100 years have passed since the birth of Anton Frol, an honorary citizen of Sosnovy Bor

In the city of nuclear scientists – Sosnovy Bor in the Leningrad region – Anton Frol is well remembered and called an ascetic. First of all, as a guardian of the memory of the war, but also as a singer and guardian of his birthplace. At the initiative and under the leadership of Anton Antonovich, 8 monuments were created in the area of ​​Sosnovy Bor, including: a monument to 6 unknown soldiers, a monument to the soldiers of the 5th separate naval brigade “Spring”, a monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Union VI Veresov, a monument to 8 unknown sailors near the railway bridge over the river Voronka, a monument in memory of the defenders of the Oranienbaum bridge (on the river Voronka), a monument on the Luga line near the village of Ivanovskoye.

100 years have passed since the birth of Anton Frol, an honorary citizen of Sosnovy Bor

Anton Frol was born on May 31, 1922 in Detskoye (Tsarskoye) Selo (now the city of Pushkin). From the age of 15 he worked as an apprentice turner and then as a turner at the Pushkin car repair factory. In 1938 he entered the Leningrad School of Naval Education. In December 1939 he volunteered for the Finnish Front and in July 1941 voluntarily joined the army of the Leningrad People’s Militia. He defended Luga’s line of defense as part of the 2nd Division of the People’s Militia in the Moscow region as a beacon, machine gunner, miner, commander of a group of rifles. He fought in the Kandikul direction of the Karelian Front as part of the 196th Rifle Division of the 19th Army – the commander of the rifle group. He ended the war in December 1944 in Kirkines, Norway. During the war, he was wounded once and shot twice.

After the end of the war, he worked as a ship engineer for the Leningrad Shipping Company, as a trawler driver in the fishing fleet and as a trawl fleet engineer at the Lenryba Trust. In 1954, he came to work at the Ruchevsky Cannery as an engineer for a receiving and transport vessel and since then his fate has been associated with the town of Sosnovy Bor, which grew up on this land with his direct involvement.

Since 1958, Anton Antonovich Frol has been working in the construction department of LenGRES-16 as a bulldozer operator. He was one of the first when he laid the foundations of the future city of energy engineers. He participated in the construction of a steel plant (the future Sosnovoborsk machine-building plant), in the installation of one of the first streets of the future city – Leninskaya Street. In 1966, Anton Antonovich went to work at NITI, where he worked as a foreman in the construction of some facilities. He retired in 1975, but, in a well-deserved rest, continued to work at NITI as a welder and engineer. Anton Antonovich was an active innovator. There were up to 60 rationalization proposals in his account.

Throughout his life in Sosnovy Bor, Anton Frol took an active part in social work, in the patriotic education of the younger generation. He showed great concern for the perpetuation of the memory of the defenders of the city of Leningrad, the Oranienbaum bridge, who fell and were buried around our city. He entrusted this matter to himself and considered it his duty. Largely thanks to the care and energy of the veteran, in the area of ​​Sosnovy Bor, in the sites of former battles, often away from the worn roads, monuments were erected to those who gave their lives for their homeland during the Great Patriotic War. And in such a job, Frol became an architect and foreman, a writer and a direct builder.

… It all started with a small obelisk, which Anton Antonovich erected with two helpers in memory of the dead unknown soldiers of the Red Army – in the area of ​​the former sand pit. Next, there was an obelisk at the site of the death of Hero of the Soviet Union VI Veresov, a monument at the site of death of eight unknown sailors across the Voronka River, a source monument near the former village of Srednie Luzhki. under the leadership of Anton Frol, 8 monuments were created. Anton Antonovich made many trips – excursions with students of the city to the battlefields around the city and the Luga line. These monuments are now under the auspices of the Sosnovy Bor business and children and adults continue to visit them.

Anton Frol also planted this oak in the monument he created at Funnel. Photo by Yuri Shesternin

Photography and nature also became Anton Frol’s passion for life. About 400 bird houses were erected by him in the woods around Sosnovy Bor. He photographed birds, animals, plants and published articles and photos in the local newspaper. Anton Antonovich was a great lover and knower of nature, an honorary member of the Leningrad Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen, a passionate photographer – his creative work was repeatedly presented in his personal exhibitions, entitled “Alone with Nature”. He was a diligent traveler and shared with everyone the beauty and charm of his hometown.

Anton Antonovich was awarded the “For Valiant Labor” medal and the Red Banner of Labor medal and many certificates of honor. In 1996, for his great contribution to the construction and development of the city of Sosnovy Bor, his active action in the patriotic education of young people and the perpetuation of the memory of the defenders of our homeland, Frol Anton Antonovich was awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of of the city of Sosnovy Bor ». Frol Anton Antonovich died in November 2001 and was buried in Ustye Cemetery.

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