Fencing Sofia Pozdnyakova Lokhanova Olympian interview – reviews of restaurants, post office, food, SysoevFM – 1 June 2022

Athletes are also people. They have a life outside of training and competitions. They, like us, are in business, looking for something new, they like to go out, read books, hang out on YouTube and so on ad infinitum. Sport24 decided to talk about this part of their lives.

Twice Olympian, world and European champion Sofia Lokhanova (Pozdnyakova) in his spare time from the fence, he likes to go to places where they eat deliciously, together with her husband. She shares her findings with her followers on social media. He told Victoria Dmitrieva about this and more.

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Have you always been a fan of food?

– Probably already at a conscious age, because as a child I did not eat anything, I was very thin. My sister always ate with pleasure. As an adult, I fell in love with delicious food, although I never worshiped it.

– Favorite dish from childhood?

– I remember my mother sometimes spoiling us with pasta. She bought them, she did not make them herself. On New Year’s we have a great family tradition – we make mantis. Pasta was so rare – once a month. And you were waiting for this day.

Mom also always cooked delicious soups and cereals.

– Do you cook alone?

Yes, I cook. I try more often because I like this business. If everything is with love, with emotion, with feeling, with order, it always turns out very tasty. Crown – lasagna and carbonara pasta. Some time ago I cooked my first rich borscht. It turned out very tasty, everyone praised it.

I can cook anything if I set a goal.

– What do you eat in ordinary life, if you do not plan to go to a restaurant?

– These are vegetables, fruits, side dishes. Be sure to eat meat, even though I am religious and fasting. But I can easily go 6-7 weeks without meat. I love cottage cheese, eggs, cereals. This is the usual diet of athletes.

– And what happens during training camps and games?

– In the training camp they prepare plus or minus what I eat at home. As for the competition, it is more difficult. We travel to different countries, cities. I remember in Salt Lake City it seemed to me that there was nothing but fast food. When we arrived a second time, we found some Italian restaurants and settled down.

I do not limit myself when I travel, because I lose a lot of calories. The contest for me is a culinary journey for the stomach.


What is the most delicious dish you have ever eaten in your life?

– I recently remembered the story when I was 15 in competitions in Germany. It was the only good pizzeria there. I got a closed calzone pizza. Either it was really that delicious, or because it was my first closed pizza, but I did not eat anything tastier. Such a delicious pizza was not even in Italy.

Are there food taboos?

– No, there is no such thing. There are some rules: if you eat sweets, you have to limit yourself somewhere. If I realize I have GPP tomorrow, I can eat a piece of cake for breakfast. I can not say that I follow a strict diet. I just try to keep myself in shape: I weigh myself once a month, I take measurements. I’m talking about the fact that you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Do you sometimes want to eat cake in the evening?

– I once wanted it. I was a wild sweet and I could not go through confectioneries. Now everything has changed. I love the Moscow cake, but without much fanaticism. If you have events and vacations, eat sweets. Now, for example, if we go somewhere with the family, I calmly refuse the sweet. There is no such thing as “And now the dessert”. (Laughs.) I can not explain why these changes.

Now the topic of healthy living is very popular, more and more institutions with healthy eating are opening. How do you feel about her?

– That’s wonderful. If we touch on the subject of fasting, my grandmother told me: “Here we ate potatoes and sauerkraut.” Now you have some milk, soy patties and all that. The post is not about food at all, but I’m glad it made it easier.

I ate lunch here at the Jagannath vegan cafe, where you stand and understand that you can eat all of this, whether you are vegan or in service, and it will be delicious. It is interesting that you can make something delicious from simple products.

How did the #lokhanovrecommend tag come about?

– Once we went to our favorite burger and I invited my husband to share it. Our friends asked us: “Where do you eat burgers? How is it there? He told me, “If you want to do this, go ahead.” The label came of its own accord and became relatively popular.

I understand that I am not a blogger at all. After all, it is necessary not only to take a photo, but also to write something about the place. It seems to me that with each new post I had less and less text. This is a huge job. For some people, this is a job for which they are paid. For us this is a small relief. Our main message was to share with the world the places we like. My friends wrote that they went somewhere on my advice.


– How often do you manage to go out with your husband to new places?

There are weekends, big holidays. I can not say that we have a loaded program. He is relatively tense. There is still time for ventilation, like any normal person.

What criteria do you use to choose where to eat?

