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The Ilim Group has started the reforestation program of 2022. This year, the company will carry out restoration works in an area of ​​over 40,000 acres.

All reforestation activities are regulated by the order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation No. 1014, dated December 4, 2020. However, the basic requirement of federal law can be summed up in one phrase: the more you prune, the more you plant. But these are not all recipes. In addition, the rules are adjusted and transformed annually. What will be new in 2022, our correspondent found out.

Ust-Ilimsk: 100% reforestation

At present, for the needs of its easternmost factory, the Ilim Group harvests wood annually in an area of ​​about 20 thousand hectares. Ust-Ilimsk reforestation experts are guided by this scheme. However, they approach the choice of events individually and strictly according to science. To do this, they go to the plots, which today extend from Evenkia in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the south of the Ilim Forestry, in fact, in the center of the Irkutsk region. The distance from one end of the allotted plot to the other is not less than Moscow in St. Petersburg.

In 2022 there will be artificial reforestation in an area of ​​5600 hectares. Included sowing in 3640 hectares, combined sowing – 913 hectares, planting of seedlings – 877 hectares, combined planting – 168 hectares.

– For the implementation of the artificial reforestation program, we bought about three tons of pine seeds (pinus sylvestris). The seed material is first class and has high quality ratings for purity, germination, germination energy and other indicators. In addition, we purchased 3 million pine seedlings. This year they all have a closed root system, – noted the head of the forest department of the Ilim Group in the Ust-Ilimsk region Zinaida p.

As of January 1, 2022, legislation requires all tenants to use at least 20% of their closed root system (ZKS) seedlings when carrying out artificial reforestation. The authorities announced this initiative in advance and therefore the experts had time to prepare. They have been testing a new type of planting material for three years. The fact that a closed root system is better than an open one did not require any special data. It was important to find a financial justification for this technology, as the ZKS is an order of magnitude more expensive than the OKS. Thus, the average purchase price of a seedling with a closed root system is about 25 rubles, while a seedling with open roots is only eight rubles. According to Zinaida Sel, after long trials, reforestation experts have concluded that seedlings with OKS are less effective, after which the Ust-Ilim branch was the first in the Ilim Group to switch completely to the use of closed root planting materials. System:

– The forest is harvested all year round and we only had a few months to restore it. Therefore, during the tests, we planted seedlings with ZKS not only in May-June, but also in the fall, literally two weeks before the frost. And they have always had an excellent survival rate. We note that where the material is planted with ZKS, nothing needs to be done again. All this offsets more than the relatively high cost of such seedlings.

In addition to artificial reforestation, Ilim’s Ust-Ilim industry actively uses all kinds of physical rehabilitation assistance. In 2022 it will take place in an area of ​​14,651 hectares. Specifically, the undergrowth will be maintained at 6,400 acres, the young vegetation will be taken care of at 2,800 acres and agricultural and forestry measures will be implemented in an area of ​​9,700 hectares.

But that is not all. Another initiative of the authorities is that the tenants of forest plots not only help in the fight against forest fires, but also deal with the reforestation of burned areas. To some it may seem that this measure does not seem entirely fair, especially considering that forest fires almost never happen through the fault of the tenants, because it is simply unprofitable for them. Increasingly, fires are occurring due to the actions of locals or certain natural factors. In 2022, the Ust-Ilimsk regional branch will reforest 1,100 hectares after the fire. Thus, the total area of ​​restoration work will significantly exceed the volume of annual logging and will amount to 21,100 acres.

– The Ilim Group is a law-abiding company and responsible user of forests. For us, reforestation and helping where the earth needs it is actually a sacred affair. And these are not just some nice statements, but actions supported by concrete results. Thus, in the 2022 budget, we have planned 113 million rubles for the restoration of forests. In addition, it is planned to allocate 51 million rubles for services, 62 million for the purchase of seeds and planting material, – stressed Zinaida Page.

