sun. 10.00–23.00

+7 977 454 22 21

Opening of the iconic Jan Primus beer restaurant in the Belorusskaya district

Dish for the company Meat Hunt, 3150 rubles

The Jan Primus chain opened a two-story iconic restaurant in a historic brick building on Gruzinsky Val. The main thing in the restaurant is the beer. His selection is really impressive: more than a hundred guys on the main map and sixty-five seats from Russian brewers. The menu includes Indian pale ale, stouts, lagers, barley and wheat varieties, fruit beers, cider, beers. If you want to try several options at once, get a flavor volume of 120 ml – to appreciate different flavors and varieties and not get drunk. You do not have to go here separately for food, and for a beer snack you can get wings, sausages, shrimp, josper meat or mussels in mustard-cream sauce.

Gruzinsky Val, 11, building 3

Working hours
Sun-Thu 12.00-0.00, Fri-Sat 12.00-5.00

+7 (495) 795 94 22

Lazy weekend breakfast at Bambini

Scramble with porcini mushrooms, 730 rub.

The aperitif bar Bambini launched the brunch, which is prepared on weekends from 12:00 to 17:00. Chef Pasha Kazmin has developed dishes that can easily be made into both breakfast and lunch. They cook squid with mashed potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce (590 rubles), burger with stratsiatella, mortadella, arugula and fried eggs (650 rubles), crispy panini with tomato and mozzarella cheese (420 rubles). In addition to food, we recommend having a cocktail: fresh Mimosa (550 rubles) or a Bloody Mary hangover (590 rubles). In anticipation of the summer heat, a terrace opens onto the Bambini – it will be even more enjoyable to drink cocktails in the fresh air.

Update menu and open a kiosk at Strelka bar

Sweet potato with chorizo, 590 rubles, romano with hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon, 590 rubles, carrots with dried apricots and yogurt sauce, 490 rubles.

Anton Abrezov, the famous chef of the Strelka bar, updated the menu with a lot of fatty, fried and crunchy dishes. Some dishes are served in a convenient buffet form, so that they are convenient for eating between dances and cocktails: for example, the beef tartare is served in tartlets (590 rubles) and the crab with crushed tomatoes in crispy horns (790 rubles). Flammkuchen (590–700 rubles) are also made from interesting things – Alsatian pies, reminiscent of pizza and lahmatzun. Take this with lamb stew and cheese – it is very fragrant and spicy. But if you are sensitive to salt, be careful: there is a lot to the filling.

In addition, a kiosk opened in the yard of Strelka, selling sandwiches of 300 rubles, weak alcohol and soft drinks. It is convenient to take such food with you for a walk along the embankment or to make an improvised picnic.

Benedict with asparagus, 800 rub.

The menu of Alexander Andreev (Cococo) includes original items, conservative designer dishes and classics such as the traditional cheesecake with raisin jam. Variations of Benedict (680-950 rubles) are cooked in muffins – they are denser than the usual brioche. Fragrant omelettes are added to the delicate creamy omelette with truffle and ricotta (990 rubles), while their season is in full swing. They also cook semolina porridge with whipped cottage cheese and cherries (680 rubles). This dish is an opportunity to reconsider your attitude towards semolina: no lumps, only fluffy semolina and juicy berries.

You can try a new breakfast on the weekends from 9:00 until 13:00.

Update menu in Toto

Brussels sprouts with mustard sauce and dried grapes, 540 rub.

“Toto” is a small lodge in the courtyard of Stoleshnikov Lane. Next door is the Enthusiast motorcycle cafeteria, which recently celebrated its ninth birthday, and the Round Ball billiards. Both the breakfast and the main menu have been updated at Toto. Now in the morning you can try a very filling fried Krakow sausage with mushrooms, potatoes and poached egg (420 rubles) or stratsiatella with pine nuts, basil and seasonal strawberries (560 rubles). And among the daily dishes you will find Brussels sprouts with seeds and sour cream (540 rubles) – the bitterness of the vegetables is balanced by the sweetness of the dried grapes.

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Italian rooftop terrace and restaurant-greenhouse – opening of the week in Moscow

Italian rooftop terrace and restaurant-greenhouse – opening of the week in Moscow

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