National festivals and landscapes like in the Alps: why tourists go to Adygea

The areas of Adygea will be a great place for hiking enthusiasts

A photograph: Alexei BOULATOV

Adygea is a place where everyone will find something for themselves. Stunning views stretch before the eyes of tourists, fresh fresh air and colorful local cuisine. In a democracy, you can feel complete unity with nature, get vivid emotions and recharge until your next vacation. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out which places tourists should visit in Adygea.

We walk along the ecological paths

The areas of Adygea will be a great place for hiking enthusiasts. You can make such a trip yourself, discovering the unique corners of the area. And you can walk on the famous routes that will take you through natural beauties.

There are more than 200 ecological trails and excursion routes in the democracy. One of the most popular destinations is the 30th route “Through the mountains to the sea”. Its duration is 14 days. The beginning of the movement is at the “Gornaya” base in Adygea, the end in Dagomys.

The Leopard Trail, which is over two kilometers long, is also in great demand.

An attractive tourist destination is the railway Khajokh Station in the village of Kamenomostsky. The place is surrounded by rocks. Thanks to this, you can come here at least all year round – the area is protected from strong winds. Khadzhokh is full of natural monuments in the form of waterfalls, gorges and lakes. In addition, visitors will be able to see here the famous dolmens of Adygea.

An attractive attraction and an advantage with great views is also move the devil’s finger. Its height reaches 1021 meters. From here you can see a panoramic view. Two unusually shaped stone hills are located above the village of Dakhovskaya.

Enjoy the atmosphere of “Switzerland”

Another popular attraction is Lagonaki plateau. This place is often called the second Switzerland. The air here is intoxicating with its natural purity and the glades of flowers and meadows look like the Alps.

Many tourists come here for several days. At night, you can look endlessly at the starry sky – this is where you can most often “catch” meteor showers. During the day, travelers can immerse themselves in the mysterious atmosphere of the caves.

These areas are surrounded by three mountains – Fisht, Oshten and Pshekhasu. This is a favorite place for yoga lovers. The atmosphere allows you to get to know Zen and feel inner satisfaction. Both speleologists and climbers will be able to enjoy various hidden caves and gorges, walking among the labyrinths of underground rivers and stone blockages.

Soak in warm water

A useful and relaxing form of recreation in a democracy – thermal springs. They are, as a rule, located in leisure centers. The issue of accommodation is resolved immediately.

Water contains useful minerals. They have a positive effect on the whole body. Having gone to a fountain recreation center, guests automatically receive a sanatorium effect from such water treatments. Bathing in contrasting water helps relieve stress and remove salt from the body. It also slows down the aging process of the skin.

There are more than 20 springs in Adygea. The main part is located in the Maykop area, the village of Tulsky and Tsvetochnoy.


Where to taste local delicacies

It is worth visiting the Summer Adygea for at least three reasons. In the first month of summer, you can try the traditional national dish here. “Khalyuzh” (cake with Adyghe cheese – Auth.). It is served at the homonymous festival. On the day of the celebration, tourists can not only taste the national delicacy, but also take part in competitions. And, of course, lunch is traditionally accompanied by performances by creative groups. In 2022, the holidays will take place on June 19, will take place at Rufabgo Waterfalls.

The next tasty reason of the trip will be Circassian Pear Day. The date of the celebration is set, but, as a rule, the celebrations take place in mid-August. Holidays are also celebrated at Rufabgo Falls. This place was not chosen at random. There is the ancient forest, where fruitful pears grow. The ancient circus gardens were planted by the Antiges about 150-200 years ago. Therefore, in late August – early September, tourists come to taste the fruits of centuries-old pear plantations. During the festivities, pear cooking competitions are organized here, as well as walking tours in the ancient gardens.

The main gastronomic event for tourists will be the traditional cheese festival of Adyges.  Photo:

The main gastronomic event for tourists will be the traditional cheese festival of Adyges. Photo:

The main gastronomic event for tourists will be the traditional one Adyghe cheese festival. In 2022, it will be held from 19 to 21 September in the village of Dakhovskaya, in the Maykop region of the region. The celebration received the status of “National Event of the Year” and became one of the main events of event tourism.

In a large meadow in the most picturesque part of Adygea, festivals, handicraft exhibitions, national farms will unfold their work. Everyone will be able to enjoy the taste of real freshly cut Adyghe cheese. At the foot of the Una-Koz ridge, residents and visitors to the republic will be able to try various cheese delicacies, take part in master classes.


Where to go for adrenaline lovers

There are many exciting places in Adygea, so extreme tourism is actively developing in the area. You can tickle your nerves if you go to the peaks off-road jeep. Those looking for emotion can drive like a breeze to Hajoh.

You can also go down the gorge of a mountain river. There are two types canyoning – walking and swimming. If guests use special equipment at the same time, then the descent is considered technical. If without it – gaming. The most popular canyon directions in the republic pass through Sahrai Falls, Meshoko Gorge and Rufabgo River Falls. There is always a lot of people here this summer.

And in Adygea you can dominate in art sedimentation. This is a kind of sports speleology, cave orientation with the help of shapes. As a rule, speleologists choose few tourist places to visit. During this speleological walk, you can face various challenges. For example, narrow cracks, as well as areas filled with water, can be found on the road. Therefore, to conquer the caves, you must take with you an experienced guide. Only with it you can, without fear, seek adventure.

A favorite hobby for outdoor lovers is rafting. Sport rafting on mountain rivers in the republic is carried out in the form of international competitions. At the same time, both inexperienced beginners and professionals can try to get to know the flow of the Belaya River in person. The capital of rafting in the Adygea and Krasnodar Territory is Guzeripl.

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