a doctor from Likino-Dulev talked about the plot he received for free and the plans

As part of the regional “Land for Doctors” program in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, 25 doctors received free plots of land, including Tatyana Studenikina, a pediatrician at Likinskaya Hospital. Despite the heavy workload and the almost complete lack of free time, Tatiana Alexandrovna found a minute to talk to our correspondent

“Our family moved to the Moscow area eight years ago,” says the doctor. – Before that, we lived in the Altai Territory. I was born and raised there, I graduated from the Barnaul Medical Institute there and for many years I worked in the village as a local pediatrician.

– Why did you decide to move to the Moscow region?

– It was our joint family decision, for which we never regretted. The kids, and I have three of them, were growing up, I wanted to have as many opportunities for self-realization and education as possible. I had no problem with employment, I went to work as a local pediatrician. I was never afraid of work, I always loved it and I loved it despite all the difficulties and the heavy workload. In the winter, the time of the flu and colds, when the impact curve rises sharply, like all my colleagues, I actually live at work. The youngest child – he is 11 years old – I see him only in the morning. We have breakfast together and then we leave the house: he has to go to school by eight and I have to go to work. When I come back, sometimes he is already asleep. I check the lessons at night and if I find mistakes, I wake up early in the morning to fix everything. The children are already used to the fact that I am not constantly at home. What to do? Such work.

Are you the only family doctor or are there other doctors?

– My sister is a neonatologist, she works in a perinatal center. The niece is studying at the Pirogov National Research Medical University of Russia. My eldest son thought about going to medicine, but then he honestly admitted that he was not ready to spend as much time at work as I did with her. And we probably can’t do it any other way.

– If you lived in the Altai countryside, then, probably, in the Moscow region, you dreamed of your own land, a garden?

– To be honest, I have never been a gardener and I never dreamed of my own home. However, having lived in the Moscow region for several years, we began to seriously consider buying a dacha. When the whole family manages to get together, it turns out to be a fairly stable company. They are nine or twelve children alone. It is problematic for us to gather in an apartment, so the question arose that we need our own location. When the opportunity arose to receive a plot of land free of charge as part of the governor’s program, I gladly agreed. It is wonderful that doctors in the Moscow region have such an opportunity.

– Why did you choose the land in the village of Kudykino?

– Because I live in Likino-Dulyovo, I was offered plots nearby. I liked Kudykino more, although I went in the winter when it was snowing a lot, and, to be honest, I was a little worried that in hot weather it would not be so attractive. But he recently visited there – and all doubts disappeared. The place is good, dry, nature is beautiful. And there is a lot of land – 15 acres.

– Did the design take a lot of time and effort?

– No, because I practically did not deal with it. All that was required of me was to gather the necessary documents and choose the site I liked. The rest of the arrangements were undertaken by the territorial committee of the regional administration of the city. I just arrived and signed the contract.

– Do you already have plans for what will happen in your area?

I plant flowers, make lawns, put a kiosk. A couple of beds, no more, for the soul – to have its own green. And, of course, over time we will build a good winter house – this is the condition of the program. I do not think it will be possible to do it quickly, but we are given six years to build it. I really hope everything goes well over time. Our large friendly family will always be able to gather at home. For which I am very happy.

“His own land is a good incentive not only to continue working in the region, but also to attract additional doctors of narrow specialties to us in the Moscow region. What is very important, emphasis is placed on doctors of narrow specialties, it is 36 and in the territory where there is a shortage of doctors. “Land for Doctors” program already has a positive effect today “– said the Minister of Property Relations of the Moscow region Natalya Adigamova.

Under the program, doctors are provided with plots in 31 municipalities for free use for six years. Subject to the construction of a capital residence, after five years, the plot is transferred to the property free of charge. Doctors with at least three years of work experience in one of the 36 specialties can apply for the allowance: therapists, surgeons, radiologists, neurologists, otolaryngologists, endocrinologists, obstetricians-gynecologists and others.

Olga Kostina, our independent correspondent.

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