– There is one such Alexander Sysoev. It has its own channel “SysoevFM”, where I note what it shares. It also happens that I see selections from breakfast on the social networks that I love very much. For me, this is a special moment. I like to sit and enjoy. Connected with my break, meetings with friends. Tips sometimes appear on your Novosti Moskvy account. In general, all thanks to word of mouth.

How to distinguish a good institution from a bad one?

“First, you will go for delicious food. Service is also very important to me. I am a kind and accurate person, so attention is important to me. In third place is the accompaniment and atmosphere. For example, next to the CSKA sports complex there is Coffeemania. It is made in the style of a Finnish house, where there are lots of greenery, Christmas trees and trees. It is very pleasant to be in such a place.

Is the taste or the presentation important to you?

– I believe in taste.

– Which is better: a big menu or a specialty?

– I’m more for a specialty because you go to a place where you want to try something specific. I do not mind a large menu if you go somewhere with a large group. If it concerns my family, girlfriend or acquaintances, we choose a specific place.

– How do you feel about the mono-restaurants, where there is only 1 dish, like a famous pizzeria in New York?

– I’m still on the choice. Unfortunately, I was not in the restaurant. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. It seems that you want to try it, but then you realize that it is just borscht in the form of a small jelly.


Do you focus on the most popular menu items or do you look at the price?

– If I have heard any kind of criticism, I will focus on the advice. I look at the price at the last minute, if not the most expensive restaurant. But we do not go to expensive places, so I look at what I want.

– Where is the best food?

“I remember we really liked the ramen store in Canada. Surprisingly simple. It was so delicious there. We arrived in Moscow and learned that we have too. Even at the gathering in Greece there were delicious seafood and steaks, I went to the Agora restaurant in Athens.

My husband and I were in Paris before the New Year, and there was also a delicious meat restaurant, foie gras. The anticipation of the celebration gave even greater impressions. As I traveled with my parents to Italy, we tried different pizzas and pastas each time, changing cities.

Asian cuisine is also delicious. In Japan, the training camp was cool. In China, I liked it less. In Korea, I started eating spicy food, although before I did not understand how you can love it.

Overall, I can not distinguish anything. Now it is more difficult to travel, but I can say that we have very decent restaurants.

What does the term “tasty” mean to you?

– Then you understand how much effort the chef put on this dish to make it delicious for the customer. For me it is also associated with outings, weekends, family meetings, discussions. We often go out with the family somewhere, although my mother constantly suggests that she cook something.

Have you ever been recognized in stores?

– Not.

– Is not it embarrassing?

– Well no. I look at skaters and realize that because of their popularity they are under so much pressure, and these are very young girls. Therefore, to each his own. I have no worries about the lack of recognition.

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– If the dish is bad, will you tell the waiter?

I think I will comment. I will not make a scandal, but I will outline the position.

When do you leave a tip to the waiter?

– If the waiter misbehaved. In general, I consider this a rule of good form. I always leave. I even leave the couriers. The man worked, he did not overturn anything anywhere. I have never had a situation where the order did not arrive. The tips encourage waiters and couriers to work even better.

– They say that St. Petersburg precedes Moscow in the gastronomic sense. Do you agree?

– I know that in St. Petersburg there are more than the middle section. Moscow is more for low-cost cafes and expensive restaurants. It is good that in St. Petersburg there is a choice of the middle section. If I come to St. Petersburg, I notice that you can not find a free place in an institution in the middle of the week. Do you sometimes think, “Do they even work?” (Laughs.) There is no such thing in Moscow. Do you know that the busiest days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

– If in St. Petersburg – to drink, then in what city – to eat?

– A little of everything. (Smiling.)

– Do you have a dream to go on a gastronomic tour?

– I would like to travel. I was once told that international students have a year off where they can try themselves in any role. It always surprised me so much that for a year they can forget everything. I would like the same. Now the opportunity to travel is a bit limited, but if you want, you can go anywhere. In general, you can study the cities of Russia. My parents go out to nearby towns every weekend. Why not try the cuisine of a city, Tula gingerbread or pasta in Siberia. I deal more with travel and a gastronomic tour is like an app.


Is opening your restaurant as a basis for the future an interesting idea?

– I was thinking of opening my own cafe. I wanted it very much. Unfortunately, the competition in the coffee industry is very high, so going there unprepared is suicidal. But there was a thought. Who knows, we will see how things turn out.

– And go to a blogger?

– I do not mean. I remember when Instagram took over most of my life, I wanted to post everything. At some point I realized that there was nothing to talk about with my friends, because they saw everything. And you think, “Hell, how is that?” As a result, interest in social media gradually disappeared. There are more chances with a restaurant than with blogging.

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