Nutrition for a healthy heart. doctor’s recommendations

Healthy eating is easy. Useful and spices, and chocolate. However, you should follow the basic rules. Dr. Stephen Waller talks about them

Nutrition for a healthy heart

There is a view that proper nutrition is difficult. However, enjoying healthy and wholesome foods is actually very simple. So says Dr. Stephen Waller. It is also known as “Doctor Heart”. Focus online quotes his words for proper nutrition for a healthy heart.

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Dr. Waller formulated two basic rules:

  1. Eat real food. Especially vegetable and raw. The kind that your grandparents would recognize as food.
  2. Cook your own food. That way you will always know what you are eating.

The drawing of the doctor’s heart

Dr. Waller has created a menu to help you eat right.

Nutrition for a healthy heart.  Porridge is not only healthy and tasty, but also filling.  Photo: Krasula /

For breakfast: wholemeal oatmeal and fruit porridge

Delicious wholemeal oatmeal. It is recommended to cook it for a while with vegetable milk. For example, oat milk without sugar. However, no sugar should be added.

Then pour this hot mixture over the frozen red berries. Dr. Waller describes the phenomenon as “remarkable fire and ice.”

Sprinkle the dish with grated nuts and flax seeds. You can also use 80% grated chocolate and a little cinnamon.

What makes this breakfast so good for the heart?

Oatmeal contains β-glucans. These are special fibers. They lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, with this breakfast you nourish the body with antioxidants. They are found in berries. Antioxidants will reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

Nuts do not need recommendations. Dr. Waller calls them the favorites of all cardiologists. This is because nuts contain fiber. They also contain healthy fats and phytochemicals. Because of this, they promote heart health to varying degrees.

By the way, this breakfast is also practical. Porridge not only tastes great. It is also very nutritious. So they do not need much. If you skip breakfast, this porridge is also great for lunch.

For lunch: fruit and tofu salad

Dr. Waller notes that there are many wonderful options for lunch. However, it almost always starts with a delicious appetizer salad. It is already very satisfactory. So you can handle them with a much smaller main course. Lettuce contains many vitamins and nutrients.

The salad can also be used as a main course. You can put whatever you have in there. For example, various leafy lettuces, cucumbers, chives, a small onion. As a rule, the fruit ingredient is also excellent. For example, chopped pears or apples.

Next, it is recommended to “pump” all this with delicious legumes. They provide useful vegetable proteins. And so a feeling of satiety that lasts.

Dr. Waller calls chickpeas and various beans his favorites. According to him, legumes are one of the healthiest foods. We need to eat them much more often!

On top of the salad, you can put a piece of trout or salmon fillet. You can also use tofu and roasted pumpkin seeds.

salad dressing

The “guest” of any salad is, of course, the dressing. It is recommended to use good olive oil or linseed oil. Can be mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt, pepper, mustard.

The ingredients can be used in any proportion. Drive according to your taste. However, follow the second rule of the diet. In other words, you have to cook everything yourself. “You will not believe how much sugar and unhealthy fat the industry packs in its finished products,” lamented Dr. Wallace.

Nutrition for a healthy heart.  Useful and spices and chocolate.  Photo: margouillat /

Dinner: Chilli Sin Carne with wild rice and dark chocolate

Here is an example of another absolutely fantastic dish for our hearts: sin carne chili with wild rice. Legumes are here, especially kidneys and black beans. They are used as a source of fiber and protein filling.

It is said that wild rice has a positive effect on our heart, unlike processed rice. The worst is the jasmine rice. It raises blood sugar levels even faster than a pure sugar solution! Therefore, always use wild rice whole grain rice.

In addition, our heart loves a variety of spices. There are many in Chile. Garlic and chili peppers are anti-inflammatory. They protect us from atherosclerosis.

Add a little 70% dark chocolate. It gives the chili a special taste and is rich in polyphenols. They protect the heart. In fact, research shows that consuming chocolate in moderation is good for the heart.

What else should I watch out for?

In addition to the first two rules, Dr. Wallace suggests two more:

  • Avoid snacks. They raise blood sugar levels.
  • You do not need to eat three times a day. Try to make ends meet with just two meals. This is a useful break for metabolism.

About the specialist

Stephan Waller was born in Berlin in 1974. Since 2008 he has been a specialist in pathology and since 2013 a specialist in cardiology. Waller currently works as a cardiologist in Berlin. In addition, it has its own Youtube channel. It also has its own website.

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