Closed brands and restaurants return to Samara

The Sinsay store is back in the Park House mall

In Samara due to the political situation some well-known brands are still closed. Remember that in March of this year, Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius and Massimo Dutti temporarily left the regional capital. However, the local malls did not wait and started looking for local brands that want to grow in the Samara region.

One of these malls in Samara became the Park House. The representatives of the shopping center are looking for local manufacturers that can be sought after in their area. We spoke with the director of the Park House Mall, Ilya Baranov, who told us more about what awaits the people of Samara.

“Difficult situations have always given impetus to the development of more flexible players who react quickly, this crisis is no exception,” said the source.

This is an import substitution. Local names will appear in free or open trading positions. This will not only improve the economy of the area, but will also help give the people of Samara a wider choice of shops.

– The very term “import substitution” is absolutely correct. We have many programs, this concept is contained in the laws. I think what is being proposed here is a shift in emphasis on certain areas. “The president said that import substitution is important in those areas that ensure our sovereignty,” said Senator Andrei Klissas in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to the senator, Import substitution is not only modern technologies, but also the search for alternatives. This is exactly what the Samara Mall does.

Currently four brands suspended their operations in a large store. One of them is Sinsay, which returned to the market a few weeks ago. To retain the remaining stores, management has stepped up negotiations with players who continue to operate in Russia.

Except, The administration is engaged in attracting Russian brands and designers to work. Note that this direction for the representatives of the mall is not new.

– For many years we work fruitfully with designers such as Masha Goryacheva, Alena Goretskaya, Alexander Bogdanov, Slava Zaitsev, Anis, Rafinad. At the moment, negotiations are at different stages with dozens of Russian brands, including both those that have been active in the “fashion industry” market for a long time, and those that are just beginning. The Sarafan store will open in the mall in June, which will present collections of clothes by local designers Made4attension, Two eagles, Lu.sisters, Lenalanko, Emka, That mo, Anro.

So negotiations on commercial real estate The last two years, after many waves of pandemics and restrictions on the operation of shopping malls, have had a very significant impact on the growth rate of retailers and their revenue, now this has been replaced by a high degree of uncertainty in the future for many players. This greatly affects the conduct of the negotiations. According to Ilya Baranov, the administration believes in the future and continues to renovate the mall.

Retail – This is the principle of trade organization, according to which supermarkets, supermarkets, online stores buy products in bulk and then sell them with insurance premiums in their stores.

renovation – the process of improvement, reconstruction, restoration without destroying the integrity of the structure.

Will local brands be motivated? The person in charge of “Park House” replied that, for example, the cost of rent depends on many factors. It can not be said equal for all. The key factors are location, footprint, product category, revenue volumes and more.

– At the same time, we are very grateful for the cooperation of local entrepreneurs with our mall, some of whom have been working here for the second decade and remain sought after by their customers. We will be happy to add successful, young and modern entrepreneurs to this community and to consider the support of each one separately “, stressed Ilya Baranov.

We also visited the mall and make sure that the trading positions are not empty. Among the shops you can find local brands of lingerie, lingerie and handbags and much more. It is important to note that the fast food KFC continues to operate at Park House, which has become a replacement for the closed McDonald’s for many. Visitors, by the way, visually did not become fewer. Samarani enjoy walking around the mall for shopping.

At the same time, the Samaritans are still waiting opening your favorite shops and restaurants. Earlier we wrote about when McDonald’s will open in the capital of the region and under what brand. It became known that on May 19, an American company sold its Russian business to the legal partner Alexander Govor. One of the former employees is sure that the restaurant will not be worse than a foreign restaurant.

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