The weather in Marie El betrayed the villagers twice

The weather in Mari El has already seriously mocked the villagers twice now, at first the prolonged winter, which did not want to leave, confused all the plans, then the “leak” and cold May, when it was constantly watering from the sky.

The fields look like zebras

The tractors did not manage to reach the spot, as it rained on their way. According to the head agronomist of the agricultural enterprise Tumyumuchash, Valentina Ivanova, they approached some fields three or four times before they had time to complete the work, and with great difficulty.

According to Valentina Alekseevna, some parts are like a “zebra”: machine operators are forced to leave the lowlands unpaved – there is still a lot of moisture there. Or, optionally, such “islands” are sown by hand. The men take buckets of grain in their hands and move on – scattering the seeds in an old-fashioned way.

Nature has confused all the papers

The weather confused all the farmers’ plans, last year, at the beginning of the third decade of May, says Alexander Polikarpov, vice-president of the agricultural artel Iskra, we have already completed the sowing and today the work is still decent. The situation is similar on neighboring farms – everyone is behind the usual schedule.

According to Valentina Ivanova, an experienced agronomist with great experience, she will not remember such a spring, say the same old machine operators, who worked in the kolkhoz all their lives. Yes, it was a really busy year.

The day feeds the year

But now the holidays are on the rural road – finally, the good weather is here. Farmers try to make the most of every hour of good weather.

We, the head of the agriculture department of the Kuzhenersky district administration, Vladimir Semeev, also visited the farms for spring work in the field. In “Tumyumuchash” Sergey Matveev cultivated the field, the sowing went a little further.

In the field near the village of Igisola of the agricultural artel “Iskra” we came across a sowing unit: a powerful “Kirovets” with a modern wide-cut seed drill, driven by Timofey Kopaev. Not far from him, the corn sowing was led by Sergei Mamaev.

Such an inert can easily sow hundreds of hectares in one day.jpg

– We use almost all hours of the day, – noted the young children, – we leave at six in the morning and in the field until eight or nine in the evening.

Powerful equipment was assigned to a young machine operator Timofey Kopaev.jpg

Sergey Mamaev has been working on the farm for the fifth year.jpg

“Queen of the Fields” – chur, for the old ones

In addition to the traditional crops, after a long break, the farm intends to deal seriously with the “queen of the fields”, as corn was once called. A farmed dairy herd requires energy-rich food.

The people of Yuledur took the matter seriously: they bought a special sower and harvester for this crop. Pleasure, by the way, is expensive – the harvester, for example, cost 3.5 million rubles. But the skin is worth the wax – now there is a chance to put at least a few thousand tons of high-calorie vinaigrette for cows.

Special corn sower.jpg

Here is such an elegant color gets chemically treated.jpg

Oh summer, oh summer

Farmers try to extract everything out of time, three sowing units are almost without problems in the business. Technology, modern varieties, that’s good, of course, but late sowing, whatever you say, is an added risk of lower yields and delayed harvest dates, which can shift by a few weeks. It is true that this again will largely depend on mother nature, how it will be in the summer. If it is cold and rainy, then sadness-longing in all respects.

But now the conditions for crops are almost ideal: there is moisture in the soil, and food – all fertilized, hot.

Thus, we hope that the land will reward the farmers a hundredfold for their efforts. Well, judging by the fact that farmers are actively building new grain warehouses, they are also counting on a good harvest.

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