Despite the severe weather conditions, the 2022 reforestation program in Siberia has already begun. Sowing began at the Ust-Kutsk and Katanga forestries. The thing is that from mid-April, the roads “disappear” here, as it is winter, and it will be impossible to enter these areas. The Ust-Ilimsk regional branch has also developed special technologies for such early sowing. So there is no doubt that reforestation will be successful.

Bratsk: reforestation without discounts

Last year, for the sister plant of the Ilim Group, the timber was harvested in an area of ​​19,400 hectares. However, the area in which reforestation activities will take place is much larger – 34 thousand hectares. These are very serious tumors, and here are provided crops with plantings and promotion of natural regeneration and any kind of care. Plus 4.2 thousand hectares of commercial dilution, which the brothers conquered for the first time last year.

“Compared to last year, we have significantly increased the area under reforestation. The factory annually increases production volumes and, consequently, the consumption of raw materials. As a result, we regularly cultivate new land, and in addition to our harvest, there may be non-forest land that has been cut down by someone before, as well as old and new burned land. Being conscientious residents, we always reforest 100% in these lands, – stressed the head of the forestry department of the Ilim Group in the Bratsk region Svetlana Bryazgina.

By law, the area in which the forest fire broke out, the tenant must restore within ten years. This technology is well known, although sometimes the adventurous try to improve it. Once, the brothers did a strange experiment and tried to aerial sow a small area that had been damaged by fire, but, unfortunately, the seeds did not take root, the soil turned out to be insufficiently prepared. After that, they returned to the proven method, which looks like this: first, the bulldozer removes the top damaged layer of soil. This is called mineralization and can be done at any time of the year. Then, in the spring, they either throw pine seeds in the plowed land or plant seedlings. In 2022, experts from the Bratsk regional branch will restore the burned forest to an area of ​​700 hectares. Never before had they carried out fires in such large volumes.

As in other branches of the Ilim Group, Bratchan has a small staff of reforestation workers. In addition to the forestry engineers, there are two teams – about 20 people. The first is the bulldozers. In winter, they deal with the mineralization of the soil itself and in summer they also contribute to the extinguishing of forest fires in this project. The second brigade works in the spring-summer-autumn period, also preparing the land and sowing / planting.

It is clear that such a small group can not make even half of the total volume (in winter it is only about 1,500 hectares, in summer – 3,000), so in the company’s branches, the main reforestation activities are carried out by contractors. And if the residents of Ustilim have relatively few such assistants – only six companies, then the specialists of the branch in the Bratsk region in 2022 will conclude up to 28 contracts. The signing process is literally completed these days, specific cutting areas are assigned to all contractors and specific reforestation measures are specified.

All this bureaucracy, but important work, is done by a few engineers from the forestry departments in three branches. They will then check the implementation on the premises and then the delivery of the restored areas to state representatives.

– Ilim is a conscientious user of the forest. Forestry workers know that we can meet all the requirements and to some extent they take advantage of it. During inspections, we are asked to do our best, although someone in a similar situation could be given some indulgence. When they accept our work, they do not make concessions or discounts, for example, for the weather or lack of time. Even at the design stage, we have to communicate a lot with them and prove the expediency of choosing certain types of reforestation in specific areas, because they always require more than us, – said Svetlana Bryazgina.

Closed vs. open root system

– Seedlings with ACS reach the size required for planting in 2-3 years, with ZCS – within three months.

– To grow one million seedlings with ZKS, you need 20 kg of seeds, with OKS – more than 60 kg.

– The survival rate of seedlings with ACS reaches 80%, with ZKS – up to 98%.

– Seedlings from ZKS can be planted from May to late September, from OKS – from late April to mid-June.

PS The scope and effects of reforestation are sometimes difficult to understand and evaluate, because they go beyond the limits of human life. However, even now it can be seen literally in the example of deciduous trees, which grow faster and mature for harvest in 51 years. The combine in Bratsk is already 56 years old, Ust-Ilimsk is still 42 years old, but there are already quite mature cutting areas in the surrounding area, where the first logging took place in the 1960s and 70s. These trees are the result of a significant and responsible company – reforestation.

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