The first McDonald’s restaurant in Russia with a new name may open on June 12

  • The menu will remain the same, only the name of the dishes and the name of the brand itself will change.
  • It may open on Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow, where the country’s first McDonald’s opened in the 1990s.
  • After the withdrawal of the American fast food chain from the Russian market, it was sold to the Siberian businessman Alexander Govor.

The taste of McDonald’s will remain the same no matter what the network is called.

  • The company’s policy is to buy all products in one place and from Russian suppliers, which is a single taste.
  • Even those franchise stores have a strict list of suppliers whose products they are invited to use.
  • This strict rule applies to almost all products. This is what ensures the uniform taste of their hamburger in all countries and in all places, whether it is a franchise or not.

As the company selected its suppliers within the country, the Russian McDonald’s and its franchise branches were supplied by the same Russian suppliers. The taste should not change because the suppliers will remain the same.

Daria Akimova

Head of Analytics at research firm NTech

It is important to understand:

  • Employees with their skills, equipment, technologies remain, so there are all the prerequisites for a successful return.
  • Now the McDonald’s team needs to solve technology issues quickly. Hopefully consumers will appreciate the group’s efforts.

Consumers may want to try new branded products and much will depend on how well the McDonald’s team can meet consumer expectations.

Natalia Ivanova

General Manager of Network Food Business Association

On the one hand, we can argue that Western brands are fighting and so on. On the other hand, one might think that, although under the new brand, the concept of the western brand will remain and, perhaps, one will want to neglect this brand. But let’s be honest! McDonald’s is not just a brand that people visit. McDonald’s is also very convenient.

One of the highlights of this McDonald’s is the MakAuto.

So many consumers were upset for one reason only: because MakAuto would not be available.

If this form returns, then McDonald’s will continue to visit no less under the new sign. Precisely because their target audience in our country is very wide

McDonald’s and under the new brand will continue to visit no less. Precisely because their target audience in our country is very wide

Daria Akimova

Head of Analytics at research firm NTech

A new name is now being chosen for McDonald’s in Russia.

Applications have already been submitted to Rospatent. The name will be chosen from four options:

  • “The only way”
  • “Fun and delicious”
  • “The one”
  • “Free checkout”

You can not use the popular name “McDuck” – the rights to it belong to the American company McDonald’s Corporation.

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