Within the walls of the Buryatia parliament, they announced their readiness for demonstrations in defense of the suburban forest

The speaker of the regional parliament addressed the question to the new head of the Democratic Forest Service, Sergei Borosnoev, who was present at the meeting. He replied that the decision was taken by his predecessor and the issue of transferring the forest to the Central Control Commission of Selenginsky has existed, as it turns out, since 2019.

“Now the mood in the area is negative. To the point of organizing a mass protest, because the whole of Khamar-Daban is planned to be transferred to the Central Selenginsky Control Commission and it is not clear what it will be – clean cut or sanitary.

– According to the law, we are talking about leasing for 49 years, – said Boroshnoev, and added: – This will be maintenance, and firefighting measures, there is also a logging.

The fact that 48.1 percent of the forest in the suburbs will be made available to the Central Selenginski Control Commission, locals learned this spring, as soon as they faced the refusal of the forest authorities to provide them with shares for logging. for repairs and construction of houses. Since no one was going to dedicate people to the details, imagination, as well as some life experiences, completed the picture, which resulted in an appeal to the head of Buryatia, the prosecutor’s office and the ONF. Expressing indignation at the fact that they are deprived of the opportunity to collect timber for personal use, the authors of the appeal reminded the recipients that the forest in the Ivolginsky area is also the “lungs” of Ulan-Ude, whose air leaves much to be desired.

The letter also states that the leased areas of the forest include shrines and sanctuaries, such as the Genghis Khan oub, at least twelve mineral springs, the Khalyut thermal spring and others that are actively visited by tourists, pilgrims and locals. Won’t it happen one day that all this will be destroyed?

“And we are concerned that as a result of the activities of the Selenginsky Central Control Committee, the rivers and streams, on which depend not only the condition of the forest, but also the livelihoods of rural settlements, will become shallow and disappear completely. How will people irrigate their vegetable gardens, how will they irrigate their animals, how will they cultivate on dry land? – asks one of the instigators of the appeal to the head of Buryatia and the prosecutor Bair Dansarunov.

The call has reached its target. This issue was dedicated to a special meeting with Buryatia’s Deputy Prime Minister for Security Petr Mordovsky, the details of which were not disclosed, except for RALH chief Sergey Boroshnoev’s answer to Viktor Pastukhov’s question. It follows that the boundaries of the forest area leased to the Central Selenginsky Control Committee will be revised taking into account the interests of the residents of the Ivolginsky area and the creation of a 10 km zone from the border of settlements for logging their needs. The question is, why did not immediately come to mind the large army of officials involved in the preparation of the investment plan for the Selenginsky Central Control Committee to do everything human, so that, as they say, feed both wolves and sheep was it safe? The ratio, of course, is lame, like any comparison. But after all, the protest action of the residents of the largest municipality near the capital of Buryatia is not funny. The answer to this question was soon found.

At the disposal of the authors was a strange document signed on September 8, 2021 by the head of RALH, ​​Alexander Martynov – “On the approval of forest land for the implementation of a priority investment project in the field of forest development of JSC SeCinsky CC ». The document, by the way, is addressed not only to the leaders of the Ivolginsky forestry, but also to the Verkhne-Taletsky, Selenginsky, Zaigraevsky and Kikinsky within the boundaries of Buryatia’s four municipal districts. The last paragraph of the document states in plain text: “The Organization obliges you not to provide logging sites and not to conclude contracts for the sale of forest plantations in the above forest areas”.

Note that the chairman of the regional council of deputies Ivolginsky, Viktor Pastukhov, also proved to be one of the ignorant in the plans of the RALH and the Central Audit Committee Selenginsky and was the first to express the problem publicly: they want to give half the forest in the suburbs Ulan-Ude with long-term lease to the forest user and how does it threaten the local population?

This decision is highly questionable. Suburban area, protective nature of the forest, which greatly feeds the actively growing population of Ivolga. This includes firewood, wild plants, pastures and water resources. “You have to think carefully before giving such a large forest area in such a place to a forest user,” said Evgeny Kislov, a well-known ecologist and member of the Buryatia Public Chamber. “People are rightly concerned about deforestation. During the Soviet era, more timber was cut in Buryatia and the timber was supplied in large volumes to the Central Asian republics. But they cut evenly, setting up special roads in remote areas of the taiga. Now how? Now they cut near the city, near the river, near the road in front of people …

According to the scientist, streams in the Ivolginsky area are already drying up where the lumberjack’s ax reached the forest, which, as expected, violated the normal hydrological regime. If there is no forest, says Yevgeny Kislov, then even if the water period is taken into account, it will not improve the situation: the rains have passed, the rivers have risen, the flood has come, the water has receded, the drought has come . This forest is responsible, in part, for the way in which rainfall is absorbed into the soil and for the full flow of our springs.

“According to the Russian Constitution, natural resources can not be used by anyone without taking into account the opinion of the local population,” the ecologist concluded. – And people, as always, forgot to ask. In general, the Ivolga forests should be endowed with a protected status and become a green protection zone of the capital of Buryatia.


Democratic Forest Service of Bouriatia:

– In the context of the introduction of an intensive model for the use and reproduction of forests, it is planned to carry out only selective logging for forest care with a large amount of small-sized timber. The site will not be transferred for use until the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation decides to include the project in the list of priority investment projects in the field of forest development. As of this date, the decision to include the investment project in the priority list has not yet been made.

As for the sanctuaries, sacred places and natural monuments, no trees will be cut down near them. In specially protected areas, the felling of dead and damaged trees is allowed, but only after a forest pathological examination and verification by the Department of Forests for the Federal Region of the Far East. Now Ivolginsky forestry specialists are analyzing the presence of Ivolginsky forestry districts, right next to the settlements for harvesting timber for their own needs by the locals. The list of quarters for the implementation of the investment plan will be updated.

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